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UFO: Antigravity or Coandă Effect man made saucers or aircrafts?

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posted on Apr, 3 2007 @ 11:56 PM
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I was searching for information about the firsts jet planes and airplanes of unconventional forms, I used manly ATS, Google, You Tube and Wikipedia, and I started to post where in ATS what I was finding in the respective forums, because the information is immense and in different fields, some subjects had already been posted by other ATS members, I tried not to duplicate so I put thread’s references where I know them or found them trough search.

This thread tries to centralize the information I found, and I welcome some more resources, information and videos on the subject. Could you help, please?

I am also trying to understand better the nuclear bombing by USA, and maybe USSR, in the late 50´s (only 1958?) over Antarctica, but the information is difficult to find and check.

The information I collected (a little bit long) spreads along the following paragraphs (and posts):
1 - Firsts resources and references.
2 - The Coandă Effect.
3 - Antigravity and man made saucers.
[post #2/5]
4 - Antarctica expeditions and bases. [post #3/5] & [post #4/5]
b5 – Open to discussion and contributions. [post #3/3]

1 - Firsts resources and references.

In my search, I noticed a strange resemblance between two structures, one in the Avro aircraft company (Canada) and other in the area of the secret German WWII underground facility Wenceslas mine (Ludwikowice/Poland), related to saucer and maybe antigravity projects, more details and videos in the thread Avro Project Y2 and “The Bell” are they related?. What is your opinion?

The good video “stranger than fiction the real flying saucers”, about man made saucers it is in the post “Canada/NAZI Germany/USAF and USSR saucer projects” belonging to the thread Space Serpents and other Craft Secrets, also with references to other threads here in ATS.

2 - The Coandă Effect.

Today British company GFS Projects (see the saucer video in their site) is developing a saucer craft based on the Coandă Effect, named after inventor Henri Coandă, who was the firsts to discover this effect, in the sequence of a disaster of its jet-propelled Coandă-1910 aircraft.

Other types of saucers do not use the Coandă effect, like the one produced by today USSR company EKIP, at least the prototype that flew was a saucer type aircraft.

Have you knowledge of any other saucer project based or not on Coandă Effect ? Any from Japan?

At least one more thread on Coandă saucers:

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posted on Apr, 3 2007 @ 11:57 PM
… previous [post #1/5] …

3 - Antigravity and man made saucers.

Antigravity is a difficult and controversial subject:
. Gravity
. Antigravity
. Zero-point energy
. Testing existence of antigravity
. Exact Relativistic 'Antigravity' Propulsion
. Antigravity' Propulsion and Relativistic Hyperdrive

Very important in my search, was to find the old thread Huge archive of e-books – Military from JAK, with a link for a site plenty of e-books, and appears that they have added more e-books over the years.

So in Venik's Aviation e-book library we could find many free e-books in different fields (I think of interest to many ATS members), and some on antigravity also related to saucer projects.

Electrogravitics Systems is a books from 2005 that also includes aviation reports extracts from 1954 and after, and an analysis about the assumption that this could be used in the B2 bomber propulsion systems.

One book that is almost always referred in any (more recent) antigravity discussion is The Hunt for zero Point from Nick Cook (a refutation on some parts of this book) . I had not yet time to read, the others books are significant as well, but I am glad to share and maybe they will be helpful to someone. The Bell is described here and associated with antigravity.

A very good reference is American Antigravity site, and this collection of articles in a PDF from Venik's antigravity page. Here is a collection of videos related to antigravity and energy systems.

Boyd Bushman on Antigravity (Lockheed) I

Boyd Bushman on Antigravity (Lockheed) II

Articles from Popular Mechanics:
. Taming Gravity
. NASA's Antigravity Machine

UFO sightings

A few saucers that aren’t.

Hitler’s Flying Saucers online book, has ample information and photos. Do not forget the video “stranger than fiction the real flying saucers”, referenced in #1.

Do you thing that we have already an antigravity plane or saucer?

More threads on antigravity:

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posted on Apr, 3 2007 @ 11:59 PM
… previous [post #2/5] …

4 - Antarctica expeditions and bases.

Antarctica and New Schwabenland (in red)

Here I started to have some problems, and lack of information. This is what I have found on expeditions to Antarctica, before, during and after WWII:
. Germans expeditions
. New Schwabenland expedition
. Operation Highjump
. idem
. Operation Deep Freeze
. Operation Argus
. Richard Byrd
. Byrd Polar Research Center Archival Program
. List of Antarctica expeditions

Germans saucers and Operation Highjump

Admiral Byrd is missing

Same event, Byrd’s delay, in a different analysis.

More videos on Operation High Jump.

UFOs in the Polar Region

Operation Argus - Report to Chief, AFSWP to ARPA

Was difficult to find information about the 3 nuclear tests near Antarctica, but here is it:
. The Secret Operation Argus
. more on nuclear tests and resources

At least the nations arrived to some conclusions after so many nuclear teats, and they signed the Antarctic Treaty System, and to be sure they wanted to put there 4 Nuclear Detection Systems.

Lockheed X-17A used for the nuclear tests in Operation Argus

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posted on Apr, 4 2007 @ 12:02 AM
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About Germans saucers and Antarctica we have a detail analysis in Hitler’s Antarctic base: the myth and the reality. More on Britain's Secret War in Antarctica, and a statement in first person about Antarctica Expeditions.

Time Can be Turned Back an article from Pravda, notices a strange event occurred in Antarctica in 1995, associated to a watch from a weather balloon that returned 30 years in time, the experiment was repeated several times and the equipment was checked. Could the Germans interest in Antarctica be related to time travel? Might the Vril Society established a base in Antarctica?

The Earth is not hollow but something is bellow the surface - Giant Crater Found: Tied to Worst Mass Extinction Ever.

This official site has good descriptions of Antarctica expeditions, but in the map is missing one of the German bases of our days, which is located in the old New Swabia (Neuschwabenland or Neu-Schwabenland) area, like we could easily see here and in the Kohnen Station site. In this site is missing again. Curiously the “missing” base is between a British and Japanese base.

Bases in Antarctica (2 from Germany)

Appears that Britain was the more active nation on Antarctic expeditions soon after WWII, what they are trying to do? Way?

What real mission was doing each submarine U-977, U-859 and U-530? More submarines involved? Any from Japan?

And now to relax a little bit, Vangelis – Antarctica

More threads on Antarctica:

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posted on Apr, 4 2007 @ 12:04 AM
… previous [post #4/5] …

5 – Open to discussion and contributions.

Based on the references so far, and the e-books from Venik's e-library I tried to give an overview of the overall subject, and to my knowledge what I have stayed is correct (references are given, some with opposite point of views), but because the subject is vast, all the major references I have are here, so in the speculative subjects anyone could analyze and decide by himself. I appreciate a note if you find any mistakes or links errors I may have make.

From the reports of the 50´s until today we have more than 40 years and the technology has evolved astonishing (in the various fields of science), so we could suspect that something more powerful, faster, with new technologies could be done by us the humans, and maybe the present is not more than the science fiction of the past, and perhaps we have already saucers or aircrafts of other types with antigravity and some kind of invisibility superior to the stealth of F-117 and B2 (see Plasma Stealth Technology) and the first time we will see this aircrafts we may call them “UFOs” .

USAF F-117 and B2

Aurora landing at Groomlake-1992

Any more sources of information so we could better check, and verify, the diverse subjects?

What you could conclude? Have you already a final idea about all that?

Thank you.


posted on Apr, 4 2007 @ 12:31 AM
In my humble opinion this is one of the best presentations I've seen.
First class work Brotherthebig.

Theres so much here that it will take me a couple of days to go through it all and digest everything you have presented. When I have, I'll be back with some questions.

I'am especially interested in the Nazi Ufo question. I thought I'd pretty much seen all there was to see, but you have proved me wrong.

Could I ask you how long the presentation took to to put together ?

posted on Apr, 4 2007 @ 07:42 AM
Good post OP.
But that Pravda article is a joke it's totaly fake.
How can a chronometer get turned back 30years. It can't happen, it's impossible, unless you turn it back 30 years.
Other than that it's good.
I voted you way above top secret.

posted on Apr, 4 2007 @ 08:05 AM

Originally posted by SKUNK2

I voted you way above top secret.

As did I - excellent posting Brotherthebig!

posted on Apr, 4 2007 @ 08:38 AM
Thanks for the post Brotherthebig, intresting conclusions you have come up with, will take a while to read through,

posted on Apr, 4 2007 @ 05:36 PM
excellent set of posts brotherthebig but that picture of the aurora supposedly landing at Groom Lake has been debunked on this thread a long time ago.

all in all, very interesting. keep it up!

posted on Apr, 4 2007 @ 06:10 PM
I am sorry that I do not have anything to add to this thread, but I think that you did an excelent job gathering and presenting this information, and providing it here on ATS for discussion.

You have my "vote" also.

PS: I think your map of Antarctica is messing the size of the page, but I am sure some moderator will help on that.

posted on Apr, 5 2007 @ 01:15 AM
Nice collection I think there may be one or two in there I don't have yet...

Here is a little clip you might like, well two actually... they are not available on youtube etc as they are private research footage, though they are publically available JLN Labs via Pegasus..

Now one thing to remember is that the Coanda effect works with fluids... Air is a fluid, water is a fluid (a little impractical to haul that much water around, plasma is a fluid....
if you catch my drift....

Anti gravity you say? Piece of cake... anyone can do it...

Now then to that poster who thinks turning back time is impossible...

Who needs anti gravity when you can just step into a stargate and travel to any point in the universe, to other universes, to other dimensions and back and forth through time...

No I am not crazy LOL In our stargate thread b3rgY posted these links..

Have a look at these two documents from the Air Force Research Lab. On the first one pay attention to the abstract on the first page.. The second one is a slide show presentation... BTW they are doing the work in Las Vegas area... gee I wonder where....

Originally posted by b3rgY
Yes stargates are real. It's black hole transport.
As I write to technology forum about advanced technologies like antigravity and AI there is also project like this I'll post military links here.

This is Air Force Research Lab project:

Presentation about this project to mil stuff

Now just have a look at the title pages of those two documents and then come tell me what is or is not possible...

Your tax dollars at work... and this is just the public released stuff

posted on Apr, 5 2007 @ 01:19 AM
I have always been fascinated with the antartica continent ever since being scared to death in the theatre by John Carpenter's "The THING." I have never been able to discern all the facts from fantasy about Admiral Byrd and his alledged diary of events. Were there really german UFO bases stationed somewhere? Why did Admiral Byrd take so many ships, men and planes to one of the most hostile places on Earth? Who knows as the ice shelves continue to melt and drop off we may find more than we bargained for. Great thread and thanks for posting all of the videos and your research. You get my vote and big thumbs up!

[edit on 5-4-2007 by carnival_of_souls2047]

posted on Apr, 5 2007 @ 01:19 AM

Beam of black energy... coming from bright glowing cloud... energy beam is stirring up the snow on the ground where it hits...

[edit on 5-27-2007 by Springer]

posted on Apr, 5 2007 @ 03:41 AM
Now now zorgon, there's ejecta coming away from every angle of that impact. It's most likely either a crashed craft, a new weapons test, or an underground explosion of some kind. You can even see another black streak moving away from the right side of the impact site. What is it? I haven't the foggiest idea, but I do know that it needs a bit more investigation.


posted on Apr, 5 2007 @ 07:19 AM
You have voted brotherthebig for the Way Above Top Secret award

Thank you Brotherthebig, for such an informative and interesting read ! Brilliantly organised and presented !

Wish I could contribute something in return for all the information you've provided us here, but all I can offer is sincere thanks.

It all becomes quite relevant, doesn't it, in light of recent reports that Argentina is again challenging Britain re: the Falklands. Who's behind the Falkland's challenge, I wonder? Guess we all have our suspicions.

Anyway, I'll be returning to this thread for some time, in order to continue reading. The mysteries of Antarctica and the Thule and other associations have intrigued me for some years.

Thank you again --- you've done a fantastic job :-)

posted on Apr, 5 2007 @ 08:21 AM

Thank you for the great support from all of you, and the new information posted here. I hope you don’t mind but I will add some of you as friends.

The information already posted by you is great. Just a brief comment (my time is short), after I will go trough all of your post, one by one! I thing all together we will go trough a very interesting discussion and that will keep us awake/active for some time, in the end (shall we achieve an end?) will may reach good conclusions. Thanks toreishi (hi, nice videos! on the manoeuvres thread), for the photo debunked, that I was not able to check in time, but because the source (see the photo site) appears to be honest, I put the photo here for discussion, and you already solved the issue. Thanks ArMaP for the note about the image of the Antarctica map, but that is an external image from (see the link below the image), do not resides in the ATS server and I do not know how to control his viewable size via BBCode, so I made a copy and put a 20% smaller viewable image in one of the share servers I use, is one of the 2 previous photos, the names are difficult to read but the flags distinguish well. Thanks for the information zorgon, I will review the videos and the information, that beam is very intriguing also the time travel. After I will be back!

I noticed a problem with 2 images that do not appear for some time yesterday, one from the server I use to share images and another from, so I show here the 2 images from another share server, so they will not influence in a negative way by their absence the comprehension of the subject.

#2 “The Coandă Effect” – first image

#3 “Antigravity and man made saucers” - Bases in Antarctica (2 from Germany) [small]

I wait with interest from more of your opinions and resources of information. I will return to reply to the questions and information you already put here. I am not the owner of the truth, but I am glad to share my opinion and to contribute to the open mind discussion and brainstorming.

Like some of you advised the Antarctica subject is fascinating, also for me, and that Germany-Antarctica-Argentina-Britain connection may have something more to tell us?

Thank you.


posted on Apr, 5 2007 @ 12:43 PM
Very nice presentation! There is so much information here, now i'll have something to keep me busy since i don't have class for the next week.

posted on Apr, 5 2007 @ 12:56 PM

Originally posted by brotherthebig
Like some of you advised the Antarctica subject is fascinating, also for me, and that Germany-Antarctica-Argentina-Britain connection may have something more to tell us?

Yes it is isn't it? NASA, ESA and Malin have all been there doing "tests" for Mars missions.

And just why do they need to land C5 galaxy transports down there?

And what have they been spending decades cleaning up?

Herr Borg...

What always made me curious other than the beam in that image is the thingy inside the box...

posted on Apr, 5 2007 @ 01:17 PM
Wow more food for my mind, many thanks for these links, vids info etc.

Excellent thread

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