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My NWO prophecy.

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posted on Apr, 17 2007 @ 01:29 PM
The plans have changed. Instead of being welcomed by open arms they have been shunned by the new millenium and with the amount of disinformation about the New World Order going around on the internet they are getting exactly what they want. They want privacy, and the jurisdiction of the whole entire world is already under their grasp. They want to control the world, to control you, and they want to do it Machiovelli style. They need a few things to happen in order for it to work, one being, that they need to get people to realize that they are insignificent and that's what they are doing with the Bush administration.

The Bush administration is keeping people ignorant so that they do not need a new world order. They are going to impliment all of the policies they need with the new World Order by deceiving people into thinking that they want something standard that isn't true, they want people believing in conspiracies so that people will flock like sheep to the real new World Order. They will fool people even more, they will not stop then.

They will make the shadow government encourage people to support it by preventing all terrorist attacks in all other nations and it will stop all violence and the shadow government will bring people under one ruler and it will be a satanic one world order.

Then, Christianity will be dead, few people will believe in their savior, few Jewish people will believe in the Messiah, and Muslim prophets will not think about their leader and they will think that their hero at that time would never be good enough to be the person prophecized.

The leader of the New World Order will intermingle all of the new age religions. He will abolish the old religions and he will punish supporters of non major religions and he will punish minorities, like Hitler did, to create a perfect race.

After that, the leader of the New World Order will die, and someone else will step up. The spirit of the leader of the Democrat New World Order will fall, and like they are planning to, a Unitarian will prevail!

The Unitarian New World government will take over all networks and will enslave the human race to work with whatever species that they have created that aren't human or aliens, for that matter.

They will not make us "feel good" for a while and let them off our backs, but they will bring tragedy and they will be confused about their visiters (the aliens) and they will offer people up to them.

All three religion's prophets will come... but they will be ignored, and the false rapture will start.

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