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2003 Overhyped and Underrated Media Stories

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posted on Dec, 31 2003 @ 10:40 PM
This is a great link to review the biggest non-news and real news of 2003. The stories are reviewed at the link.

The last one is a truism. Isn't it?

2003 Media Follies!
Annual survey of the year's most overhyped and underreported stories

This is the eighth year that Iíve looked at the most overhyped and under- reported stories of the year. I began compiling the list in 1996 with the perception that the U.S. public, instead of getting the information it needed to make informed decisions in a democracy, was being distracted with an endless barrage of feel-good trivia and official spin.

Most Overrated Stories of the Year

Saving Jessica Lynch

Arnold Schwarzenegger runs for governor

Michael Jackson and Kobe Bryant

The economic recovery

The Year's Most Important Underreported Stories

The Bush tax cuts have flopped

Corporate corruption continues to run amok

Health care in America is in crisis

The Taliban is making a comeback

The peace movement was right -- and still is -- about Iraq

The catastrophe that has been the U.S. administration of Iraq

Privatization and corporate looting of Iraq

Israelís apartheid wall

Africa, Africa, Africa

The collapse of the Washington consensus

Bush v. Constitution There have been no, repeat, no publicly revealed terror attacks foiled on U.S. soil since 9/11 -- only the trumped-up cases of a few homegrown Muslim fantasy warriors.

The U.S. remains the biggest terrorist nation in the world


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