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CultureJammers - Reclaim Your Mental Environment

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posted on Apr, 17 2007 @ 08:35 PM
Culture Jammers are kicking off 'TV Turnoff Week 2007'

When is the last time you lived without cable TV. I canceled mine a couple of years ago - and after about a week, I didn't miss it anymore. It's like a security blanket of warm soothing anaesthesia - that is actually designed to denude you of your self worth and autonomy.

Armies of psychologists are at this moment determining better ways to exploit your fear of death, your fear of not belonging, your shame, your lusts, fantasies, rages - all not for some higher ideal that mankind may one day attain enlightenment - but for the purpose of making you feel you need something.

Now, I enjoy a good commercial as much as the next guy, and some of them are more creative than the didactic or shallow dribble that parades as entertainment (Rome and Deadwood excluded) or news.

But you ought to know, that they discovered the longer a child nags their parent, the more likely they are to get what they want - so many commercials aimed at children now encourage nagging....

TV Turnoff Week 2007 is just around the corner, and once again major
American and Canadian television networks appear to be stonewalling our
attempts to air public service ads that promote responsible viewing.

This year's round of ads includes a revived and updated classic
"uncommercial" from our early days, along with a second spot featuring a
score by Philip Glass and footage by award-winning American filmmaker
Godfrey Reggio (the Qatsi trilogy). The U.S.-based ABC network has
already rejected the ads outright, while several other cable and
broadcast networks have stalled attempts to air the spots in time for
the major anti-TV festival.

So sign the ME Movement and reclaim your mental environment.

Kevin Arnold writes in his article - "Tragedy of the Mental Commons

"The question, as Hardin noted, is one of freedom. 'When men mutually agreed to pass laws against robbing, mankind became more free, not less so.' "

Turn off the TV and try listening to the clutter it's left in your mind for a week. It might shock you. Course, the kids nagged me....and I resubscribed...but not this time.

posted on Apr, 21 2007 @ 08:46 PM
The networks are blocking jammer attempts to publish ads promoting responsible viewing - Your mind is worthy of respect -

When will we reach the breaking point? Our minds have become a virtual dumping ground of pollutants — manipulative ads, distorted news, untold violence, spin and hype. We can cope with the media onslaught to a degree. But all signs suggest that the cumulative effects of this toxic culture — on our stress levels, our moods, our relationships, our worldviews, even our mental health — could become one the most pressing issues of our generation.

Given what we know about the 'CNN age' -

Now that the election is over the new president will have to move quickly to deliver the tough message and make agonizing decisions. In the CNN age, when indelible impressions are instantaneously formed around the world and when wall street and it's foreign counterparts can bring policy makers to their knees overnight
- from a paragraph published in the journal Foreign Affairs by the council on foreign relations in response to Clinton's JFKish inauguration speech. -

CNN will be airing the jammer's 15 second spot three times on April 23 - the Glen Beck show - Money talks - And airtime requires a lot of it.

Demand more dissident opinions on your TV - and they only pump out the violence because it holds the eye, no attention required to stimulate the focus only violent threats can.

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