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An Interesting Perspective on China, Japan , and the US Dollar..

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posted on Mar, 31 2007 @ 11:36 PM
The Russians, the Japanese, The Chinese, the Brits, The Euro, the Arabs and of course the ol Greenback - Its all connected.

Connect the dots can you?


Philly Fed chief Charles Plosser was more hawkish, "The housing sector is going through a painful, but necessary adjustment. But the expansion is still on firm footing and growth is likely to accelerate in 2007. We need to remain vigilant and maintain the current policy, or even firming further, in the best interests of the economy's long-run performance. The predominant risks facing the economy now are on the inflation side," he warned on October 6th, ruling out Fed rate cuts in Q'4.

"The world economy is doing miraculously well," commented former Fed chief Paul Volcker on October 17th, because "there are some big imbalances underneath all of this, especially the flow of capital into the US. If the music stopped or slowed down a bit in terms of the foreign money coming into the US, you've got a potential problem for the US dollar and inflation," Volcker warned.

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