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Would the World be Better Off Without Money?

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posted on May, 1 2007 @ 02:46 PM
Money creates all sorts of problems everywhere in the world, no matter who you are dealing with. Too much money can cause greed and violence, while too little money or no money at all can cause damaged lives and broken dreams.

There are millions of people who have no food or homes or anything else, because they have no money to afford it. But the people with money can't afford to help them all.

All drugs and alcohol can't be stopped because of the money they make.

People get jumped because they have money, and the people who jump them want or need money. Same reason why people rob stores, which can end up by someone losing their life.

Children can't get the education they need, or the the roof over their head they need because their parents don't have the money.

Others get judged by the amount of money they have, but there are far more intelligent people out their that just don't have the money, and thats the only thing that is holding them back.

Curses for diseases and things like that need more and more money to find. Why can't it just be free? If all the things they needed they were just gave could be free maybe they would find cures.

If their was no money people could get what they need and the people giving the things wouldn't have to worry about losing money themselves.

Sure there is a bunch of good reasons for money, but there is a lot of good reasons why there shouldn't be money too. I'm sure others can think of reasons why their shouldn't be money as well. What would be the cons of having no money?

Just a thought...

posted on May, 1 2007 @ 03:59 PM
What would be an alternative to money, though? I think that's the key question. People won't work for nothing - it's human nature to want to succeed and do well, and material wealth is one thing that motivates people. Which is part of the reason why the Soviet economy was so poor compared to Western ones, I suppose.

That said, you're right in suggesting that money does cause a great deal of the world's problems.


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