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Goblin Hall.

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posted on May, 2 2007 @ 05:34 PM
I was reading the thread on Roslyn Chappel and thought I'd give you all a brief low down on Goblin Hall,which is just outside Edinburgh near Gifford.Its worth doing a google search on it, theres not much but you'll get the full story.
Briefly, Goblin Hall is the underground chamber of the now ruined Yester Castle, which was built by the Wizard of Yester, Hugo de Gifford, around the early 1200's.Apparently he built it in a very short period of time, "with the help of the devil" according to locals at the time.
Anyhoo, Ive been there twice and its the spookiest place on Earth!!
The hall itself has a church like ceiling and strange windows and a long tunnel entrance only about 3 feet high.But the wierdest thing is a stairway leading down about 20 feet further underground witch stops at a sealed up doorway.In this place the wizard was said to do his magic.
I have freeked out and ran each time im there.It has no signs to lead you there,its tucked away in a forest off a golf course,its dangerous going down that stairway and no one would hear you scream....!! Ive got loads of good pics of it but im not sure how to add em to my poost!
hope you enjoyed!!

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