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War Cause

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posted on Apr, 24 2007 @ 01:32 PM
A grim look at the future.

We see them at the unemployment lines, their jobs taken by our own advancements. Where 20 men used to work, one machine now stands, where 30 men used to tend the fields, a lone automated machine is plowing.

They tried for welfare, but there are too many.
The economy tried to adapt, they tried bringing minimum wage down, but the politicians wanted their votes.

They become desperate, they want to live, they are willing to fight for it.
In droves they enlist. Servicemen all, every one of them beckoning the call of heroism.

A commander in cheif can see the problem. He watches them lining up at enlistment offices.
He has but one choice, he cannot possibly keep them around, they cost too much, he cannot send them home, they have no jobs...
All he need do now is find an enemy, wether he finds a legitimate one or not is beside the point. Unemployment must go, the unemployed must go.

Without adequate training, and with little in the way of protection they face the fields of fire. They lost their jobs in doves, they enlisted in droves, and they die together in droves.

Back home, the public is distracted, unemployment is solved. The nation has one less enemy, greater dominance, the leader gets one more term, and we look back, and remeniss of how great our country is.


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