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ATSNN for news articles!!

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posted on Jan, 2 2004 @ 03:38 PM
As of jan 1st 2004, started the ATSNN (Above Top Secret News Network).
In that forum you can discuss news articles, not in any of the other fora.

So please do not just copy and paste news articles, and post them here. If you find an interesting article that is not (yet) in the ATSNN forum, u2u a news editor of ATSNN, or be patient.
Keep in mind that recent google news headlines are also on!


ATSNN, The Forum


posted on Jan, 7 2004 @ 05:16 PM
Breaking News should be submitted to if it is something that is happening right now that deserves attention on ATS. Posts About News that isn't as current, and still deserves a topic can still be posted as normal in the appropriate forum. is for breaking news, or current news, as it is happening. Here is how it works: As everyone can see by now, we have a new forum at the top of the list on the board home page... (Above Top Secret News Network) which is the place where only our reporters and editors are able to directly post new news stories. News stories that appear in the forum are automatically published to our new Above Top Secret News Network website: Our new news website replaces the old portal systems we've used in the past, and is now completed integrated with the forums. Once a news story appears, members of ATS can easily contribute comments and create a living, evolving news service. If you're not an "authorized" news reporter or editor, you can still submit news for review. Just go to your member center ( ) and in the left frame, you'll see an option for submitting news to the forum. Use this form to submit news in on of these categories... ALERT! (No colon. This is for critical breaking news of a very importat status. After the critical status expires, edit your story for one of the appropriate categories below.) TERRORISM: (Stories about the war on terrorism in all areas of the world) POLITICS: (U.S. and global politics) SCI/TECH: (Science, space, and technology news that is interesting, and relates to ATS-topics) BUSINESS: (Business news that influences the politics and culture of ATS-topics) SPORTS: (Not scores, but sports-related news that captures conspiracy-minded attention) ENTERTAINMENT: (No movie reviews, but news from the entertainment industry that has a bit of a conspiracy or interesting slant) ATS: (Any news relating to the ATS mission on aliens, conspiracies, etc. that doesn't fit other news topics) NEWS: (For any news that doesn't fit any other category, but which should be on OP/ED: (Opinion and Editorial pieces on almost any subject) Just put one of the above category tags at the beginning of your subject line. After you submit your story, it will immediately appear in the forum for members to offer comments. However, the subject line will be prepended with "(SUBMISSION)" until your story has been approved for publication on If your story isn't selected, the "(SUBMISSION)" will be removed, and your post will be moved to the appropriate forum. If your story is selected, it will appear on our news website, and any replies will earn you 3x the normal points as any other topical forum. Please don't be upset if your story isn't selected. There may be several reasons for rejection, and we may not always have the time to explain why. Also, if one of our Super Moderators notices an exceptional post sitting in the regular forums, we may upgrade your story and move it to the news forum. If that happens, you still get the increased points for replies. Here are some tips for submitting stories. Breaking news should be our focus, if you're not writing about something that's happening in the same day, it's probably not appropriate for Create a unique article that is your authorship, based on what you've found at other sources. Make sure you include the links to your sources at the bottom of your article. Try to write a story that is no less than 200 words, and no more than 1,200. Use all the normal ATS XMB Forum BBcode tools for images and bold/italic text. It's a good idea to include images for better appeal on, but please make sure they don't exceed 120 pixels in height or width. (Please don't use smilies within your first-post stories.) If the full URL to your story is overly long, use the URL tag in the BBcode to create a shorter URL, but use the site's domain name as the link text. Remember not to plagiarize the content of other reporters and sources. should be our unique spin on the breaking news and events of our time.

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