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The REAL purpose of the Real ID

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posted on Apr, 17 2007 @ 08:57 AM
Ok, we all speculate what the REAL purpose of the NAtional ID is, but I found this great website that discusses the real dangers of this "program."

I could've posted this in almost any forum on ATS, but since this involves the governments of Canada and Mexico - and is finding traction in Europe, I feel that this is really an NWO scheme. Inventory, Catalogue and Track ALL citizens - certainly not very in line with the promise of liberty or privacy!

This MUST be relegated to the scrap heap of historically terrible ideas. Your information will NOT be secure and will be available to nearly anyone that wants it! RFID markers to be imbedded in the "Document" will provide a tracvking mechanism for ALL people who will be required by law to have this ID on their person at ALL TIMES!

Be careful - they are attempting to provide window dressing to make this more palatable to you - to prevent child exploitation - who would be against that? To track illegals - clearly 80% of Americans favor that! To speed legal border crossing - anyone who has crossed the borders knows what a nightmare that can be; speeding that up is a GOOD thing, right? Allowing police in multiple jurisdictions to track convicted criminals - this is to keep all of us safe, is it not?

Window dressing people, window dressing. Whereas all of these things MIGHT help, that is NOT the reason that this is being rammed down our throats. I believe that we have a moral obligation, not only to our selves, but to future generations of FREE people, to engage in protest of this law en mass. Overwhelm the system through civil defiance and refusal to be inventoried, catalogued and tracked. The elite are up to NO GOOD! Write your state representative now and be heard. Several states, due to political pressure applied by constituents and some truly patriotic politicians (They are few and far between), are passing state legislation to prevent this from being adopted by their states - in short, they are "opting out." I believe it is our moral obligation to "opt-out" as individuals whan and if the time comes to pass.

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