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NFL Draft Grades Team by Team. Check your favorite.

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posted on May, 2 2007 @ 12:23 PM

Buffalo (A-) : Tried their best to fill RB need with Lynch, Marshawn 5-11 217 Hb, California , could be a Thurman Thomas like runner if can stay healthy. Paul Posluszny, OLB, Penn State, 6-2, 238, is a two-time Butkus award winner who has vast sideline to sideline movement. Getting Trent Edwards, QB, Stanford, 6-5, 232, could be a big timer if they can keep him healthy. He could be the next Marino, or the Next Andre Ware and done in a year.

1 12 Marshawn Lynch RB California
2 34 Paul Posluszny LB Penn State
3 92 Trent Edwards QB Stanford
4 111 Dwayne Wright RB Fresno State
6 184 John Wendling DB Wyoming
7 222 Derek Schouman RB Boise State
7 239 C.J. Ah You DE Oklahoma

New York Jets C+: Lack of overall Picks hurts their rating. Traded out of another late 2nd round pick to move up. Picked up Darrelle Revis, CB, Pittsburgh, who project to be the next speedy CB who can return punts. David Harris, LB, Michigan provides a needed depth, and possible starter.

1 14 Darrelle Revis DB Pittsburgh
2 47 David Harris LB Michigan
6 177 Jacob Bender T Nicholls State
7 235 Chansi Stuckey WR Clemson

New England Patriots C+: Only one pick in the 1st 3 rounds, they went after depth for a team that should win the super bowl with the acquisitions in the offseason of : Randy Moss, WR/ Dante Stallworth, WR/ Kelly Washington, WR/ and A. Thomas, OLB.

1 24 Brandon Meriweather DB Miami (FL)
4 127 Kareem Brown DT Miami (FL)
5 171 Clint Oldenburg T Colorado State
6 180 Justin Rogers LB Southern Methodist
6 202 Mike Richardson DB Notre Dame
6 208 Justise Hairston RB Central Connecticut
6 209 Corey Hilliard T Oklahoma State
7 211 Oscar Lua LB USC
7 247 Mike Elgin G Iowa

Miami Dolphins D: Probably one of the worst drafts, a lot of question marks. Ted Ginn is a good fit, both as a receiver and a kick return specialist. But his health is in question and he is not a #1 WR. Takin g him #9 overall was a mistake. If second round pick quarterback John Beck pans out it, the Dolphins will have done the right thing. But most fans will compair him to Brady Quinn for the rest of his career. Selecting Florida State running back Lorenzo Booker makes Ricky Williams more expendable than he was before. Center Samson Satele may be able to help. The real surprise is Reagan Mauia, FB, Hawaii, he is really a 6-0, 350 pound fullback , I really, really want to see him play. If nothing else just for the joy of watching a fat guy run. Could be moved to DT though.

1 9 Ted Ginn Jr. WR Ohio State
2 40 John Beck QB Brigham Young
2 60 Samson Satele C Hawaii
3 71 Lorenzo Booker RB Florida State
4 108 Paul Soliai DT Utah
6 181 Reagan Mauia RB Hawaii
6 199 Drew Mormino C Central Michigan
7 219 Kelvin Smith LB Syracuse
7 225 Brandon Fields P Michigan State
7 238 Abraham Wright DE Colorado


Cleveland Browns A+: Nobody got luckier than the Browns. Being able to pick up the Franchise LT, and Franchise QB in the same draft. With Quinn they also have a home town boy who will now be the face of the franchise that they hoped Couch would be many years ago. Then they stole Eric Wright, CB, UNLV, who is a first round talent who slipped because of character questions. Hey if the guy can stay out of trouble in Las Vegas, would he really get in trouble in Cleveland, Ohio.

1 3 Joe Thomas T Wisconsin
1 22 Brady Quinn QB Notre Dame
2 53 Eric Wright CB Nevada-Las Vegas
5 140 Brandon McDonald DB Memphis
6 200 Melila Purcell DE Hawaii
7 213 Chase Pittman DE Louisiana State
7 234 Syndric Steptoe WR Arizona

Pittsburgh Steelers B+: Their 1st four picks where high quality. Timmons fills a big need, Woodley led a defense that was powerful, Spaeth won the award for top TE, and the addition of Punter Sepulveda will bring fear to the North. Sepulveda is a big legged left footed punter who booms punts that spin a different direction, that has caused problems for returners in the College level.

1 15 Lawrence Timmons LB Florida State
2 46 LaMarr Woodley DE Michigan
3 77 Matt Spaeth TE Minnesota
4 112 Daniel Sepulveda P Baylor
4 132 Ryan McBean DE Oklahoma State
5 156 Cameron Stephenson G Rutgers
5 170 William Gay DB Louisville
7 227 Dallas Baker WR Florida

Cincinnati Bengals C+: Landed the arguable the 3rd best CB in the draft, and another Auburn RB, to back up their Starting Auburn RB. I was surprised by Rowe a big 6-5 quarter back over Palmers brother a 6-6 quarterback. Both are raw talents.

1 18 Leon Hall DB Michigan
2 49 Kenny Irons RB Auburn
4 114 Marvin White DB Texas Christian
5 151 Jeff Rowe QB Nevada
6 187 Matt Toeaina DT Oregon
7 230 Dan Santucci G Notre Dame
7 253 Nedu Ndukwe DB Notre Dame

Baltimore Ravens C: Lost out of the rush for LT Staley to the 49ers who moved up just ahead of them. But they got a nice run smasher with OG, Ben Grubbs. Yamon Figurs, figures to be a rangy, speedy returner who they have missed since losing the big one after their last Super Bowl appearance. They also managed to pick up the Heisman winner in Smith in the 5th, who with some coaching could turn into a McNair.

1 29 Ben Grubbs G Auburn
3 74 Yamon Figurs WR Kansas State
3 86 Marshall Yanda G Iowa
4 134 Antwan Barnes LB Florida International
4 137 Le'Ron McClain RB Alabama
5 174 Troy Smith QB Ohio State
6 207 Prescott Burgess LB Michigan

Indianapolis Colts B+ : The Colts worried about Offense first and defense 2nd as usual. Gonzales should be the slot receiver next year, Ugoh could start if moved to guard. Hughes was a preseason top 5 pick who dropped after tough senior year. If he returns to form he could be lights out. Pitcock should rotate in on starting rotation. Sessions is a hit or miss who could use a couple of years to learn.

1 32 Anthony Gonzalez WR Ohio State
2 42 Tony Ugoh G Arkansas
3 95 Daymeion Hughes DB California
3 98 Quinn Pitcock DT Ohio State
4 131 Brannon Condren DB Troy
4 136 Clint Session LB Pittsburgh
5 169 Roy Hall WR Ohio State
5 173 Michael Coe DB Alabama State
7 242 Keyunta Dawson DE Texas Tech

Jacksonville Jaguars B: Nelson, was a nice pick up after he slipped, Durant has Derrick Brooks possibilities, and Mike Walker unlike a lot of their receivers can actually catch the football.
1 21 Reggie Nelson DB Florida
2 48 Justin Durant LB Hampton
3 79 Mike Walker WR Central Florida
4 101 Adam Podlesh P Maryland
4 113 Brian Smith DE Missouri
5 149 Uche Nwaneri G Purdue
5 150 Josh Gattis DB Wake Forest
5 166 Derek Landri DT Notre Dame
7 229 John Broussard WR San Jose State
7 251 Chad Nkang LB Elon
7 252 Andrew Carnahan T Arizona State

Tennessee Titans B- : The addition of Griffin could bring moves to cover the loss of Pac-man. He was the top rated SS in the draft, Chris Henry, is a boom, or bust type player who brings a Ricky Williams type power to the running game. But they didn’t go after their biggest need until the 3rd round. They would have been better sooted to trade up for a prime time receiver for Vince Young.

1 19 Michael Griffin DB Texas
2 50 Chris Henry RB Arizona
3 80 Paul Williams WR Fresno State
4 115 Leroy Harris C North Carolina State
4 128 Chris Davis WR Florida State
5 152 Antonio Johnson DT Mississippi State
6 188 Joel Filani WR Texas Tech
6 204 Jacob Ford DE Central Arkansas
6 206 Ryan Smith DB Florida
7 223 Michael Otto T Purdue

Houston Texans C-: Their rating wasn’t really their fault. Getting a chance to land a nineteen year old pass rushing stud like Okoye is hard to pass up. He will bolster Williams, and should make their pass rush in a few years very, very, strong. Jones is a Terrell Owens with out the attitude, who will be a project for a few years. He may have been a reach. Bennett adds another South Carolina CB, to help Robinson. But the main thing that the Texans needed to address, Helping out the Quarterback, they may have never learned. You would think after seeing what they did to David Carr who could be the starter by the end of the year in Carolina, they would learn. A 2nd round pick would have helped. Studdard was a rock on the line that allowed no sacks on Vince Young in their National Championship year.
1 10 Amobi Okoye DT Louisville
3 73 Jacoby Jones WR Lane
4 123 Fred Bennett DB South Carolina
5 144 Brandon Harrison DB Stanford
5 163 Brandon Frye T Virginia Tech
6 183 Kasey Studdard G Texas
7 218 Zach Diles LB Kansas State


Oakland Raiders A: JaMarcus Russell is a rare physical specimen at quarterback who I had rated #1 before his Senior year. He is the black Marino. Zach Miller may not be very fast but he has extremely reliable hands, and should do for Russell what Novachek did for Aikman in the 90’s. Moses, and Henderson should help. Higgins should push Mike Williams(WR) for #2 or #3 after trade with Detroit. The Loss of Moss should help the healing process along since the team captain turned into a cancer for the franchise. Michael Bush was a top 10 pick who slipped to the 2nd day because of injury. Don’t expect much in the first year, but expect a lot down the road when he returns to form.

1 1 JaMarcus Russell QB Louisiana State
2 38 Zach Miller TE Arizona State
3 65 Quentin Moses DE Georgia
3 91 Mario Henderson T Florida State
3 99 Johnnie Lee Higgins WR Texas-El Paso
4 100 Michael Bush RB Louisville
4 110 John Bowie DB Cincinnati
5 138 Jay Richardson DE Ohio State
5 165 Eric Frampton DB Washington State
6 175 Oren O'Neal RB Arkansas State
7 254 Johnathan Holland WR Louisiana Tech

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posted on May, 2 2007 @ 12:25 PM
Denver Broncos B-:The Broncos finally recognized that you can't build a defensive line with Cleveland Brown castoffs. Jarvis Moss, Tim Crowder and Marcus Thomas all have the ability to be major difference makers right now. Moss who is famous for sacking Troy Smith several times in the National Championship game is a speed rushers delight at 6-6, 258. Crowder who won the NC the year before is a power slash speed rusher. They should both be starting by the end of the year. Thomas was another top talent until getting kicked off of the team mid season. His agent says he is not a problem, but who can believe an agent. Personally I expect to see him return to form and make major impact if not this year, then the next. Harris should eventually replace the loss of George Foster in the off season. The lack of picks keeps this from being a higher rating.

1 17 Jarvis Moss DE Florida
2 56 Tim Crowder DE Texas
3 70 Ryan Harris T Notre Dame
4 121 Marcus Thomas DT Florida

Kansas City Chiefs C+: Though a top receiver was needed and Bowe definetily fills the need, they also needed to refill the O-line bucket with their quality studs getting old and retiring. The loss of Jordan Black to Houston was not addressed. McBride and Tank Tyler should give the Chiefs the DT help they need.

1 23 Dwayne Bowe WR Louisiana State
2 54 Turk McBride DT Tennessee
3 82 DeMarcus 'Tank' Tyler DT North Carolina State
5 148 Kolby Smith RB Louisville
5 160 Justin Medlock K UCLA
6 196 Herbert Taylor T Texas Christian
7231 Michael Allan TE Whitworth

San Diego Chargers CA team that goes 14-2 probably doesn't need much help. Davis was a big stretch when they could have landed Jarrett, or Rice. Weddle is one of the top rated safety’s, Chandler should help backup the TE position.

1 30 Craig Davis WR Louisiana State
2 37 Eric Weddle DB Utah
3 96 Anthony Waters LB Clemson
4 129 Scott Chandler TE Iowa
5 172 Legedu Naanee WR Boise State
7 240 Brandon Siler LB Florida



New York Giants C+Aaron Ross is a top defensive back. Wide receiver Steve Smith will give Eli Manning a decent target to throw too to go along with Plexico Burress. But they could have used another running back to help replace Kiki Barber and the only help for the offensive line was taken in the sixth round. Everyone will root for linebacker Zak DeOssie from Brown University, but they could have landed Bushrod, Jermon, a offensive tackle project who could one day rule the NFL. Which do they need another long snapper (DeOssie) or someone to keep Eli from getting nailed.

1 20 Aaron Ross DB Texas
2 51 Steve Smith WR USC
3 81 Jay Alford DT Penn State
4 116 Zak DeOssie LB Brown
5 153 Kevin Boss TE Western Oregon
6 189 Adam Koets T Oregon State
7 224 Michael Johnson DB Arizona
7 250 Ahmad Bradshaw RB Marshall

Dallas Cowboys C: Jerry Jones wheeled and dealed for two days. But what did he get aside from the Browns' first round pick next year. Sound and fury signifying nothing. T.O. and Jerry Jones drove Parcells away. For a team that was far away last season, this draft doesn't get them all that much closer. Now for the good they did. They take a #1 pick from the Eagles for a 2,3 and 5, to pick up DE/OLB Spencer who some think could be rookie of the year. Marten could eventually replace an aging Flozell Adams who might sign with another team in FA next year anyway. Stanbeck was a serious reach as a QB who will become WR. Who would you really have though Spencer/ Stanbeck or Dwayne Jarrett/ and other 2nd round pick? Analist are already specualating which WR they will take with the Browns pick next year. Consensus is that they will take Limus Sweed, WR, Texas next year. Personally expect Jones to trade out and pull what he thinks is a better deal than Jimmy Johnson could, but every one else laugh’s at.
1 26 Anthony Spencer DE Purdue
3 67 James Marten T Boston College
4 103 Isaiah Stanbeck QB Washington
4 122 Doug Free T Northern Illinois
6 178 Nick Folk K Arizona
6 195 Deon Anderson RB Connecticut
7 212 Courtney Brown DB Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo
7 237 Alan Ball DB Illinois

Washington Redskins C-:LaRon Landry will be a tremendous player. But the Redskins need help at so many positions and Landry was their only pick before the fifth round. With five picks total, the Redskins just couldn’t fill all of their needs.Quarterback Jordan Palmer, the younger brother of Cincinnati's Carson, is another project to go along with Jason Campbell. Sartz is a hybrid MLB/OLB/SS who’s height might turn him into a DE (6-4, 250)/ Blades was projected preseason as a top MLB talent but slipped after bad senior year. Ecker is a nice run blocking TE to pick up in 7th.

1 6 LaRon Landry DB Louisiana State
5 143 Dallas Sartz LB USC
6 179 H.B. Blades LB Pittsburgh
6 205 Jordan Palmer QB Texas-El Paso
7 216 Tyler Ecker TE Michigan

Philadelphia Eagles D: The Eagles allowed their biggest rival to jump up into the 1st round and grab a rookie of the year candidate. Then they reached for Kolb in the 2nd. Personally I like Kolb, but was still shocked when he went that high.The Eagles don't look for glitz in the draft. Instead they focus on solid players. They may have gotten some who can help in the mid-rounds including defensive end Victor Abiamiri, linebacker Stewart Bradley and running back Tony Hunt, who could help.
2 36 Kevin Kolb QB Houston
2 57 Victor Abiamiri DE Notre Dame
3 87 Stewart Bradley LB Nebraska
3 90 Tony Hunt RB Penn State
5 159 C.J. Gaddis DB Clemson
5 162 Brent Celek TE Cincinnati
6 201 Rashad Barksdale DB Albany
7 236 Nate Ilaoa RB Hawaii

Minnesota Vikings A: Adrian Peterson is a stud, if he can remain healthy he will be the Next Eric Dickerson for many years to come. Sidney Rice probably left college a year too early, he could turn into his name sake. He'll have a great opportunity in Minnesota, but so did Troy Williamson. Pro Football Weekly rated Marcus McCauley as the fourth best cornerback, so the Vikings may have received good value. Alexander was a ranging roaming MLB, who was named Big 12 Defensive player of the year.

1 7 Adrian Peterson RB Oklahoma
2 44 Sidney Rice WR South Carolina
3 72 Marcus McCauley DB Fresno State
4 102 Brian Robison DE Texas
5 146 Aundrae Allison WR East Carolina
6 176 Rufus Alexander LB Oklahoma
7 217 Tyler Thigpen QB Coastal Carolina
7 233 Chandler Williams WR Florida International

Detroit Lions B+: I know another receiver….But this one is the best I’ve ever seen coming out of college. Trading away former #11 overall pick Mike Williams will give both teams a fresh start. The Johnson/Roy Williams combo could be one of the greatest ever. Should have moved up and taken Brady Quinn though. Stanton is another Boom/ or bust. He’s show signs of greatness followed by sign’s of stupidity. Francis should bolster the DE corps, Ramirez at Guard was a steal, he is a solid pass blocker from an offense that sets records all the time. Note Ramzee Robinson is Mr. Irrelevent. So he gets a nice Parade, and is a star at Disney land for the day.

1 2 Calvin Johnson WR Georgia Tech
2 43 Drew Stanton QB Michigan State
2 58 Ikaika Alama-Francis DE Hawaii
2 61 Gerald Alexander DB Boise State
4 105 A.J. Davis DB North Carolina State
4 117 Manuel Ramirez G Texas Tech
5 158 Johnny Baldwin LB Alabama A&M
7 255 Ramzee Robinson DB Alabama

Chicago Bears B- : Greg Olsen sitting at 31 was the biggest steal in the entire draft. He is one of the best TE to come out of the draft in many years. He has close to the speed of a big time WR, has great hands, and is a solid run blocker, Bazuin didn’t really fill a need since they already have a backup who led the NFL in sacks last year. Wolfe should bolster the fan base as a fun to watch little guy who could. Okwo could be an eventual replacement for any unhappy OLB’s. Brant has the size to 6-7, 320 to have a chance to be a quality backup, who could make some noise down the line. The rest are quality backups for a team that will probably have to face NE in the SuperBowl this year.

1 31 Greg Olsen TE Miami (FL)
2 62 Dan Bazuin DE Central Michigan
3 93 Garrett Wolfe RB Northern Illinois
3 94 Michael Okwo LB Stanford
4 130 Josh Beekman G Boston College
5 167 Kevin Payne DB Louisiana-Monroe
5 168 Corey Graham DB New Hampshire
7 221 Trumaine McBride DB Mississippi
7 241 Aaron Brant T Iowa State

Green Bay Packers C+The Packers had 11 picks, but five of them were in rounds six and seven where the pickings are slim at best. Two other picks were after round three. Top pick defensive tackle Justin Harrell looks good, even if taken a little high. Running back Brandon Jackson has an opportunity since the Packers have nothing at that position at the moment. Rouse could be a quality safety. Clowney will be “Fun” to watch with his speed. Mason Crosby is a major steal slipping as far as he did. He has a powerful leg, that has kicked in the 60’s outside of Colorado. Mark My words Clark Harris will eventually replace Bubba Franks.
1 16 Justin Harrell DT Tennessee
2 63 Brandon Jackson RB Nebraska
3 78 James Jones WR San Jose State
3 89 Aaron Rouse DB Virginia Tech
4 119 Allen Barbre T Missouri Southern State
5 157 David Clowney WR Virginia Tech
6 191 Korey Hall LB Boise State
6 192 Desmond Bishop LB California
6 193 Mason Crosby K Colorado
7 228 DeShawn Wynn RB Florida
7 243 Clark Harris TE Rutgers

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posted on May, 2 2007 @ 12:26 PM

Carolina A: PanthersLinebacker Jon Beason is a great pick, particularly since Dan Morgan's future is in doubt. Dwayne Jarrett will give Jack Delhomme and David Carr a large target to throw to, especially after he receives training from Keyshawn. Ryan Kalil should be the next Stepnoski, who protected Aikman for years. Johnson, will provide a quality back up to protect for injuries. Wilson, CB was a self promoted “Little Prime Time” for a solid Baylor secondary that elsewhere stunk.

1 25 Jon Beason LB Miami (FL)
2 45 Dwayne Jarrett WR USC
2 59 Ryan Kalil C USC
3 83 Charles Johnson DE Georgia
4 118 Ryne Robinson WR Miami (OH)
5 155 Dante Rosario TE Oregon
5 164 Tim Shaw LB Penn State
7 226 C.J. Wilson CB Baylor

Atlanta Falcons B+: Jamal Anderson fills a need as a powerful pass rusher, Blalock was the rock of a powerful offensive line, who if an inch or two taller would be a top 5 pick at tackle. Houston add a solid CB for the Nickle and Dime packages. Would have had a top tier rating if they addressed their need for a prime time young receiver. But hey you only have so many picks right.

1 8 Jamaal Anderson DE Arkansas
2 39 Justin Blalock T Texas
2 41 Chris Houston DB Arkansas
3 75 Laurent Robinson WR Illinois State
4 109 Stephen Nicholas LB South Florida
4 133 Martrez Milner TE Georgia
6 185 Trey Lewis DT Washburn
6 194 David Irons DB Auburn
6 198 Doug Datish C Ohio State
6 203 Daren Stone DB Maine
7 244 Jason Snelling RB Virginia

Tampa Bay Buccaneers B : The Buccaneers defense has been deteriorating rapidly. The offensive line also needed help. Only one pick was expended on a "skill" position player. Gaines Adams should be a big help, but the Bucs still have a long, long way to go. Sears is a stretch as a tackle who will switch to guard. Showed promise as a senior but took off too many plays. Should have taken Blalock from the Falcons, only time will tell on this. Despite the strange name Sabby Piscitelli is the next hard hitting SS for the Buc’s. He reminds me of Adam Archuleta. Darby could be a steal at 246 if they have trouble running again, and he shows the form he did in college.

1 4 Gaines Adams DE Clemson
2 35 Arron Sears T Tennessee
2 64 Sabby Piscitelli DB Oregon State
3 68 Quincy Black LB New Mexico
4 106 Tanard Jackson DB Syracuse
5 141 Greg Peterson DE North Carolina Central
6 182 Adam Hayward LB Portland State
7 214 Chris Denman T Fresno State
7 245 Marcus Hamilton DB Virginia
7 246 Kenneth Darby RB Alabama

New Orleans Saints B-:The Saints added more speed to an already formidable offense by drafting wide receiver Robert Meachem, who should help immediately, and running back Antonio Pittman. Pittman's selection adds more firepower at the running back position to add to that already provided by Deuce McAlister and Reggie Bush. His selection also shows that even the Saints may now recognize that Bush is more valuable as a receiver, kick returner and a player that runs an occasional draw or end run rather than taking on the full role of a traditional running back.

1 27 Robert Meachem WR Tennessee
3 66 Usama Young DB Kent State
3 88 Andy Alleman G Akron
4 107 Antonio Pittman RB Ohio State
4 125 Jermon Bushrod T Towson
5 145 David Jones DB Wingate
7 220 Marvin Mitchell LB Tennessee


San Francisco 49ers A :No team has done more to improve themselves this off-season than the 49ers. Well maybe the Patriots come close. The 49ers have attacked their weaknesses. Free agent signings Nate Clements and Michael Lewis solidified the defensive backfield. Draft day acquisition Darrell Jackson will make Ashley Lelie superfluous. To add linebacker Patrick Willis a solid smash you in the mouth MLB that I love and tackle Joe Staley is icing on the cake. Wide receiver Jason Hill could also help an offensive that is increasingly becoming high powered. Expending mid round picks on the defensive line highlight the area the 49ers perceive as their next greatest need. Tarell Brown was a steal, preseason he was rated higher than Aaron Ross, 1(20 NYG). But a “Weed” reached out and tripped him.
1 11 Patrick Willis LB Mississippi
1 28 Joe Staley T Central Michigan
3 76 Jason Hill WR Washington State
3 97 Ray McDonald DT Florida
4 104 Jay Moore DE Nebraska
4 126 Dashon Goldson DB Washington
4 135 Joe Cohen DT Florida
5 147 Tarell Brown DB Texas
6 186 Thomas Clayton RB Kansas State

Arizona Cardinals A-: The Cardinals new regime displayed their Pittsburgh Steelers heritage by focusing on real football players, lineman, linebackers and tight ends. Levi Brown is a big time protector for Leinart, Branch was a serious play maker on a great defense. Buster Davis likes to hit people so hard they get snot bubbles. I remember Breaston nearly defeating Texas single handedly in the Rose bowl a few years ago with his return skills, Ben Patrick was a steal who slipped to the 7th round after being projected as a high 2nd round pick. The fact that this isn’t an A++ rating is due to the lack of picks available.

1 5 Levi Brown T Penn State
2 33 Alan Branch DT Michigan
3 69 Buster Davis LB Florida State
5 142 Steve BreastonWR Michigan
7 215 Ben Patrick TE Delaware

St. Louis Rams C+: Carriker fills a big need at DE, as a powerful rusher, Leonard will help running and passing game, He is a hybrid FB/HB/third down receiver that reminds me of Rathman, that helped the 49ers win the 80’s over. Wade is a solid CB, and Fry should provide depth.

1 13 Adam Carriker DE Nebraska
2 52 Brian Leonard RB Rutgers
3 84 Jonathan Wade CB Tennessee
5 139 Dustin Fry C Clemson
5 154 Clifton Ryan DT Michigan State
6 190 Ken Shackleford T Georgia
7 248 Keith Jackson DT Arkansas
7 249 Derek Stanley WR Wisconsin-Whitewater

Seattle Seahawks D- Nobody did more to say we are happy with were we already are than the Seahawks who didn't have a selection until the 55th pick. Defensive back Josh Wilson might have been the best they could do. The stiff payment of a number one for wide receiver Deion Branch when they could only get a fourth rounder for Darrell Jackson does not reflect well on Seahawk management.

2 55 Josh Wilson DB Maryland
3 85 Brandon Mebane DT California
4 120 Baraka Atkins DE Miami (FL)
4 124 Mansfield Wrotto G Georgia Tech
5 161 Will Herring LB Auburn
6 197 Courtney Taylor WR Auburn
6 210 Jordan Kent WR Oregon
7 232 Steve Vallos T Wake Forest

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posted on May, 2 2007 @ 12:47 PM
Nice post,good work.

posted on May, 3 2007 @ 12:59 PM
Got a favorite team?

Let me know what you think?

Side note Keyshawn Johnson, WR, Carolina was doing the telecast during the draft. He noted the addition of Dwayne Jarrett, a similar style WR from the same University, as a good pickup. He said he would mentor the kid and turn him into a great WR, Carolina cut Johnson yesterday.

posted on May, 17 2007 @ 02:55 PM
I can't believe no one else has any thoughts about their teams

Must not be a lot of real football fan out there, or at least here.

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