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Post your 2004 PREDICTIONS!!!

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posted on Jan, 1 2004 @ 10:58 AM
I predict that Ouroboros will make itself known.


posted on Jan, 1 2004 @ 12:58 PM
Here goes my first attempt at predictions from an "African" perspective.

1. Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwean dictator... I mean president, will step down from power and hand over the reigns to a younger leader but very little will change in that country.

2. Gold price rockets to an all time high due to huge demand resulting from insecurities of foreign exchanges.

3. Nelson Mandela will be taken seriously ill due to cancer.

4. South African economy continues to impress international investors so much so that a few global companies move head quarters there.

5. DRC Democratic Republic of Congo will destabilise (again) and America uses this as an exscuse to establish military bases under the guise of "anti terrorism and peace efforts"

6. Huge oil fields are discovered of the coast of East Africa. This explains prediction number five.

7. Osama Bin Laden releases another video clip showing him on African soil.

8. Increased alien activity and sightings in Southern Africa.

9. An African country will declare that it has nuclear capability. Not sure which one.

10. South African president Mbeki is rumoured as the likely candidate to take over from the UN's Koffi Anaan but this will be heavily denied by bothe men.

posted on Jan, 1 2004 @ 02:50 PM
1. Bret Favre, will retire 'on top'..superbowl champ & MVP

2. Precious Metals continue the 2003 surge, Gold @ $500 oz

3. Markets climb to 11,500 on DOW, during summer rally

4. the USD (greenbacks) in the International Exchange loses +10% value

5. the USDD (domestic dollar) retains its' value

6. after summer rally, DOW drops back to 8,200 lows

7. 3 major banks fail, then merge/acquired by EU Banks

8. Nader & Sharpton ticket, derails the Democrat bid for WH, Bush wins.

9. TX, is targeted to be divided into 3 states

X. CA, is targeted to be 2 states, 'NCa' & 'SCa' on the Pacific coast

11. DC, again petitions for statehood & representation

12. UP (upper Pensulia) Michigan opts for statehood too

items 9 thru 12, are of the same statehood..(so there is only 10 predictions really)

posted on Jan, 4 2004 @ 03:19 AM

Bush will not win the american elections, and a surprise candidate will show up.

Mars missions will be done, and they will suceed.

UFO enthusiasts and Alien buffs will stop looking at mars to be the planet that holds life.

A very intresting discovery will be made, Either on Venus or one of Jupiters moons (Titens my guess).

The 10th planet will be discovered beyond pluto.

There will be no more terrorist attacks, but a famous politician will be killed (or die I cant tell).

There will be a huge disaster on the planet. (I think it may be some form of plane crash).

Well I got the plane crash thing right

posted on Jan, 4 2004 @ 04:16 AM
Well I'm not psychic but here goes,
1. a major major political scandal involving one of the 2004 presidential candidates
2. Bin laden will be captured but ends up dead from wounds
3. There will be a new piece of technology that changes the world as much as computers did only on at a much quicker pace.
4. A secret from the past will be found or revealed that answers many of our questions about the ancient past.
5. More information will be accidentally released or found about 9/11, how we find this information will be a complete fluke.

[Edited on 4-1-2004 by goose]

posted on Jan, 4 2004 @ 11:13 AM
another mysterious virus (think SARS) will make lots of people seriously ill

something will go down between the U.S. and China

posted on Jan, 11 2004 @ 05:41 PM
Ok heres some of mine for 2004:

1. President Bush will get reelected and win, but not by much
2. A huge hurricane will happen in florida in around oct-nov
3. Ben Affleck and J-Lo will get married but divorce later this year because one of them will have an affair
4. Bin Laden will be found and killed on the spot
5. Another attack will happen on American soil, but not as extreme as 9/11
6. The pope will die near the end of the year, in the hospital
7. Something drastic will happen with the walmart corporation
8. Near the end of the year, ideas for the NWO will be oficially anounced
9. They will find a cure for cancer, but it has a few glitches
10. My sister will not go to college and surprise my family by getting engaged

posted on Jan, 28 2004 @ 04:16 PM
Bush will be re-elected due to OBL being a mute subject ie he has been captured or killed and the information has been held by the CIA until an appropriate time prior to the presidential election.

The economy will continue to grow stronger until a terrorist attacks throws the country into chaos. Many will die I think October or November and it will not be by something obvious like a plane crash or explosion. The attack will be very subversive in nature and difficult to track down its origin.

IF there is a major catastrophe in the US by terrorists and more than 20,000 people die then expect an "alien" encounter in 2005. IF there is no terrorist attack in 2004 on the US then no "alien" encounter.

At least 5 high profile personalities/ celebrities will die by - uncertain causes - although most will be by suicide and later be found to all be connected to Kabala for some reason. All of them will be 55 years old or less.

China will reclaim Taiwan and will be the begining of 5 years of termoil for both China and Taiwan. Mass suicides will happen on Taiwan and be reported as genicidal murder by the Chineese. Later proof will come forward that it was not murder and China will grow into a stronger free market political structure although Taiwan will remain a Chineese province they will enjoy new freedoms across the Asian territory.

Bush will strike several other middle eastern countries that stand in the way of peace. But he will succeed in paving the way for peace in the middle east.

After several major attacks in Israel, they will finally bend and the palestinian people will be granted equal rights as israelli's this will end the fighting. Although there will still be termoil as this move will be opposed by a majority of the israelli people. Sharon was disposed and the new leader is more pro-equality this will eventually lead to his assasination. Under threat from the US to withdraw its support of israel the new leader will work with the israelli people to help integrate and accept the palestinian's into their society.

A new dictator will begin to surface is Africa and begin his plans on making Africa a super state. By fear and terror and murder. Making the recently disposed dictator taylor look like a kitten. The US will not intervene and this new dictator will become a major threat to the region in 2008.

Most states adjacent to the Med will become PRO -US if only based on the fear of attack from the US fleet that now dominates the region.

Syria will be warned in 2004 and war plans will be drafted. Early in 2005 we will attack targets in Syria and they will immediatly recant their position and help/give up/ reveal something that we want from them.

There will be a "major" incident in IRAN in 2004 and the Western World will be blocked from full disclosure. Maybe a nuclear processing plant has an accident or some other type of catastrophic event will take place. Possibly a US aircraft will go down and there will be a coverup as to what type of craft it was. The revelation will eventually send shock waves throughout the world when the truth is finally leaked by covert agents of some other nation.

There will be another horrible natural event that takes place on US soil. Possibly hurricane or tornado that causes major damage to a BIG city.

Michael Jacksons accuser dies of cancer during the pre-trial. Prosecuters push on and the public eventually turns on the gloved one when graphic evidence and photos are leaked to the public. He is convicted and eventually commits suicide in his jail cell.

A major US product becomes contaminated and many people become ill or die. Similar to the over the counter drug scare in the 80's

A freak accident disables the ISS and four people are stranded on it. Neither the US or Russia is able to launch a rescue craft in time to save them. This situation carries on into 2005.

And a hacker develops a way to take over most of the telecommunication satellites and disrupts 80% of the global network. Installing a firmware update that scrambles all the nam addresses for every wireless carrier that use a satellite relay network. It takes 3 weeks to back out the hack and restore the network.
By the way a secret US organization is actually behind the "hack" and its really a cover to install new tracking software they helps the goverment spy on people.

Anti Catholisim advocates finally get a break when a prominate arch bishop tells his story about corruption and scandal within the Vatican. He is murdered and the Church tries to discount his story. And so begins the final fall of the last remenant of the Roman Empire. The Vatican begins a campaign of death to try and cover up all the leaks and the true inner wicked beast of the church is finally revealed sometime prior to 2010. It takes 2 years for the global religious community to recover (sort of) and in 2012 the "dawn of a new age" starts as the NWO finally begins to take shape.

Contrary to popular opinion NWO is not the evil empire and an autocratic self rule type world goverment forms. Where all peoples and countries become equal, they impose a mandatory govermental service decree that allows for every common citizen to be involved in the goverment decision. Like having mandatory serive terms where your number is selected and they give you a performance test and based on your results you are assigned a position to preform for like 3 years. And every year you either re-qualify or upgraded or down graded in your position. Every goverment postion gets the same pay, but if you over perform you get special bonuses.

just my thoughts and I know some are beyond 2004.

posted on Jan, 28 2004 @ 11:57 PM
the only prediction that matters to me is that I will do something.

posted on Feb, 5 2004 @ 05:18 PM
Soon, very soon, people will realize that space and recources are limited, and they will actually give a #. There will be population laws not just in china, but everywhere. We will start with major energy conservation. Everyone will get around in public transportation. This still isn't working. We are forced to stop using gas, coal, etc... we will start new, natural lives. nature and the ozone layer will recover. people will be able to fish and hunt for a living. we could even return to teh barter system instead of currency to give the government less controll!

posted on Apr, 1 2004 @ 08:04 PM
i predict we will all suprise ourselves one way or another

posted on Apr, 12 2004 @ 07:08 AM
I don't normally buy into the prediction 'thing',
but i believe/predict that the Athens Olym' will
be cancelled.

Sorry if its been posted. It's a long thread

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