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Tutorial 4, How to … Upload Items

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posted on Jan, 2 2004 @ 07:11 PM
Another Great function of Above Top Secret is the “UPLOAD” function, for people who want to show everybody on ATS Images and documents that are on your computer but who do not have any web space to upload them to, that kind IT Director has given you 100K of personal space, to store your images and text files on, and if 100K is not enough space you can purchase more space using you ATS Points (10K = 100 Points).

Please note that in the below pictures any buttons that are labled [Store/Upload/U2U] in this tutorial have been changed to [MemberCenter] on the actual ATS site

Step 1

Click the [Store/Upload/U2U] button at the top of the page as indicated below.

Step 2

After doing so, you will see this page open,

Click on the [Browse…] button, this will open a window that shows you your computer file structure, You will have no doubt seen this before (see below). After you have located the file you are looking for, click the item so that it hi-lights and click on open .

Step 3

You will be back at the upload window now, (see below) but now the location of the file that you wish to upload is displayed, now press upload as indicated.

Step 4

After a few seconds you file will be uploaded, below indicated by the yellow line is the address of your image, you can now copy and paste this address into a link in your post, please keep a note of this location as when you come back to this screen you will not be shown the full address again, you will only see the file name.

Hint: Using The upload function is a good place to keep your avatar.

Important Info:
Members can upload JPG, GIF, TXT, and PDF files that do not exceed 100 kilobytes. Files are stored in "uploads/filename.ext", to link to your uploads within your posts or user profile, simply use that path. Please be aware that your file will be renamed. An ATS prefix "atsXX" while be applied where XX = an assigned unique number. Please take note of the renaming of your file. (Spaces will also be replaced with underscores.)

[Edited on 10-1-2004 by DJDOHBOY]

posted on Jan, 5 2004 @ 05:52 PM
Thanks DJ

This was something i was really clueless on!!!

ever since being here i wondered how to up load

Thanks again

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