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School shootings

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posted on Apr, 16 2007 @ 07:39 PM

Wow this guy was without doubt a gun enthusiast judging from his journal on his homepage.
You need to check out his site, it doesn't look like it's been updated for a while but it gives you an insight into him.

Edit, judging from his journal it's quite recently been updated, looks like he's been having girl troubles & taking an interest in serious guns.

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posted on Apr, 16 2007 @ 07:46 PM
I'm sure this is all the result of bullying. Perhaps the suspect was depressed prior to the shooting? Who knows what was going on in the person's mind.

I don't know, I just feel as if people are trying to broaden the aspects of these actions to encompass a much larger sphere of influence than actually exists. Just my paradox on agendas.

Shattered OUT...

posted on Apr, 16 2007 @ 07:56 PM
Rather confusing the fbi are stating that there was 2 shootings 2 hours apart.
They didnt close the school or make a deal of the first shooting saying it was an isolated incident but from what i can gather from the virginia techs home site they said BOTH cases was fatal.

BBC News:

Virginia Tech police chief Wendell Flinchum said that emergency services had received a call at 0715 (1215 GMT) alerting them to a shooting at the dormitory - West Ambler Johnston Hall.

He said that two hours later there was a second report of shooting, this time at the engineering building, Norris Hall.

Asked why the campus was not closed after the first shooting, Mr Flinchum said that, at that stage, it was thought to be an isolated incident.

Police believed the first shooting may have been a "domestic incident" and that the gunman had left the campus.

There has been many bomb threats including allegedly 3-4 that morning.
Recent operations and drills was performed involving the fbi and response to similar attacks just in recent weeks including the installment of a new loud speaker system of which was not sounded until around 10am

Police and armed response teams sat around for 'ages' trying to conjur up a plan of action.
Police cowered behind cars and buildings and sat back as the gunman rampaged as students called for help from windows.

more as it comes.
Please remember I am only at the internet listening and watching news sites, alex jones show who has someone at the scene and trying to provide what i find, so it is not definite and not verified.

EDIT: Just heard that students where lined up against the wall and shot execution style. (not by alex jones)

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posted on Apr, 16 2007 @ 07:58 PM
I would like to dismiss this as another case of student gone mad, but it's not the case.

This is CIA sponsored. The gun control issue must come at hand. There is no better way to find an excuse to ban arms than this. The gunman and his path to destruction is too fishy for my tastes for him to be a normal student with all that freedom he had. Now the Chinese are al Quada.

posted on Apr, 16 2007 @ 08:00 PM

Originally posted by ShatteredSkies
I'm sure this is all the result of bullying. Perhaps the suspect was depressed prior to the shooting? Who knows what was going on in the person's mind.

I don't know, I just feel as if people are trying to broaden the aspects of these actions to encompass a much larger sphere of influence than actually exists. Just my paradox on agendas.

Shattered OUT...

Not sure about the bullying part, it looks like he had been at the uni for a while & he had just been accepted for next year, which judging with his response he wasn't too happy about going back.

It does look like he had been having girl troubles judging by his journal, there is a lot of blogs he has been on & plenty pictures, CV, personal writings.

His liveblog has been the most revealing, he loved his guns & was emotionally unstable which is exactly the kind of profile any conspiritor would use in this type of scenario.

posted on Apr, 16 2007 @ 08:15 PM
This thread is a very good example of why my relationship with ATS is love/hate.

A gunman walks around a university campus and just starts shooting, and then someone comes on here and blames an organization that no one can prove even exists. The NWO did it!! I can hardly wait for someone to come in here and start giving "irrefutable proof" that this was incident was part of some vast conspiracy aimed at global domination.

Go down to that campus, look the survivors of this in the eye and tell them that the NWO is responsible for what they saw this morning. Go tell the wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, and siblings of the dead that their loved one lies on the slab tonight because the NWO wants to take over the world. Try to keep a straight face when you do.

I cannot wait for some degenerate to come here and try to convince me that George W. Bush is behind this. Go ahead, I know that you're out there. I know that you're just itching to let forth with a slew of "irrefutable proof" that George Bush is really the culprit in all of this. Think up the most outlandish theory you possibly can, then pass it off as the truth and tell everyone who disagrees with you that they are brainwashed. Boy, won't that be fun!

Let's blame everyone that we can think of ... ... ... except the shooter. It couldn't have been him. I mean, after all, the aliens did fly down here from Zeta Reticuli and brainwash the poor fellow at the request of the CIA, and then the freemasons bought him some guns, and sent him over to Illuminati headquarters for his final orders. God, it all just fits together soooooo perfectly. All of the puzzle pieces are coming together now. It won't be too much longer untill the Builderburgers send their storm troopers right down mainstreet USA.

Some of you people are so caught up in your own B.S. that you can't see the forest for the trees. You walk around, and blame all of the evil in this world on fantasy organizations and make up stupid little theories about how there's something out there, lurking in the shadows. I know what's out there luriking in the shadows. It's not george W. Bush, nor is it the freemasons or the Builderbergers. It's mankind as a whole.

What does it say about our society, when someone just up and shoots fifty-some people? On second thought, he didn't just shoot fifty people, he was allowed to shoot fifty people. How was he "allowed" to do this? No one stopped him, that's how. Everyone else was too concerned with running the other way, and jumping out of windows to go and put a stop to this rampage.

This is what we have become. Some of us are so selfish that we are able to go out into the street and take someone else's life. Some of us are so selfish that we are too concerned with our own behinds to go and lend a hand. Some of us are so thoughtless that we go on internet message boards and spout off about all of the imaginary people that we "know" are behind the scenes, pulling strings. Some of us are so backwards, we think that the man with the gun means us no harm and that everything will be okay if we just do as we're told. Some of us just pass the buck and walk away.

Go ahead and take a few minutes to think about the gravity of the situation. This isn't some Stephen King novel, people are really dead. Somewhere out there, this morning, some guy just got up and went to work. He had gone through the same routine every day for years. Today, he didn't come home. Why?

The world is a dangerous place. It's not because there is some "black" fantasy organization out there wishing harm upon us. The world is a dangerous place because people are selfish, dangerous animals. Every one of them.

posted on Apr, 16 2007 @ 08:17 PM
The showing of Bush giving a speach made me sick. The show no longer works. If he was true about what he said about his "sorrow", why does he have to read it! This shooting will have a revelation that will fall on the horrible part of the police that allowed the shooter to remain on campus for 2 hours before starting again. I cannot imagine what the parents feel. And I agree that this will be used as an argument for gun control. Another excuse to take away the rights of the people for our own "protection". This is time that we all need to be ready for whatever is to come, and there is alot to come. I hope the shooter is being torchured in the pits of Hell !

posted on Apr, 16 2007 @ 08:18 PM
The Story so far (eagle32's opinion)

Past events: reported shooting incident around 3 weeks ago.
Drills were performed that involved FBI, police and the university police in the past few weeks.
Bomb threats was a frequent event in the last week as many as 7 threats had been reported. (may be more or less but around that mark)
Including bomb threats in the morning of the shooting.

At around 7:15 am a shooting occured that MAY have been fatal, it was seen as not important enough to inform students.

At around 10 am the second shooting of the day started an alarm on the newly installed loud speaker sytem sounded to alert students, who was informed to stay inside and away from windows.
An Asian man in his 20s wearing a maroon hat and a black leather jacket is reported to be an accurate description.
He was yelling out his ex girlfriends name and looking for her and her new boyfriend.
Students barricaded doors to prevent him reentering rooms, he shot at chest level through doors.
The police after sitting around a while entered the building where they could see students crying out for help from windows.
'The' gunMAN lined up students against walls and shot them execution style.
Shots echoed through the building and reports hit the news.
Reports so far seem to indicate that one man fatally shot himself and another gave himself up to police, thus indicating more than one gunman.
The area is blocked off by police, crime scene investigators and FBI.

Im pretty sure someone can provide more finer detail but that is the gist of what i have gathered.

some useful links

savage99: It may well be a case of some emotionally destraught mentally ill guy who just went nuts.
But sometimes you need to think differently, please take your time to find both sides of the argument, I havent got the intelligence to answer most questions or provide proof but if you check out things like It certainly makes you wonder just what the truth is.
Alex Jones is very on the mark with whats happening that you should definitely check out sites like and and take a look at both sides of the coin.
I was skeptical at first but as more and more of what Alex Jones predicted and unveiled I started to see things happen exactly as he said.
Dont worry he doesnt have nothing to do with lizardmen or aliens, it is all purely down to facts which he backs up with proof.
Every claim he makes he makes all the quotes as hotlinks to proof.
I cant guarantee it is all 100% concrete but it is near as damn it and even if you dont agree with most of what he says there will certainly be something of an eyeopener for you.

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posted on Apr, 16 2007 @ 08:33 PM
savage99 nice rant but you take a very similistic approach to the situation.
The intelligence agencies are well oiled machines, they all serve an agenda & when shootings like these happen there has to be a serious failure of process in order for it to happen or it has been allowed to happen.

Too many times we are lead to believe that incompetence was the reason behind it, shootings at schools are not uncommon & the lessons learnt from the previous shootings & the leading investigations, for this to happen in this day & age is beyond belief.

Immedietly my alarm bells went off, like 9/11 in order for this to happen there has to be a complete breakdown of process or this had to have been allowed/managed.

posted on Apr, 16 2007 @ 08:49 PM
I have to agree with savage. I mean what proo makes you guys think it was an 'inside job', bush was behind it, nwo did it, it was done to bring attention to gun laws etc? I can understand if they found a notebook he had and he wrote that he did this to bring attention to gun laws or something like that. But for people to assume there is a connection just because they want there to be, or just because he was a chinese national one makes no sense. Who's to say he wasnt just crazy broke up w/ his gf..or something like that?

posted on Apr, 16 2007 @ 09:14 PM
Couldn't agree more.

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posted on Apr, 16 2007 @ 09:21 PM
Apparently there's some debate on whether or not that is the killers Livejournal.

posted on Apr, 16 2007 @ 09:24 PM
Savage99. WayaboveAward on the way...

Let's mourn the dead, and clean up the aftermath first. Then find a scapegoat. Sorry if I'm reluctant to buy into a conspiracy concerning this horrific episode. The only conspiracy I see so far is how no one noticed the trouble the shooter had.

posted on Apr, 16 2007 @ 09:38 PM
I am with savage99 on this!

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posted on Apr, 16 2007 @ 09:48 PM

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posted on Apr, 16 2007 @ 09:59 PM
There's plenty conspiracies surrounding Columbine. I was talking to my co-worker today just shocked and overwhelmed at the thought of this taking place and why such a person would just do something so horrible as this.

My coworker said it was for fame, and actually knew the Columbine killers names, first and last. I was a little taken back by this for couple reasons.

1: I bet my co-worker doesn't know the names of the victims.
2: Michael Moore is famous (Bowling for Columbine).
3: Fame means nothing when your dead.
4: Knowing the killers names and using Columbine as the status quo.

On many levels, Columbine is a similar incident but I get the impression that most people just look at this and go "Oh, another Columbine, and that's it." Very desensitized.

But for me, I still don't understand how someone could just one day wake up and do such things..... it's so beyond me.

With every murder there is a mystery, and I think ATS is a good place to come together and talk about things, this is America, we should have the freedom to ponder, think, and share. If it's not how you think and feel currently, that's fine, feel free to share it, post it, hopefully nobody will think less of you for doing so.....

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posted on Apr, 16 2007 @ 11:01 PM
Anyone mentioned Alberto Gonzales yet? hes was set to go on the stand tommorow to be publicly roasted, it has now been postponed till thursday. media storm diverted.
Kind of like when Mark Foley got busted all of a sudden an amish school shooting. Then they were sharing the front page.
I think there are MKULTRA type sleepers all around the country ready for the triggerto do stuff like this.
Of course there are multiple reasons for this there usually is I think.

I know Im a hopeless conspiracy theorist

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posted on Apr, 16 2007 @ 11:15 PM
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Great post! I was thinking the same but you said it much better.
THis has nothing to do with any conspiracy. Geez. I dont doubt that this may be used to motivate some gun control policy but it wasnt planned and carried out by the NWO. They dont have to plan for this, people freak out quite regularly on their own. As for those who would critique the police for how they responded in this situation, they have a protocol to follow in hostage situations. They cannot just go in with guns blazing. Its not like a movie people.

this is truely tragic and I hope that something like this never happens again but more than likely it will.

posted on Apr, 16 2007 @ 11:53 PM
After politicians, you have the problem of journalists and reporters. There are some among them, although unfortunately rare, who try to do their job of disseminating information honestly and sincerely, attending carefully to their sources; but we are greatly alarmed that most of them seek only sensationalism.

‘Your television stations too, screen more and more scenes of violence. If those responsible were obliged to study psychology before being able to undertake such grave responsibilities, a step in the right direction would have been taken. Your reporters seem to seek and even prey on scenes of violence, murder, tragedy and disaster; we are sickened by their behavior.

‘The leaders of a country, the journalists, in fact anyone who, by their position, is able to exert influence on the people, has an enormous responsibility towards millions of people who are no more nor less than his fellow creatures. Too often, even those who have been elected to their positions by the people, forget the obligations they have in this regard -until, that is, a few months prior to a new election, when it occurs to them that the people are dissatisfied and might vote them out.

‘This is not the case with journalists though, as they have not needed to inspire confidence in the people in order to attain their positions; and yet they have a similar power to influence in ways which are good or bad.

‘Indeed, they are capable of doing much good when they alert public attention to danger and injustice - and this should be their main function.

‘To return to the need for such high profile people to understand and apply psychology, I will give you a good example to illustrate what I mean. On TV we see the following report: A young man has just taken a rifle and killed seven people including two women and two young children. The reporter shows the bloodstains and the bodies, adding that the killer had imitated the style of an actor, well known for his violent roles in films. And the result? The murderer is going to be proud of himself - not only has he achieved ‘national notoriety’, he has also been compared with one of the most popular heroes of violent modern films. But, beyond that, another such madman who sees the reports and hears the commentaries of reporters who pay unwarranted attention to this odious crime, will be inspired to seek his own moment of national ‘glory’.

‘Such a person is usually a failure - someone repressed, frustrated, inhibited; someone ignored, who yearns for recognition. He has just seen the report and he knows that all violence is reported, and sometimes exaggerated, by TV reporters and journalists. Perhaps his picture will appear on the front page of all the newspapers - and why not? Then he will go before the courts and perhaps be referred to by a name like ‘Jack the Ripper’ or ‘The Strangler with the Velvet Glove’. No longer will he rank among ordinary mortals. The harm that such irresponsible reporting can do is unimaginable. Thoughtlessness and irresponsibility are not qualities apparent in civilized nations. That’s why I say, on Earth, you have not even achieved the first letter of the word civilization.’

‘So, what is the solution?’

‘Why do you ask such a question? I know that you know the answer to your question. Still, if you insist, you will hear it from my mouth. Journalists, reporters and anyone else whose function it is to disseminate information should devote no more than two to three lines to such cases of murder. They could simply say: ‘we have just learned of the murder of seven people by an irresponsible lunatic. This murder occurred at whatever location and is a sorry event in a country that considers itself to be civilized.’ Full stop’.

‘Those who seek their day or weeks of glory would surely side step murder as a means of attaining it, if their efforts received so little publication in return. Don’t you agree?’ -- TThiaoouba--

The Plays on the Mind from the School Shootings will be Devastating...

posted on Apr, 17 2007 @ 12:05 AM
I for one belive that this was a sponsored/advocated -- or at the least "taken advantage of" event.

Let's think folks, one single event (unless it's 9/11 scale) can't/won't change the die-hard gun folks around the country...

No, no no...It's going to take a series of escalating events (anyone remember the beltway snipers?) in order to shift popular opinion.

The NWO is hedging on the fact that if they allow, support, or fund enough "sensless shootings" -- the people will do their work for them.

Brady bill anyone?

Guns right now are one (if not the only) think keeping total martial law from happening.

I have a sinking feeling that the kid that did this was somehow brainwashed or being controlled via drugs/elecromagnetic tech to make him *snap*. I bet this sap was on the edge already, about to commit suicide or somthing...

The fact that the kid was able to walk around deliberatley, slowly and make kills seems "suspect" to me. I've seen footage of police hiding behind cars and trees. WHAT?! Bash that door down with a battering-ram and storm the place!? Use tear gas through the windows!

I noticed that no one was "running erractically" in the cell-phone video a student shot. Hell, if I hear gunshots, im going to run the other way.

Also, why didnt the entire populace of the building try and resist? It's just ONE GUY with TWO guns. Sure, a few dudes might take the fall tackling him--but it's better than 33 dead kids.

I don't understand human nature in situations like this. I would have winked at a class-mate, thrown a book at his head and made a mad-dash to tackle him. Hopefully I would be the only one shot before others jumped into the fray.

Hell, I'd even turn desks over for protection. According to reports this guy systematically and methodically *walked* around shooting people. He's gonna be RUNNING (even if it's to a restroom).

This should have never happened, don't even get me started on the delay it took for the email from the campus admins to reach students.

This killer was litterally handed a building full of targets and no SWAT or spec ops was called in (even though 2 hrs had passed since the first incident...allowing time for a plethora of law enforcement to be on-scene)...

This is another puzzle piece being put into the master puzzle of "gun controll". How can an NRA member go up against an irate and grieving mother?

They can't.

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