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Blinding white flash of light!

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posted on Dec, 29 2003 @ 10:21 PM
First of all I must state that this thread may be just as appropriatedly located in the subject area of medicine according to the opinions of some. I think it best fits here.

This is a true story and I believe an interesting one.

This christmas I was able to meet up with a favourite cousin of mine that I rarely see more than a few times a year. I had heard that in the fall this person had had a rather scary auto accident and the description of what happened chilled me to the bone.

My cousin in broad day light was travelling towards work in the middle of the afternoon of a Monday on his way to work during the afternoon shift. He was on a four lane highway that bypasses our city and because it is a pay highway not as busy as it could be. He then blacked out or fainted or whatever happened and at highway speed by himself proceeded off the highway and hit at highway speed a bridge abuttment (likely for an overpass lane). The vehicle was totalled. Not an easy feat you see because it was a V8 large GMC with crew cab and heavy 4wd rearend. It was also a 2003 vehicle and it could drive over many SUV's you see on the road these days. Anyways this is what I heard and apparently despite all this he only suffered minor injuries as a result and was back to work in only one week. But many medical tests ensued as the medical system tried to figure out what the hell happened as they had suspened his driver's liscense for 90 days.

I was told that this had never happened to him before and that it was uncharacteristic of him in general. I do know that he is a good and highly experienced driver and while he was a bit overweight and liked his beer, relatives assured me he was stone sober and not hungover when this happened.

So when I met my cousin at my mother's place at Christmas eve I was eager to ask him what the hell really happened over glasses of wine and other stories. I noticed when he recounted the story it was told just a little differently depending on who he spoke to. If you were a really convential type of person he would tell the old 'I passed out or fainted story but I haven't a clue why?' To me he told annother different version of what happened.

But before that, I have to tell you that he comes from a Christian familily and although he believes, being a younger man he is not so hog wild for the church. Heck I even agree with this even though I consider myself a christian. Furthermore, being the radical I am I have no problem telling people that I believe in ufo's and all that stuff. People used to laugh at me and some still do until I start asking them what they have seen and then they inevitably tell me that they too have seen a ufo or had a stange experience in their life. They always act differently after their episode of sharing their most secret revelations with somebody they can trust. But that is annother thread.

So my cousin starts his story but his version for me is a lot different. He tells me he is driving alone, perfectly sober and even eager to get to work. He tells me he had 8 hours of sleep the night before. In short he is in as good a shape as he can remember ever being behind the wheel. The traffic is light but moving at about 60mph or up here in Canada 100kph on his commute. He tells me the sun is setting behind him as he drives eastbound. He tells me it is as nice a day as you could ask for, and that the road is perfect in front of him. Then I am not prepared for what he days next. He said a blinding white light just appears right in front of him and it is so bright he cannot see through it. But it is not blinding just pure white so that he cannot see anything else. The next thing he tells me he is coming too and he is in his truck with the airbags deflated and on his side looking out the smashed windshield at the grass of the median in the middle of the divided highway. Medics are yelling at him to ask if he is okay, can he feel him limbs. He pulls himself out and stands up feeling dizzy but otherwise fine. He has severe brusing and a pulled tendon in one leg and the medics are surprised at what good shape he is in.

Apparently, he hit the bridge abuttment on the passenger's side and then the truck careened off it and rolled a few times and for some reason nobody knows why but the truck stopped in the middle of the median just before oncoming traffic.

I was immediately struck by two realizations one, that it was an angel that saved his life and that is what the flash of light was. Two that he probably should have died in this accident. If the truck had hit at the drivers side or continued into oncoming traffic the odds of his living would have diminished greatly. Remember this is a large sturdy vehicle and it was totalled beyond repair. I figure if the drivers side had been impacted he likely would have been killed. In the case of the truck crossing into opposing traffic I was told that it had travelled some distance on its own right down the middle of the bowl shapped grassy median area. The damage to the vehicle was so extensive that the insurance company cut him a cheque for the entire replacement value of the vehicle. Something that doesn't happen too often these days.

I told my cousin that I think the spirits' want him to believe in god and realize that he is here for a purpose. He didn't say much to me but I could tell he thought the same thing because he smiled when I told him what I thought the light was. I could tell that he was nervous talking about this due to legal issues and believability index. But where I had doubted him before as probably hung over and the cause of the accident I now believed that it was not his fault. When it came to the light I asked him if it was some reflection. He said no because it seemed to last a long time. I even mentioned the idea that aliens abducted him but that seemed stupid in after thought. Why would aliens abduct someone before an auto accident? I even believed for a few minutes that maybe the doctors were right and it was some kind of seizure but when he told me how close he came to dying, I then saw the purpose in the light. Besides he had every known test they could give him as well as numerous heart tests too. Presently he is being examined by one of the top neurologists in the country but I am quite doubtful they will find anything wrong.

I am happy he is fine and I noticed this year he is taking better care of his health. He even seems to have changed his attitude in certain positive ways so whatever happened in the end it has been positive for him.

Even if they prove me wrong or try to I think it is amazing that he survived this. More interesting for me is his sharing what really happened when he wouldn't do it with everyone else.

So the moral of the story for me is this: and I will pose it in the form of a few questions:

When somebody wants to tell you a strange story which version are they going to tell you? Are you open minded or are you like everyone else?

posted on Dec, 29 2003 @ 10:31 PM
That sounds like a very scary experience...I assume he was wearing a seatbelt right? There are lots of auto accidents that are strange. I know of someone who was driving with a friend, underage, and on a country was going over 110mph I believe and they ran off the road. The passenger was uninjured and the driver got two broken legs, they are both very lucky to be alive. If I were your cousin I would be quite scared to drive again, not knowing if it will repeat itself.

posted on Dec, 29 2003 @ 10:34 PM
Am I to understand that the blinding white light caused the accident? It seems, the way you worte it, that he ran off the road because he couldn't see where he was going due to the blinding white light.

If I am mistaken here PLEASE let me know. Someone VERY NEAR and DEAR to me survived an accident that probably should have killed her too but was saved by some mysterious Man that was not seen by anyone else...

IF the light caused the accident I would have a hard time beleiving it was an angel. IF the light had a different effect on the situation I am open to the possibility.


[Edited on 12-29-2003 by Springer]

posted on Dec, 29 2003 @ 10:34 PM

this happend to me... very simalor thing, i dint read the hole thing just when i goit the the blinding white light part

in 1998 i was sleeping i have a rather big window in my bedroom witch faceses to me

i was awaking from a very very bright pure whit light, and a wierd buzying noise it very slowly "leftedoff"

i ran out side to see a V shapped UFO way up there..,
I have a feeling that was a search light from whatever it was and that is what started me on ufo crazze

this is report from someone 15 minets away from me by car

i need to go back and read the rest of your post...

-EDIT- ahh looks like might be 2 very diffrent things but the thing that happend to me seams very similer

[Edited on 29-12-2003 by Dmsoldier]

posted on Dec, 29 2003 @ 10:47 PM
Someone I know was driving down the interstate by himself and turned to see a man sitting in his passenger seat smiling at him seconds before he lost control and crashed. His family is religious and belive it was an angel. He was uninjured and doesn't like to talk about it.

posted on Dec, 29 2003 @ 10:48 PM

yes he had his seatbelt on. They had to cut it, the medics.

agreed I am sure most people know others that are lucky to be alive due to auto accidents.

but this one with the white light' has a different twist to it.


good questions all of them.

from what I remember he described how the light literally overcame him and then he lost consciousness and woke up in one nasty accident. He said that the light hit him while driving down the middle of the road, so this is not a result of some concussion or anything. You must remember that it is fall and the sun is going down behind him and there is little if any possibility of glare from the sun or other headlights. He described the light as overwhelming like it was everywhere.

Now you raise an interesting issue here. The subject of god doing this to him came up and or he was put through this ordeal for a purpose. My belief is that during this time in the light he was asked if he still wanted to live as it was his time to die. He said yes but there were conditions put on him. That is what I believe and what I feel. I did say this to him. He did not ridicule this idea.


funny you mention the ufo bit. This is what I first considered when he told me about the light. But when he went on to explain how lucky he was that he made it alive I began to wonder if it was light beings or angels that intervened in this event.

It still could be aliens but obviously only positive ones because I am not sure that grays would save his life unless they find him an interesting specimen. Matter of fact I have read stories where grays were said to save people in times of trouble because they had been abducting them... hummm.

posted on Dec, 29 2003 @ 10:52 PM
hmm theneo

im not sure if the light means if it had anything to do with ufo's would mean he was "taken" but very hard to know...

if you can can you ask him if the light "cuased" the crash or the light saved his life?

kinda hard to tell from your post be to me it sounds like it caused it..

posted on Dec, 29 2003 @ 10:53 PM
NOW I understand... In your mind it was hios tiome to check out BUT someone intervened to see if he was willing to carry on under certain conditions...

Yeah, I can go for that. I think I had a similar experience 6 years ago... I have a REAL hard time with the "everything happens for a reason" logic but sometimes it's the ONLY answer. Being a beleiver in Occam's Razor as I am it can't be ignored.

THANKS for sharing that with us man...


posted on Dec, 29 2003 @ 11:05 PM

you said it better than I did, thanks.

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