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Virginia Tech Threads

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posted on Apr, 18 2007 @ 03:24 PM
Heres a list of all the threads that have been made about it so far, I thought it might be good to have while this is still a major news thing. Then add more when they are made.

Virginia Tech Shooting Threads

Federal Officials: At Least 32 Dead After Virginia Tech University Shooting – News Story Discussion

Va. Tech gunman was stalker; went to mental facility

Holocaust survivor sacrificed his life to save students at VT

Killer had Imaginary Girlfriend

CU Junior Arrested For Comments About Virginia Tech Gunman

Virginia Tech Shooting

32 people shot and killed. Heres some of their profiles

VT Shooter, Some questions

VT.. Ishmael Ax + Pope?

V. Tech Shooters GRAPHIC PLAYS *for reading*

First hand account from one DAMN lucky Virginia Tech student! Questions regarding the official story

Gun Control Issues

Reid warns against rush on gun control

Guns, Constitution, Rights, Bans Debate Thread

Other School’s Issues Following VT

Bomb Threat at Texas University

Threats rattle schools in 7 states: Update 10 states.

Will we ever be safe from School shootings


What you would have done

Freedom of Speech blocked


VaTech Gunman Contacted NBC News During Massacre

Breaking: Cho sent package to NBC in Between Va Tech Shootings

Virginia School Shooting: Another Government Black-Op?

Medication Caused Virginia Tech Massacre Shootings

Ismail Ax- VT shooting linked to terrorism

School Shootings (NWO)

VaTech Gun Man Copyed Movie

Virginia Tech Shooter: Cho Seung-Hui's Written Plays

Gun ownership.. post-Virginia Tech

wow theres alot of new ones!

Did School Kids & Media play a role in the V. Tech Shooting?

Westboro Baptist Church To Protest VaTech Funerals

VaTech Killer's Forum post is a FAKE

]VT Shooter Supposedly Had Autism

Gun ownership.. post-Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech's Shooting Sparks New Interest in Gun Control

Think thats all of em

from: enjoies05

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