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9/11 the PLAN

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posted on Apr, 28 2007 @ 04:51 PM
Inside a well concealed place the plotters are getting restless, they are impatient that their previous plans and efforts have failed. Some are now urging a massive upping of the stakes, some speak of caution and a slow approach but in the end the hawks have it.

The populace who are in a deep drug/media induced slumber require not just shaking out of their dreams but blowing out of them.

The plan unfolds, a high value taget must be picked, one that will shock not just the people but the whole world. Casulties have to be high but not so high that it provokes the wrong responce.

The buildings are picked, the devices exotic as they are have not been seen or heard of before. But the plotters are concerned that the use of such devices will lead back straight to their door. Subterfuge will be used, the plotters plan to use a number of civillian aircraft, the crews and passengers will have to be sacrificed but we are fighing a war says one of the hawks, they are just casulties no need to worry.

The plan unfolds, several planes will be used, the pilots will be told that they have to divert to a remote airfield under the pretext of some emergency, here the crew and passengers are killed.

These planes are now substituted by remote controlled aircraft fitted with an array of misslies etc. to attack the main targets, a drone/cruise missile will be used on a low lying target.

The plotters realise that authenticity and reality will be needed to ensure public belief, a number of in house patsies will be used on the missions, these will be killed along with the passengers and crew at a safe location.

In the two main targets various activities take place in the preceeding weeks/days before the attack, this will provide disinfo for when the attacks occur. The command centre will be close to the main targets, the building will be rigged to collapse destroying all and any evidence leading to the plotters.

The main target will be rigged with a number of devices so to provide a false trail, the plotters know that the whole world will scrutinise every last inch of footage to try and establish the truth.

The exotic weapons are placed in the basement of the two bulidings, the planes hit as on schedule, the buildings are left to burn and smoke for a while, then they are brought down.

The low lying target is hit and the public result is the same. Objective achieved, the country is going to war, the plotters can expand their power base both within the US and the World and as a bonus can us the event to strip US citizens of their inaliable rights.

But to the plotters this is but a chapter in the book they are writing, other chapters will soon be added.

posted on Apr, 29 2007 @ 08:26 PM
You should write a novel about your plan, it would no dought be a best seller. I especially like the part about "deep drug/media induced slumber" boy does that come o so close to the truth, it actually hurts to think about it!!!

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