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Aliens, Serial Killers and the stopping the expance of powerfull nations.

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posted on Dec, 31 2003 @ 04:03 PM
I got this Idea suddenly yesterday, for some reason my mind was drifting along thinking about serial killers, I begun the think about why they do what they do.

The truth is that guaranteed 99% of all serial killers blame there attacks on either the voices in there head, a voice in general or "enlightenment" by some form of "god". O.K I though, but what causes these voices, I left it for the night and got some sleep. The next day I was reading some books on alien experiance, and I noticed some very strange simerlarities.

Many people say that when they are abducted, or they spot some form of strange creature they cannot move, and obay the aliens/creatures will, this is very similer to hypnosis, the book continued to tell of 1 man that said he was sure after spotting a UFO that he commited a daring jewel heist. Interesting.

However 1 man saying he might have done a jewel heist is not conclusive proof that alien influence is affecting many peoples lives, but when you factor in the large number of serial killers and religious fanatics that say they are doing what they do because of some "divine inspiration", you begin to see some pretty heavy cirsumstantional evidence that it is some form of "alien" presence that is influencing people.

Then I began to think of people under divine inspiration, one name came to mind - Ghandi. Perhaps one of the top, if not the top factor in the demise of the British Empire, an empire that covered a massive are of the globe and used brutal slavery. Ghandi was a big fan of meditation, and received his inspiration from it (or some of it from it). Perhaps these "Alien outsiders" decided that the empire was getting too wrong for the world and influenced this one man to stop it.

And now we hit the present, religious fanatics and terrorists following orders from mysterious peoples who may (or may not) be under the influence of Otherworldly beings, trying to take down (mainly) the USA.

Did the outsiders that decided that the British empire was too big and dangerous go on to now decide that the USA is a threat to the world? And what will they do if these terrorist pawns fail? Will we be seing are first E.T's pretty soon?

Another question strikes me, how do we know that the people these serial killers murdured wern't going to become Evil negative people that would affect the world in ways we wouldn't want to happen?

posted on Jan, 1 2004 @ 07:33 AM
I think thats a really interesting point to make. Weird how u starting thinking about it, but hey, it made a good post.

I guess you cant really answer that question, unless the aliens tell us thats what they have been doing.

Your take on terrorists being controlled by another factor, interesting...

posted on Jan, 1 2004 @ 09:17 AM
There is the very old theories on "lunatics" and how the moon affects the mentality of some people. From all the oddity surrounding the moon that I've read, such as its lower physical density, and the reports of alien moon bases by retired military personnel, I think its quite possible that the moon is an alien object that plays a role in human mental illness.

From what I've read, it could be that much how scientists are observing "light therapy" for healing, the moon's reflection of sunlight could be negatively impacting people who already have brains that are malfunctioning on some level. If the moon is an artificial object, then it could be entirely the fault of aliens that some humans are more crazy than they should be.

posted on Jan, 3 2004 @ 10:34 AM
Most serial killers were outcasts of society in the first place. There obsessions usually start when they are very young, usually major problems domestically. Parents beating there kids, giving bad influences, and having bad experiences with women. 97% of serial killers are males. They feel that they need to dominate women because they have no confidence or their bad relationships with their mothers have them believing that all women are evil. Hence, they kill.

The killers who claim they have voices in their heads usually come from fanatically religious households with domestic problems. They claim that the voices are coming from their god and believe that he has to do what it says. Killers start at a very young age.

Your theory on the aliens is very interesting though, I never looked at it that way and could explain a lot of things. I got my info from the book "Mindhunter" by John Douglas. It's a very good read on profiling serial killers and the FBI's investigative support unit.

posted on Jan, 3 2004 @ 10:49 AM
You do raise a good point, many serial killers do start there delusional killings at an early age, usually killing animals.
But I'm still not sure, I get a very unnerving feeling when you consider that some of the time, we might not be under control of our own bodys.

Maybe all serial killers are planted with an urge to kill from an early age, so that when "they" want them to do there task, they are already willing.

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