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Mystic Hélène Smith's martian language

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posted on Apr, 4 2007 @ 11:36 PM
Back in the late 1890s, this lady said she could speak and write martain
by going in a trance and being taken over by other beings, then automatic just write stuff down. Some guy studied her and said she was crazy I guess, but its still weird.

Here some info-

Finally, and most spectacularly, there was the "Martian" cycle in which Smith described the environment and inhabitants of the red planet and communicated on their behalf.13 In her visions, Mars appeared as a world populated by humanoids of roughly Asian physiognomy, who used various futuristic devices such as self-powered vehicles and aircraft. Other interesting features of Mars included dog-like creatures with heads that looked like cabbages that not only fetched objects for their masters but also took dictation. The Martian cycle eventually gave way to a related "roman" that occurred in a place called Ultra-Mars, perhaps another part of the planet. Ultra-Martians resembled trolls more than they did human beings. They had a language different from that of the Martians and employed an ideographic rather than a phonetic script.

All the pics I could find.

Could have been real ,never know.

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