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Interesting Web-site

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posted on Nov, 25 2002 @ 03:25 PM
It may have been posted before...
It has some interesting articles, reports etc. I don't agree with all of them, but it makes and interesting read. Check it out!

posted on Nov, 30 2002 @ 09:57 AM

Did you read that?

If you did tell me what you think of so called "Thoth".
Yes it's difficlut and complex but anyone with a developed grey area would see something here that others wouldn't.

Let me give you a hint, dig into Chtulhu And lovecraft.
And you might wonna visit this posts.

Have fun

posted on Nov, 30 2002 @ 10:04 AM
"Once the drilling was done, the dentist filled the hole he made with a hot metallic material that burned when it went in, and left a bad taste in your mouth."

Would someone be kind to explain if that nasty tasting # dentists put in your mouth after they done has got something to do with sodium fluoride?

Yet another interesting article.

"Experiments show that most children rank highly creative (right brain) before entering school. Because our educational systems place a higher value on left brain skills such as mathematics, logic and language than it does on drawing or using our imagination, only ten percent of these same children will rank highly creative by age 7. By the time we are adults, high creativity remains in only 2 percent of the population."

"The two brains not only see the world in vastly different ways but, in our current society, the left side just "doesn't get" what the right side is all about. It tends to dismiss anything significant coming into consciousness from its "flaky" cranial twin. Sometimes two sides can actually disagree, resulting in our perception of emotional turmoil from the expressive protests of right brain.
This is what happens every day on this board. When new discovery or idea is being introduced, sceptic's "brain malfunction" or "war of the brains" automaticly rejects it.

Have a read all of you, it's right there.

"It appears that most people will never reach their maximum potential because of compromises that have been made between these two governing bodies. "

MA GOD, that article got some revolutionary discoveries regarding looks and facial expression, that is why some poeple can not force right part so easly as women do. That is why women can pose so well when they want ... never mind. great stuff

Thanks MHB

[Edited on 1-12-2002 by Tyler]

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