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Two topics in one? Is it possible???

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posted on Nov, 24 2002 @ 08:31 PM
First of all, let me say that I will be leaving for awhile becuase of skool *coughbadgradecough* and am not allowed on the comp anymore. I may make a few posts every once and awhile, but only when no ones around. I will be back soon, hopefully. DON'T MISS ME MUCH!!

Second topic: This is another story I am working on, leaning more towards fantasy then my past few. It is titled "Satan's Game". I can't think of anything better right now so don't blow a vein or anything. Enjoy!!

The streets of Moscow were usually loud with drug deals gone bad, drunken hobos laying in the street, and sadistic criminals. Tonight however, the streets were quiet-quiet with a sense of dread. For in Moscow, there lurked a centuries-old creature. Risen from its grave by magic that had been passed on one generation to the next by a group of outcasts. A family living on the edges of society. Technology had no meaning to them. They hunted humans, like ancient man hunted animals. One man however, embraced technology, believing that it held the answer to a centuries-old riddle that his family had received at the beginning of time.

This man had summoned the creature. His name was Ikthiut-Piul. To find the answer to the riddle, he used technology. Realizing that 16th century Europe was not the right place to summon the creature; he killed his family in order to gain immortality. Waiting for the right time, when the world would be defenseless against the power he would eventually unleash.

He had to wait until the year 2000. He had lived those long years by himself. Not contacting the outside world at all. Because of this, he had passed the thin line into insanity. When the time came, entered the cave that would be his connection to Hell.

He entered the cave, his feet padding lightly on the stone that made up his summoning-ground. Torches lined the wall, lighting his way. The dank walls shining in the light. He looked around him, gathering his surroundings. He had walked only once before in this cave. It had been accidental, too. He had been looking for a place to summon the creature one summer, and had happened upon this hole in the Earth. He climbed down, and, upon entering, saw a passageway. He followed it down, deeper into the Earth itself. He finally reached a gaping cavern. He shone his flashlight up unto the ceiling, and could see hundreds of black shapes, crawling, withering on the ceiling. Some of them flew off because of the light. The rest remained.

He now entered that cavern; however, it looked much different from when he had been there two summers ago. There was a stone altar in the middle, covered in the blood of a sheep. In front of it stood pedestal, on which rested a book. This book had all the secrets of the universe in it, but only those worthy of understanding it could decipher it. He now walked up to this book.

Upon reaching it, the torches instantly went out, for no apparent reason. The only light was a glow coming from Ikthiut-Piul. This light grew and grew, as he chanted something that the world had not heard since this demon had been cast away to the bowels of hell.

Uk thi wy to vyrtlusk ikkkk naick ohh linbyr vctux ekeial. He finished chanting these words and looked at the altar. It started to glow with a red light. Suddenly, this light intensified one hundred fold. Out of this light stepped a demon. Obey me, for I have summoned you into this world, said the man, standing before the demon with arms outstretched.

I obey no man, especially not you, and with that he swept his huge, muscular arm across the mans face, snapping his neck. You think you are immortal? Well, think again, the demon sent a massive fireball spinning at Ikthiut-Piul. He looked up just as it struck him, and he was burned with the power of Sataan, from which no man, immortal or mortal can resist.

posted on Nov, 25 2002 @ 01:48 PM
I don't know what to say about your post Inspectah.Especially the:

Uk thi wy to vyrtlusk ikkkk naick ohh linbyr vctux ekeial

But good luck with the work you have to do.I hope you don't get too many withdrawal symptoms.

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