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The other N word. That right Nappy.

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posted on Apr, 12 2007 @ 09:27 PM
I have been reading a lot of these posting and I finally realise that a lot of people do not understand the reason that so many people are offended by the Don Imus comment of Nappy Headed Hoes. Many people seem to understand that the word ho is a short form of the word whore, and that whore is a derogatory term used for woman, but people are failing to understand the significance of the word nappy, or the social impact it can potentially have for black people, or people of color.

It's because he used the other N word. That's right he called them Nappy Headed Hoes. Nappy is a term generally used to refer to a specific texture of hair. Black hair to be very specific. It's the corse kinda, sheep like texture of hair, that many black people are gifted with or cursed with, depending on how you want to look at it.

The texture is often termed as nappy, or course, it's something that has defined black woman and men for generations. In times pasts, many growing up even in today society have experiences with changing that texture of hair to suit the rest of society, hot combs, perms, relaxers, whatever. It's been something that goes to the heart of who the black female, and to an extent black males are. Nappy headed is a very specific term that refers to black people, I can think of no one else who uses it to describe themselves, or the texture of hair.

The term does not have to be a bad thing. Eg. If he had called them Nappy headed Queens, it would have been an ok term. However Nappy headed Hoes, not the thing to say. People can talk to other people they know and say your hair is looking a little nappy today, but to go up to someone and go you hair is all nappy, not the thing to do.

I think until more people understand the historic context of that word, they are missing the point as to why his comment caused so much offense, especially cause he used it against what looks to be pretty young black females. I am not familiar with the basketball team, but they look kinda young.

So I think if people could many explain this a little bit more, maybe it could shed some light on why his term used in the context the way it was, was so offensive. It seems to be pretty oldschool his understanding of the word, and his ability to use it in an offensive manner. I have seen many on this board who think that he used the Ni**er word and he didn't, he used the other N word, which in some contexts can be just as offensive.

People can maybe brush off the Ni**er word, but nappy is a part of who you are, it's a texture of hair that most black people are born with, and it's something that has defined many black females throughout the last century or so, more specifically how unnappy you could make your hair, or how smooth you could make your hair. It's only in recent times that black people seem to have been taken back ownership of the hair texture and all the pride that comes with this natural texture. I think until more people understand this, they can not understand why his comment was so offensive.

I reallly didn't want to start another Don Imus post, but I have read several and there seems to be a real lack of understanding about this word Nappy and the context it can be used in. The word in itself is not a negative word, but it does or has traditionally refered or been used to refer to black people, or people of color. The word can have good or bad connotations depending on how it's used.

I hope someone can maybe help clarify this a bit more.

posted on Apr, 12 2007 @ 09:39 PM
Nappy: a baby's diaper

Nappy: # A diaper (NAE) or nappy (CE) is an absorbent garment worn by individuals who are incontinent, that is lack control over bladder or bowel movements, or who are unable to reach the toilet when needed. This group includes primarily infants and young children, as well as the elderly and the physically challenged. There are also people who wear diapers for pleasure and they are called diaper lovers.

Nappy Headed Ho.

I think I'd be a little ticked off. Especially when he followed up with how "cute" the other team was.

posted on Apr, 12 2007 @ 09:49 PM
I am glad we have wikepedia, but historically there has been more to teh word. I am going to try to find some google postings, to try to clearify this, because I think that is where the gap is coming from, and I am hoping that by giving some understanding to the real meaning behind Nappy some light and better understanding can be shed as to why it was offensive.

For some the word Nappy was more offensive that the word Ho. I have even just read that in a thread, and I think this is where the gap in understanding is. I am scanning google now, but I was hoping some of the ATS members could help me with this.

Ok. A quick Internet search to try to help people better understand this, and why the comment was taken in an offensive manner. is your resource for the style and beauty of Natural Black Hair. We are dedicated to all the women in the diaspora who proudly wear their highly textured hair naturally. is the place to find photographs, Black natural hair journals, websites, forums, information and links about the care, maintenance and politics of natural hair. Natural napptural hair.

2. Kinky; frizzy.

Thank God for the urban dictionary. I can't really find the definition anywhere else.

1. nappy 273 up, 104 down

one of African desent who has tightly coiled unkept hair; one with locks of hair that is tightly curled that is unwashed and uncombed

Sholanda has such nappy hair you can see her buckshots even after she gets a perm.

2. nappy 139 up, 88 down

Tightly coiled / curled unaltered hair. Coiled hair in its natural state

as found on people of African descent who do not chemically alter their hair texture.

5. nappy 52 up, 69 down

a word often used to describe one's hair when it is not straightened in some way(perm, relaxer, straightening comb), when one's hair is in small tight curls, could be used as an adjective to describe someone else's hair.

I need a perm, my newgrowth is growing out, and it is really nappy.

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posted on Apr, 13 2007 @ 02:46 PM
This myspace page sports a great song about "black hair". I am not my hair by India.Arie

I am not my Hair


I understood the meaning of the word nappy. I have used the word when describing black people's hair, but never in a derogatory way. (Did you know Napster, the big music download company, was named because the guy had nappy hair?)

Anyway, I think people have become much too sensitive to words when an adjective sets off a firestorm of people being offended.

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