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New sort of craft, the lifter shows that ufos seen might be human made.

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posted on Apr, 24 2007 @ 07:14 PM
I will start my post with 3 links from the same site

It seems they folow the same rules as an UFO, could the ufos that we see in the sky be indeed crafts that are built on the same principle.
This is not an isolated site, any one that would gogle lifters would come up with numeros results, so for haps this is credible and as the site above explains any one can even folow the examples on the site and build one.
Acording to specifications all you need is:
- A light weight balsa wood board ( 15/10 mm thick ). You will find balsa wood board in any RC Hobby shops,
- a kitchen aluminum sheet ( 12 µm thick ),
- a thin copper wire ( 1/10 mm diameter ) extracted from a simple multiple wires power grid cord,
- a tube of cyanoacrylate universal glue,
- a hobby knife ( a cutter with a sharp and brand new blade ),
- a stripper ( Conrad Ref: 0229 458-30 ),
- a 50 cm ruler,
- a wooden plate ( 50x50 cm at least ) as your working surface,
- scotch tape,
- a paper pen.

I bet we will see this tehnology in the years to come as it suffers disclosure.

a video is also included on the end of this page.

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posted on Apr, 24 2007 @ 09:23 PM
There's no doubt that the Biefeld-Brown effect is real and can be used to generate thrust in an atmosphere. What is more doubtful is that we have the technology today to use this effect to perform maneuvers that are commonly attributed to UFOs. These devices do not generate large amounts of thrust, in fact as far as I can tell they can barely even hover.

As a side note, people tend to look to these kinds of technologies for explanations for UFO propulsion feats because they seem high-tech, but also because they are *quiet*. Really we could build craft today that perform some really amazing maneuvers, but they are generally loud, so people rule them out as UFO engines because people who claim to have seen UFOs perform these maneuvers emphasize that they do it quietly. But the reason this type of propulsion device is so quiet is precisely because it generates very little thrust. I hate to use a trite oversimplification, but these things generate thrust by pushing on the air around them, and they can only generate more thrust by pushing harder, or pushing more air. Pushing more air means getting bigger and adding weight, and pushing harder on the air means making more sound. Sound waves are just pressure waves, and you can't have air moving fast through other air without making lots of noise (just look at how loud rocket engines are). It just doesn't add up as far as I can tell: to perform these types of maneuvers you need lots of thrust, and to get lots of thrust with an engine that generates it by changing the momentum of the air molecules in or around it you will generate lots of sound.

You're looking in the wrong area. Figure out how they suppress the sound their engine creates, or how they generate thrust without changing the momentum of the molecules around them. And before you patent it be sure to tell me so that I can beat you to the market and make millions.


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