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Carpe Diem

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posted on May, 3 2007 @ 09:43 AM
Carpe Diem, to seize the day, for tomorrow you might die, or tomorrow it self will never come. Well indeed we might die tomorrow, and tomorrow may never come; but so much, maybe it is true, we can be free in the truth, that maybe the people we know will not be gone and we will not die, and for that day may never end... but it is not life and time that I am talking about, it is your hope, your faith, your love, your feelings, it may indeed will be gone tomorrow indeed. So Seize the day of that great feeling, of that great victory and hope to be invincible, because all things one day must come to an end.

By the fact itself thus indeed love is the essence of life, and love does conquer all… but what now? What is truth? I dare you then, to seize the day, while there is life there is hope, and while I breathe, I hope, I Love, I live.

We all know we can and try stop the inevitable...but... with that we all can try and stop our hearts from loving...then... we know we can never truly stop our hearts hope to love and be loved.

An so the story continues, it is to never expect that anything will go as planned, and that maybe something was real and maybe it was not, it is waste of time to ever ponder on such things. So then the truth shall set us free; the life we all live is something we cannot change. Our lives are inevitable to our existence, but o so fast can out lives be taken, what do we own of it then? The value of our life must not lay in our ability to hold on to it, but it must lay in the way we seize our life. The way we take our lives which are destine for the inevitable. Our lives are but so short in the great vast of time, to forget for one second that your life is one life, and your life is no life, is mistake in itself. Compared your life to time we are nothing, but we do not live in the eternal test of time we live right now, we live in a life we are destine for. We can always stop our lives, but do we really do ourselves the favor, when we could prove time wrong, we can prove life wrong, if we just stay awake one more hour in this life. We can all choose to something, as soon as you do there is no going back, you must endure the test of time, o so short that time is indeed, but for us it feels so long forever. To experience life is not to experience death, it is to ignore death and seize life for what it is. To take all we have and make our absolute nothing into something, something great because we can be great, because we are great to test fate, to stand in the face of fear of death and walk past it with a smile on our face knowing you can seize the moment you can seize the day.

The essence of life is nothing we cannot understand; for sure the essence of life is truly the same for all of us; the truth of hope, faith and most of all love. The love that can conquer all, and the truth that can set you free. The truth that can imprison your heart is not worth knowing indeed it is no truth at all. Our lives are here now as we try to understand why today is here and tomorrow is to come, you can never be wrong to seize life as it is, to capture every moment and breathe it in, if it is bad or good, there is always something to be learned. To have hope is to know that faith is worth believing, and that love is worth trusting, and that your life is worth living.

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posted on May, 25 2007 @ 02:29 PM
Do Not go Gentle into that Good Night

I think we all can say we are guilty of not always seizing the day. I am especially guilty of this. But I'm working on it.

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