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"Illegal Aliens" are people too

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posted on Apr, 7 2007 @ 04:00 PM
I would like to talk today about so called "Illegal alien immigration".

Can you believe it. People are actually called "illegal aliens", what the hell is this world coming to.

The corruption is so bad in Latin America, people are basically slaves over there, they work hard jobs, long hours, little pay, and they are poor and basically helpless. They are forced to travel to America, in hopes of a better life and job that will pay enough so they can send it back to their family so they can say alive.

Now, the average poor mexican cannot afford to go thru the system, and gain legal citizenship. I mean even if they could pay for it, our immigration system is so horrible, it takes forever for the citizenship request to be accepted and for them to get their pass that shows they are a legal citizen now.

The majority of immigrants coming here cannot afford to pay or wait for their citizenship, their families need money now, they need to get into America as soon as possible, they want to build a better life. So whats the alternative? Cant pay to get into America, cant afford to wait for the system, so what is left to do? Go in "illegally".

I mean what do u think? Do you think these people are coming here thinking "ooo yes we are gonna go thru illegally so we can screw the american people and take their jobs" come on....these people are only doing what they need to, to create a better life for them and their family.

You wanna blame anyone for your immigration problems, blame the people in power in America and Mexico, who are doing nothing about anything, they let ppl starve and work for slave wages in Mexico, forcing the poor people to rush over here, and our government does nothing about it either.

Illegal aliens, people are so apathic towards each other, you have people wanting to round up all these "aliens" and throw them out because they are scum. What is that? These people need help, and all you people do is go "oo them illegals, they are breaking the law! Throw them in prison with the rest of the criminals! But yet the real criminals live in plush penthouses in Miami and Long Island, the real criminals sit in the White House and in the halls of power, but they are our leaders, so we have to support them."

People are against Amnesty for these "aliens". Why? What is the alternative? Round up 12 million workers and deport them? Whos gonna pay for that? Where are you gonna put 12 million people? Whats gonna happen when you take 12 million workers out of the economy?

You cant deport these people, they are here, you mays well find a way to integrate them. And besides, people are people anyways, its not legal aliens and illegal aliens, its people. Even though America is not the greatest, its still better than pretty much everywhere else, and thats sad, but if these people wanna move from making 1.50 to 7 dollars an hour, what is wrong with that?

posted on Apr, 8 2007 @ 01:44 PM
Let me ask you this. Why do you think that the government of the U.S.of A. and the government of Mexico are corrupt?

posted on Apr, 8 2007 @ 04:14 PM

Originally posted by souls
Let me ask you this. Why do you think that the government of the U.S.of A. and the government of Mexico are corrupt?

Not every person in those governments is corrupt but the majority follow policies of those who are corrupt. If you can't see how the big corporations exploit the poor and control the governments in order to exploit the resources as well then you need to look closely to what has been going on.

Mexico has to be one of the most corrupt nations on the planet, almost every police officer is on some drug lords payroll as well as most politicians and judges. The drug wars now in Mexico are allowed to happen because the CIA and other agencies rely on income generated from the sales of illegal drugs which fund a lot of "black projects". Illegal immigration is also a ploy IMO by big corporations to drive down the working wages to increase profit and also make profit from the conflicts that will happen because of Illegal immigrants.

Its all about the money and the elite want it all and on top of that they want control but its just more than that they also want control. The best way to control is to divide and conquer which is whats happening near the Mexico/USA border, people are choosing sides and both groups are just pawns in the game. If the government of USA really wanted the immigration problem fixed it would be fixed but the corporate fat cats get rich of cheap labor and they are better able to control the masses through conflicts that they incite.

In the last 50 years the quality of living has gotten worse and more expensive so the majority of working class people have to act more and more like slaves to the dollar if they want to live comfortably. I wonder how bad the middle class will have it in 10 years if things keep going the way they are, I see a day when us Canadians are doing what we can to stop Americans from crossing our border for a better life!

posted on Apr, 8 2007 @ 04:43 PM

Originally posted by souls
Let me ask you this. Why do you think that the government of the U.S.of A. and the government of Mexico are corrupt?

Gee, ya suppose greed may have something to do with it?

Were you looking for something else by asking that question?

posted on Apr, 8 2007 @ 05:43 PM
I have no problem with people coming here from Mexico or latin countries if they do so the legal way. Alot of them come here illegally, and drain our country's welfare & medicaid funds, they drain our healthcare system by going to the doctor & never paying for their visits, and so on. And those things are what most people here are concerned about.

posted on Apr, 8 2007 @ 05:45 PM

Originally posted by LightWorker13
You cant deport these people, they are here, you mays well find a way to integrate them. And besides, people are people anyways, its not legal aliens and illegal aliens, its people. Even though America is not the greatest, its still better than pretty much everywhere else, and thats sad, but if these people wanna move from making 1.50 to 7 dollars an hour, what is wrong with that?

Do you suppose Mexico would do the same for us if we came down there? Would they roll out the welcome carpet for Americans that cross the border illegally?

posted on Apr, 8 2007 @ 05:50 PM
Maybe, if the U.S.A was an in between drug route and Mexico needed slave labor.

posted on Apr, 8 2007 @ 06:01 PM

Originally posted by LightWorker13
People are actually called "illegal aliens",

That is exactly what they are.

The corruption is so bad in Latin America, ...

That's their problem. They need to fix their own country, not come to ours and ruin it.

the average poor mexican cannot afford to go thru the system,

So what?

This planet isn't in a state of socialism without borders and middle class tax paying Americans are NOT required to pay and pay and pay in order to take care of everyone else. PERIOD.

it takes forever for the citizenship request to be accepted

There are REASONS for the system to be in place. Any country on this planet can only absorb just so many immigrants before it causes problems for the country.

I mean what do u think?

I'll tell you what I told the last 'oh ... poor illegals' type thread -

They are all here illegally. That makes them all criminals

FACT – they are all here illegally and that makes them all criminals.
FACT – they are overcrowding and overburdening schools.
FACT – many illegals send the money they make here back to Mexico. 1/5 of the Mexican work force is actually here in America illegally.
FACT – they use our infrastructure and don’t pay taxes to support it.
FACT – they steal health care and overcrowd hospitals so AMERICANS and those foreigners here LEGALLY can’t get the health care they need.
FACT – there is a legal process for people to come to America FOR A REASON. A society can only absorb just so many new people before it becomes a burden and a strain on that society. We have set limits in place for a good reason.

California’s Illegal Alien Crime Wave
Illegals and crime
Crime Victims of Illegal Aliens
Crime and the Illegal Alien
Illegal alien crime wave in full swing
For Illegals, Crime pays
Illegals – crime that will shock you
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Illegal alien gangs & the M13 in American Cities
More on M13
ICE Announcement
M13 Illegal Alien Gangs – Third World Momentum
The Human Cost of Illegal Aliens in the USA
Mexico’s #1 Most Wanted Criminal – captured as illegal alien in Ohio
Illegal alien sexual predators
Killers, Rapists, Robbers
Time Magazine warns about illegals – the crime and the burden on the US economy
1 Billion in US taxes to take care of illegals in US prisons
Crime = Mexico’s #1 Export

Border Security, Terrorism and You

If someone wants to come here LEGALLY - I fully support that. That's how my father-in-law came here. That's how my DAUGHTER came here. That's how my neighbors came here. LEGALLY. Honor and use the system in place or don't come to this country. Period.

posted on Apr, 8 2007 @ 06:11 PM
What does it matter what terminology we use when describing these individuals? I think calling them "illegal aliens" is the least of our problems. Calling them "circumstantially migrating humans" or whatever politically correct phrase you choose makes absolutely no difference. If you think that those of us who believe there is a major illegal immigration problem in this country don't feel sorry for these people, then you've got another thing coming. We understand the circumstances that have forced them to come to America illegally in search of a better life for themselves and their loved ones. If I were in their shoes then I would probably do the same thing.

But that doesn't mean we should just sit back and allow it to happen. I'm sorry that the elected government of Mexico doesn't care enough about its people. But I shouldn't have to pick up the bill for every illegal alien who walks into an emergency room and must be cared for, or every illegal alien that sends their children to our public schools without paying a dime, or every illegal alien that drives around in uninsured and uninspected vehicles that are involved in hit and runs and vehicular homicides. The fact is that WE, the American tax payers, are paying BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of dollars every single year because of these "circumstantially migrating humans" and their offspring.

Now before someone throws out the argument that we can't live without these folks let me say that I agree. I do not think that we should round up and deport 12 million people. The ones who aren't actively seeking employment, are criminals or have criminal records, or are involved in gang activity should all be jailed and/or deported. The rest should have the opportunity to become American citizens or at least temporary legal residents.

I think that our borders need to be secured in this age of terrorism and record gang activity from groups like MS13. I am all in favor of a wall on our borders. I am all in favor of LEGAL immigration as it is the backbone of this country. Those who are against the above-mentioned ideas want you to think that we are constantly rounding up and catching illegal aliens and throwing them in jail. In reality, a recent survey (which I don't have in front of me to reference) said that between the years 1998-2005, the United States did NOT prosecute 98% of the illegal aliens we captured. Rather, we just sent them back to their country of origin. We're letting people sneak into this country with a less than 2% chance of being charged with anything. The ones that we actually do charge are allowed to post bail and disappear somewhere into our country never returning for their trials. There is something wrong with that.

I honestly do feel sorry for these people and I do sympathise with them. But laws are laws. I can't allow my heart to get the better of me and let my country be ruined just because I feel bad for some people. Rather than opening the borders and letting all these people in, we should instead be taking a stand against the government of Mexico. We should be using our influence on them to improve the living conditions and employment opportunities of their people. This is not something that can be done overnight, for many reasons. If the conditions were changed tomorrow in Mexico then the economies of the United States and many other nations would probably collapse without the cheap labor and products coming from Mexico. But our economies would also collapse if we initiated strict greenhouse gas and fossil fuel standards tomorrow. That doesn't mean that we shouldn't do these things, but that we should do them over time.

I also have a problem with a lot of these "illegal aliens" not putting their money back into our economy or paying taxes. When they send just about every penny they make back to Mexico then it hurts us. I believe that immigrants sending their paychecks back to Mexico is the #2 source of income in that country. We need a comprehensive plan to allow the good and hardworking "illegal aliens" of America to become American citizens or at least temporary legal residents until they are able to earn a decent amount of money to get their families in a better situation. I also believe that part of this program should involve these immigrants learning the English language. It is our official language and something that our ancestors who came to this country did their best to learn. It seems like these days that immigrants don't care to learn the language and that we are catering to them just to make a buck. They need to learn the language and learn the history of this great nation and what it is all about. If they want the use of our public schools and our hospitals and other infrastructure then they need to pay taxes. While we understand their plight and feel sorry for them we are not a charity here. Lord knows our nation spends more money in aid for the poor people of the world and has done more for them than any nation in the history of mankind. We can only do so much.

I'm sorry for writing so much, but I just felt offended by what I believe the original poster was implying- that those of us who are demanding that something be done about illegal immigration have no heart or sympathy for these immigrants. While that might be true about a small minority of us, it is certainly not true about the majority. You can be compassionate and enforce the laws of this nation at the same time. I happen to work with two immigrants whose status I am unsure of. They are kind and hard-working people and I consider them to be my friends. Obviously, I do not want them to be deported. I want them to have a chance at the American dream, because the American dream does exist and it is something that I believe is available to all of us citizens who are willing to work for it.

I also think that those who support these "illegal aliens", like the original poster in this thread, are basically ignoring the good folks who are waiting long and hard trying to get into this country the legal way. How is it fair to those folks who are going the legal route into this country if we reward the folks who skipped ahead of them and broke the law? There is a very delicate balance between the two that we must find. But it is going to take action on the part of our governments. For once the politicians in Washington need to care more about the security and economy of this nation than they do about gaining the minority vote when they come up for reelection. We, as citizens, must do our best to elect those officials who are willing to take a stand and not just sit on their hands when it comes to immigration reform. We can no longer accept the status quo. And we certainly cannot allow our sympathy for these people to dictate our national security policy. You should all know by now that life isn't fair. Not everyone is lucky enough to be born into a nation like the U.S. If it were possible then I think we would let every person in this world who wanted to, to come to this country. But its not. We have a nation to protect first and foremost. There are solutions to this problem that don't involve giving up our security and stability.

posted on Apr, 8 2007 @ 06:12 PM
Originally posted by LightWorker13

Now, the average poor mexican cannot afford to go thru the system, and gain legal citizenship.

That's like saying you can't afford a car, so it's O.K. to steal one.

What crap.

Ideas like that are why this country is in a downward spiral.

You want to coddle illegal immagrants ? Invite a few to live with you.


posted on Apr, 8 2007 @ 06:32 PM
An illegal alien suspected of causing a traffic accident and killing movie director Bob Clark, whose "A Christmas Story" has come alongside "It's a Wonderful Life"

One of many stories.

Anyway this happens in America all the time by the same old story, it's very sad and politians can not add up, is it because it's politcally incorrect or something?

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posted on Apr, 8 2007 @ 07:00 PM

Originally posted by The time lord
An illegal alien suspected of causing a traffic accident and killing movie director Bob Clark, whose "A Christmas Story" has come alongside "It's a Wonderful Life"

One of many stories.

Anyway this happens in America all the time by the same old story, it's very sad and politians can not add up, is it because it's politcally incorrect or something?

[edit on 8-4-2007 by The time lord]

It's because politicians realize how important that minority vote is. And a lot of the minorities in this country are putting the well-being of their "illegal alien" friends above the well-being of our nation. Any politician who has a large minority population in their district would be committing political suicide if they tried backing anykind of comprehensive immigration reform.

It's a lot like the situation with social security. It's the "third rail" in politics. No one wants to mess with it because it is too risky. If you propose making any changes to SS, then you are slammed with all kinds of propaganda by your opponents and you risk losing the senior citizen vote, among others. That is why both Clinton and Bush have failed to make any progress in fixing the social security problem, and it's why all of us young folks who are paying into the system will never see a dime of it when we retire.

The only way to fix these problems is to start electing officials who care more about the good and the future of our nation than they do about opinion polls and reelection efforts. And this isn't a Democrat or Republican problem, either. It's an institutional problem. Both parties are equally guilty. It's one of the terrible side effects of a two-party system, because it doesn't really matter who we vote for- republican or democrat. The end results are ultimately the same, and they involve us getting screwed!

posted on Apr, 8 2007 @ 07:06 PM
Illegals should not vote and those who do and accept it is doing it by illegal means it should not count. Shame on the people who allow this, it makes you wonder if they have become so inhumane by nature that they have lost their own humanity with greed and power over the goodness of everyday people.

posted on Apr, 8 2007 @ 07:15 PM
Wow, almost everybody is here! First and foremost, I stand that illegal immigration is like it is, illegal, against the law, not approved of, a take over... whatever you guys want to call it. I oppose illegal immigration. I oppose it because all those people are under false pretenses. Basically, it was created as a form of slavery, that can exist right under everyone's noses. Now that said, what is the root of the problem!? That all these people coming into the U.S.of A. have to "fix" their country, and that because they don't, they just find it easy to go into another and rape their social security, not pay taxes, commit all the crime, rape the health care system, bankrupt the entire country! I think the problem goes way deeper than that. Most of the people who come into the U.S.of A. illegally, come from poor backgrounds where there is little to no means of creating a life, no jobs, poor education, corruption! The root of the problem is the corruption of the government that sneaks into the bedroom of the corrupt government next door. How is it not obvious that as the U.S.of A. continues it's plans of establishing itself as an Empire, it might not want to dominate it's neighbors. Mexico stands at the doorstep of the U.S.of A. money making machine of "illegal drugs". Mexico is prime territory to take advantage because it is the road to transporting drugs that might be en route from Colombia, Mexico, you name it South American country. All those wonderful drugs: coc aine, crystal, maybe even heroin from Afghanistan can be brought in through Mexico without a hassle. What a perfect strategy, but the only way to do it is by just "influencing" the government of that country, not by creating a war to take it over. It is obvious to everybody, even in Mexico, that it's government is the whore of the U.S.of A. You know what seems like a better idea yet! That in order for those big money leaders in office, "representing" the people of the to U.S.of A. make even more money, they are gonna need cheap labor at home and quick. The people who live hear already don't mind doing the jobs that the "illegal immigrants" do, they just expect a much higher wage then what is given to those "illegal immigrants". How is that supposed to make them even more money. I guess that is why "illegal immigration" is such a problem, and the government doesn't want to fix it. I think that all of you who oppose "illegal immigration", that is your opinion, and you really feel it in your heart. But to belittle, generalize, and disrespect human beings just because they are "illegal", is inhuman. If you want this problem fixed, why don't you fix it! Why don't you run for office, become the president and overthrow the government that has established a money making machine to fund all of its "national security" projects and toys to protect you with all that drug money that seems to be in demand in the U.S.of A. Then you can get enough votes and enough power to stop all deals that are being made with Mexico's government so that there is no agreement between the countries that "illegal immigration" should not exist and should be stopped. You can really enforce the laws now. Conduct door to door raids of all of those "illegal immigrants" and you can handpick the ones you don't want, the ones that are just working, making a living. Get rid of all the "illegal immigrants" suspected of creating a road accident and killing a director, or a man who has a mother and father, maybe even some kids and a wife. Such horrors these "illegal immigrants" have caused. Maybe you can even win the "war on drugs" on your way of eliminating "illegal immigration"! Imagine, you'll stop all of those corporations who depend on that money and tell them "no, you cant do that anymore."

posted on Apr, 8 2007 @ 07:32 PM
I wish I was bank robber, then I could say"hey, I work hard, I want to put food on the table for my children,...I'm an industrious, hard working , intelligent human who who wants to "pay my way",...put food on the table for my children,...I do not "ROB BANKS"... I just make "undocumented withdrawal's" gee, sure would be nice if there was a club like that I could join...


posted on Apr, 8 2007 @ 08:33 PM
one local radio talk host said the southern Mexican border has the army on it so immigrants cannot come north to Mexico. Also Mexican government is very hard on illegals and even legal in that county. can any confirm or deny this??

posted on Apr, 8 2007 @ 09:02 PM
this is just.......i dont even know what to say??!!!!

Laws are laws, you just cant break them to make yourself feel warm and fuzzy all over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Uh where to even start to explain to the OP about this?

It really boogles my mind to even read such a junk post!!

posted on Apr, 8 2007 @ 10:44 PM
Yes, they are people, but there are so many illegal immigrants in this country. I think that they should be allowed to apply for citizenship of America. They should be allowed to get real paying job. Let's try not to get into affermative action here. Anyway, they should be allowed to get jobs and should pay taxes.

posted on Apr, 8 2007 @ 10:50 PM
we had a revolution here in America and that + the YEARS of hard work are what made such a great country (even tho some disagree)

if the Illegal aliens .... (which i will now refer as .. Mexicans... cuz im lazy) all stayed in their country and TRIED to make a difference and all worked together... MAYBE theyc ould have a great country too.... a chain is only as strong as its weakest link fits PERFECT here... if our country gets full of people who left their horrible country it wont make the GOOD country better.. it will make it worse... so PLEASE if you are an ILLEGAL ALIEN (i lied) and you are reading this... snip( and PLEASE GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY!!!!! IM BEGGING YOU!!! haha

Mod Note: Courtesy is Mandatory. Please do not stereotype others as thieves based on their origin.

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posted on Apr, 8 2007 @ 10:55 PM
This country is getting full. Like I said earilier, they should be allowed to get jobs and apply for citizenship, we need to moderate that.

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