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Religion of Peace

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posted on Nov, 23 2002 @ 09:07 PM
The Assoicated press had two very troubleing reports today..

in regards to the Missionary Nurse and the Nigerian mess that is going on..

" A Paliestianian Gureilla Spokesman said she was not shot because she was American..but rather because she was a Christian doing work in a largly Muslim area.."

"In Nigeria Muslim croweds where roaming the streets killing people that (Look) Christian."

Good as it so happens i lived in Ghana (2 countrys to the west of Nigeria)..and i know that the Nigerian Poeple have had a bad reputaion for some time.(not always diserved)..But this whole mess is because of a newpaper this how one spreads the religion of peace..To gun down a nurse..what does this folks wonder why Islam is feared..well there you have it..There is simple no excuse for these acts of violence..yet both where done in the name of Islam..

Please pardon the spelling as its late..8-)


posted on Nov, 23 2002 @ 10:21 PM
An issue in relation to that matter is the influence of the Moslem Extremist Fundamentalist Ethic is moving apparently in the direction of controlling Africa.

If Saddam Hussein has admitted to funding suicide bombers in Israel. Why are there some that seem to consider, that he is not funding Al Queda or has not funded them in the past. And for that matter are these events the result of the current upsurge in Al Queda activity which again has occurred one month after Saddam Hussein released all those prisoners from his Jails.

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