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Great Depression Looming!!!!

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posted on May, 2 2007 @ 01:48 PM

ambassador wanta sure is seemingly the most important man in the world, right now.

fantasy, ore the ultimate truth? disinfo, or the scuffle behind the curtain of the global theatre?

looks pretty serious for all of us regular people if it's the gospel.

edit to follow the logic of my next post, lol at time displacement.

[edit on 2-5-2007 by billybob]

posted on May, 2 2007 @ 04:02 PM
perhaps i should have titled it, "GREAT DEPRESSION LOOMING!!!!"

posted on May, 4 2007 @ 12:43 PM
more on wantagate

it's so good to know someone is actually doing something about 'them'.
this is pretty big news, even if it never hits the mainstream. look who's going down with the bad ship skimoffthetop.

here's a little piece of the article....

As expected, the letter to Alberto Gonzales from Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta requesting a criminal investigation into the illegal diversion and exploitation of his $4.5 trillion Settlement funds was not answered, indicating that Mr Gonzales is a criminal operative and that the CIA-penetrated Federal Bureau of Investigation does not exist to support the Rule of Law, but rather to protect the criminal mafia-operatives who have seized power in the United States and whose shelf-life has expired as a direct consequence of their cynical intention to avoid fulfilment of their obligations to Leo Wanta under the May 2006 agreement. Before anyone contacts the Editor to say ‘what did you expect?’, please be advised that, naturally, the Ambassador and Michael C. Cottrell, M.S. did not anticipate receiving any response: why would the corrupted and controlled FBI and the US Department of Injustice suddenly ‘go straight’? We are dealing with the mafia criminalist classes, after all. No, the intention was not to elicit the formal response which ought to have been forthcoming, but rather to demonstrate the reality that the FBI and the US Department of Injustice are corrupted organisations that are engaged in protecting the backsides of the criminal operatives who have stolen trillions of dollars, including the funds belonging to Ambassador Leo Wanta as sole Principal; and that their job is to keep on protecting these thieves regardless of the consequences.

a little list of who's mentioned...


US laws breached by President Bush Jr., Richard Cheney, Henry M. Paulson, Robert M. Kimmitt, Michael Chertoff, other officials previously named in these reports, all members of G. W. Bush's Cabinet, and the Boards of Directors of Goldman Sachs and Co, Bank of America, Citibank Group, Wachovia Bank, JPMorganChase, Bank of Nova Scotia, Chemical Bank, First Union Bank and other US and foreign institutions, including the Bank of England, which have been illegally exploiting Ambassador Wanta’s tagged and earmarked $4.5 trillion Settlement money, always intended for the benefit of the American people and for the paying down of the US Treasury’s background debt:

posted on May, 4 2007 @ 01:53 PM
The whole leo wanta story makes for great fiction but its a fraud and a hoax.

Starting with the Russian rubble trade.

At the time he supposedly made all that money crushing the rubble the rubble was in fact not even a convertible tradable currency at the time. Also the amount he claimed he made was like three times the whole russian gdp for that year.

posted on May, 23 2007 @ 11:15 PM
Be assured, just as it was economically prior to WWII, that if a Great Depression happens, it will be a worldwide event. Think in terms of trickle-down economics but on a worldwide scale.

posted on Jun, 9 2007 @ 09:58 PM
forget leo wanta

american's are so lost in the gaze of there bread and circuses they can't see what is hiddin in plain sight

they think CNN and CNBC analysists are intrested in truth, infact that are smart people and anyone with any knowledge of economics could see the problems down the road in the housing sector years ago, when loan contracts were deregulated. but did these talking heads mention the future housing problem. NOPE they would have been deemed doomsdayers. the point is the analysists and owners from FOX, CNBC, and CNN have one agenda. yes . to INCREASE CONSUMER SPENDING. not report truth . report spin because this spin helps mold joe 6 packs beleifs about the economy and it actually prolongs the inevitable collapse of the economy a bit longer so more wealth can be shifted from the middle class to the elite.

it is almost END GAME TIME


Corporate tycoon Warren Buffett summarized our current predicament best in a speech he delivered 2 years ago.

Through the spring of 2002, I had lived nearly 72 years without purchasing a foreign currency. Since then Berkshire has made significant investments in several currencies. …To hold other currencies is to believe that the dollar will decline….Our trade deficit has greatly worsened, to the point that our country's "net worth," so to speak, is now being transferred abroad at an alarming rate.

More important, however, is that foreign ownership of our assets will grow at about $500 (currently $800 billion) billion per year at the present trade-deficit level, which means that the deficit will be adding about one percentage point annually (now 1.5% annually) to foreigners' net ownership of our national wealth. As that ownership grows, so will the annual net investment income flowing out of this country. That will leave us paying ever-increasing dividends and interest to the world rather than being a net receiver of them, as in the past. We have entered the world of negative compounding — goodbye pleasure, hello pain”.

posted on Jun, 10 2007 @ 09:42 AM
^Agreed. The US is millions (or is it billions?) of dollars in debt w/ various other countries, we hardly make any of our own products any more but instead buy them from other countries, and we have a president who is swiftly running the country into the ground. He doesn't know how to handle a budget and is wasting money that could be spent on much more important things on the war in Iraq and covering up his own ass. The fact that a depression hasn't already happened is mind boggling, but I'm sure one is soon to come.

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