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Thinking survival over the average person

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posted on Apr, 5 2007 @ 10:28 AM
I have as of late been reading the posts in the survival section the debates over survival this and survival that and who is right and who is wrong.

Just thought I might mention that even being here and thinking about survival situations puts you one step ahead of the game compared to the average american.

in the words of Glen Beck (ugh hate to admit) here is how I got there

I was scanning through the news this morning trying to avoid the terrible tragedy (snicker) of the death of an actress that no one cared about when she was alive but now is more important than captured sailors and marines. I landed on CNN (ugh)
not my favorite however they were not speaking about said actress so I pressed on
looking at craigslist and listening for some pertinent news in the background.

The following statement really hit home as to how lost Americans would be with the loss of the world as we know it (cars buses TV DVD and so on).

The story running was about an amusement park where you couldn't scream on one of the rides they have at the park, the quote that caught me off guard was the following

"I had to turn up my TV and I could still hear the screaming and noise over the TV"
(The next part of the quote really had me reeling) (Ready)


So now the local government passed a law saying that you can't scream on the ride if you do they stop the ride and you have to get off.

So I have to ask at what point did we become so jaded and just freakin goofy that terrible is a word with so little meaning.

Well in getting back on point these are real people which you will have to make real decisions for as they are unprepared , and most likely when they can't turn up the TV loud enough to block out the rioters the looters and crack of firearms and explosives going off ( okay maybe it is far fetched and maybe not) will be unable to comprehend the gravity of the situation at hand and therefore remain unable to make any decision.

Just remember before you criticize a persons idea of survival that at least that person is thinking about survival and will be somewhat prepared therefore one less person you will have to worry about mobbing you, after all some preparedness even if only in thought will go a lot further than those who can only think far enough in front of themselves to run the TV up louder in the end I feel sorry for these people as if the world takes a turn for the worse they will find out what terrible truly means.

That's my rant

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posted on Apr, 5 2007 @ 10:35 AM
Everyday I find this to be more and more true. Id like to think of the average person being those in New Orleans who 1. didnt have the sense to run away 2. made excuses for why they couldnt run away 3. stayed to loot crap they couldnt use or didnt need 4. expected anything at all from the government

The saddest thing is when I try to educate others on the need to not store thousands of rounds of ammo or tons of wheat but to just have a plan, have some skills and have some knowledge I get stonewalled with "why do I need to know that" or "theres a store down the road and another store further down the road."

It seems that some people just cant comprehend that one day with or without warning absolutely every moder convienience we have could simply vanish. Then what? Load your SUV with the LCD TV and Xbox and make your way to the interstate? I dont think so.

I guess this will be the era that brings back natural selection.

posted on Apr, 5 2007 @ 01:10 PM
I agree with the basic premise in your post. I have had some of these types of peoples living with me in times past. They tend to be "high maintenance in normal times. What would they do in extraordinary times.

Many of these types would have you or me in some fashion pulling the wagon for them and all the time they are putting more stuff in it for us to pull. And this is in normal ordinary times.

THis is what happened in New Orleans...they were continuing to look for someone to pull the wagon for them and then resentful when it did not appear instantly between sound bites of the pimping news media shilling for the body politic.

As to that recently deceased actress...please!!!! I never watched them when they were alive. I am not intrested in following thier exploits now that they are deceased. I do however agree with the point you are trying to make concering the contrast in real and artificial tragedy/terrible.

Incidently..I dont go to amusement parks and take the various rides. I get plenty of excitement in my occupation. THe hottest ride you will get me on is that one with the horses which goes around in a circle.
I find it more intresting in public to sit on a bench and watch the various
Wildlife pass and there is plenty of it.

Correct in that we will have real and difficult decisions to make in a survival situation. I have already done this after a hurricane some years back with my neighbors. I took back my 110volt chord I had offered them from my gasoline generator. They plugged in their air conditioner and overloaded my unit. Amazingly they were resentful when I cut them off and took back my 110volt extension cord. This type of person/persons would have everyone without electricity and think nothing of this.

Once again ..agree with the outline of your post. Well said.


posted on Apr, 5 2007 @ 07:34 PM
You are absolutely right. When something big finally happens here, 95% of the population is not going to know what to do. Once the TV's go out the sheep will have lost their shepherd. Once this happens the chaos will ensue. I obviously can't predict how it will be but like another poster said, it will most likely resemble the Katrina Disaster. I do have a morbid curiousity when it comes to this topic. I often wonder what things are going to be like.

Like thisguyrighthere said, this might be the era that brings back natural selection. I am totally with you on this one. I do however disagree that you don't need to stock goods.

Before it is too late people need to make sure they have enough supplies to last their family for at least a few months. Learn how to hunt, fish and grow your own food. If people laugh at you for being prepared don't worry about it. When they are knocking on your door starving and looking for help, it will be you that has the last laugh.

Nice post geocom.

posted on Apr, 6 2007 @ 10:16 AM
I agree.
don't blame them thow. They/We are taught that all is fine and will be forever. The way we are raised does not do us any favors. As A child I believed that the USA would stand forever and that our government was pure as the fresh snow.
Then I started waking up. When I was sent over seas and tasted the sand my awaking had come full circle, in regards to the Government.

I however do maintain faith in a majority of the people in my beloved country, and the world. The one thing people are good at is adapting. If its possible for mankind to ride the storm there will be many unprepaired people that will make it. The difference to me will be those that make it just barely and those that make it very well. We as survivalist will be among those that make it in style.

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