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Vrillon of the Ashtar Galactic Command illegal radio broadcast November 26, 1977 *audio*

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posted on Apr, 3 2007 @ 11:38 AM
I thought this transmission to be very interesting..given the case that someone took the time to overcast the frequency and broadcast a POSITIVE doen't matter if it was real or matters that it got the attention of the people in the area...and did any of you guys notice that they "spun" the message and told only the part about the weapons...

Non the less it was very good post. Thank you.

posted on Apr, 3 2007 @ 12:06 PM
DDay- They are honouring their part of the deal out of good faith. In the Galactic Federation, there are no secrets kept from anyone, unlike the way things are presently done here. They don't hide this stuff from their citizens.

There is a time deadline for us to implement the technology we have been given and disclose all of the information to all of the citizens of earth.

BTW - We are their children, brothers, and sisters, and we have nothing to fear them for. They are here to help us become a part of the Galactic community. It is a part of us maturing and them helping us understand the full implications of what we will become.

This way is not one of forced servitude but of a free will choice on our part. The way of forced servitude is how things are done here on earth right now. They will not force you to do anything, you have a choice in what you do and how you live.

So you say "what is the holdup?", well my friend we are the hold up. They are living up to their end of the bargain that was made. It is us that have rejected the changes we were given.

Yoyu say "I didn't have a vote." ... and now you see what I mean by forced servitude. You will never get a vote about these kinds of things, because it is in the best interests of the people who make your decisions for you, to not give you a voice.

posted on Jun, 4 2007 @ 07:21 PM
The YouTube video in the OP seems to be a reconstruction. You can find the actual audio from this event here:

The Ashtar Galactic Command

The most famous of television broadcasts occurred in England on 26th November, 1977, on Southern ITV (which covered London, the South, and South East). The time was 5.12pm and the message (audio only) interrupted the evening news. Lasting 5½ minutes, it was superimposed over the voice of the newsreader, Ivor Mills. No less than five transmitters were hijacked simultaneously, spread over great distances, and the Independent Broadcasting Authority were not even aware that the message was overriding their signal; as the transmitters would have been switched off immediately. Possibly, this was because the source of the overriding signal was not terrestrial in nature.

The newsreader appeared completely oblivious to the situation and continued as usual, while the voice spoke slowly and calmly, as if echoing through water. The transcript is below.


This is very strange. I have known about this event for years, and I believe the actual audio posted above to be the original.

This would contradict the Wiki entry posted above. Perhaps this is an example of how Wiki is not always a credible source.

I know which one sounds more realistic to me, and it isn't the one contained in the OP.

There are old threads concerning the .mp3 posted above here and here.

Same date, same message, different audio.

I believe the YouTube video may be an example of disinfo. I have had the .mp3 linked above on my hard drive for a couple of years at least. I see the video in the OP was uploaded March 30, 2007. I do not know the source, but it appears to me to have appeared some time after the original was available on the net.

I feel that the Wiki page linked above supports this hypothesis. Someone is trying to make the "Vrillon" recording look credible. I believe the cartoon soundtrack additions are there so as people will pick up on them, choose to believe that this whole story is a hoax, and disregard it.

The name of the speaker in the original version is "GRAMAHA". There is information out there, if you choose to seek it.

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posted on Aug, 17 2007 @ 02:03 PM
It's a well intentioned message; however, what nicks me is that he mentions the Age of Aquarius. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't our nighttime sky and thus our astrology purely earth-perspective specific?

posted on Aug, 17 2007 @ 04:04 PM
pardon me while i get on my hands and knees and bow down to the great vrillon of the ashtar galactic command

posted on May, 18 2008 @ 03:41 PM
This is the sort of message that Ashtar Command would like to send, but it's highly unlikely as they would not broadcast it on British television, or any other tv, but only to those individuals who would request interaction as there is a strict non interference policy and you would also have to have the ability to connect as they live in a higher vibrationary plane than us. Although the message appears to be a realistic channeled message of the type associated with Ashtar Command this could have been found from a separate source as there are several books that detail The Ashtar Command and their messages of peace. The video and recording itself sounds iffy to me and it is probably a hoax based on a message of truth. To me it sounds human recorded and why not show the original picture with the news programme???
Plus, the person who made the video is clearly clueless (or being intentionally misleading) as he shows the image of a Grey and Grey's sadly don't have our best interests at heart unlike Ashtar, The Arcturians, The Pleidians and The Sirians who all work for our benefit. The message is genuine, but the recording and the video appear to be a hoax in my humble opinion, probably intended to further confuse us and make us ignore a legitimate message intended for good. Although, surely you don't have to be an alien to know that violence and war are bad and love and peace are good.

posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 06:06 PM
Have we considered that perhaps the only reason that the signal was so weak and in one place was because it was being sent from so far away? Let's face it; a radio signal is just a collection of waves. If they were even able to pinpoint ONE of our radio stations from anything more than 10,000 miles away, they may be more advanced than we can even hope of understanding. We all may be misunderstanding here. They're not going to bask Earth in radiowaves and disrupt everything, they're going to send a specific signal.

Now, this is speculation on my part. I'm actually with the skeptics. The skeptic is an extremely valuable character in the acquisition of fact and knowledge through-out history. But one thing that every skeptic needs to realize is...we all thought Copernicus was a nutbag when he said the Earth revolved around the Sun...we, the skeptics thought this. He was just a poor crazy man and his idea disappeared for hundreds of years after he suggested it. If something like this comes, no credit is taken by anyone, the BBC itself has no idea what happened, and there is nothing specifically unreasonable or unrealistic about the message received, what do we lose from entertaining the idea of its truthfulness?

I'll say this...unlike any phenomenon on Earth, aliens are thought about and 'encountered' all over the Earth. And I'll be honest, it's been pretty consistent.

Now don't get me wrong, I won't fall victim to the logical fallacy of Appeal to the People. Just because a lot of people believe it, does not mean it's true. But let's not equally perform an Appeal to the People by assuming that because science has not encountered aliens that they are not feasible.

posted on Aug, 14 2008 @ 07:05 PM
there is no need to try and find out if this is real or not, the fact of the matter is that it has a valid, and still needed message that is true to its word, and should be heeded, whether or not people notic it, instead of debating if this is real or not we should be working together to over come these obvious problems together as thinking entities, wheater alian or not, does not matter! the longer we thrive on the origins of this message, the more time is waist thus the message regardless is in vain, we want to know if its real or not, but that should be thrown out, we cannot think we are the only beings in the universe, logic explains this to ourselfs . start working together for more important things, enviormetal energy, exterminate fammine, feed the needed, stop wars, and try to win peace, for yourselfs, and for the future, nuclear weapons scare people, get rid of it, Martin Luther King..... spoke out, and changed the face of the future and lowerd rasicm drasticly, yes its still around, but the power one man had to change the world was increadible and this power lies within us all, we simply must have no fear, and step up! the government's of the world is only as powerful as to the amount of fear they put onto people or, the amount of control they have the populance under, collective toughts of people working together for a better purpose is powerful beyond anything. and it starts with oneperson, courages and brave enough to go against any possible dangers, to help thos they love, heed this message regardless its human or alien, and who's to say theses aliens arent close relitives to us? they are Conscious just like us if anything, what more then that fact do we need to consider them close brothers and sisters.

posted on Aug, 14 2008 @ 07:20 PM
it's an obvious hoax because the "alien" wants us to back away from learning about nuclear energy and how sub atomic science works. yeah right an alien would tell us to cease and desist in learning about one of the key stepping stones for any species and civilization attempting to evolve into something more advanced.

No alien would call nuclear science evil. thats a hippy talking not an alien. The message really doesn't even make sense if you think about it.

Personally as for me I say screw the ashtar command. I envision humans colonizing other planets Starship Trooper style. Bow down before the great and almighty humans. you aliens may have been around the galaxy but you haven't seen nothing until you get a load of human virtuosity. Ever think if an alien did say something as dumb as this ashtar leader it would be to stop us from arming ourselves so that we would be vulnerable to their technology? I say we keep building nukes and point them at the aliens. try that line of BS one more time and we vaporize your armada.

And we should build enough nukes to make the planet from the surface to the deepest caves uninhabitable for a million years. in the event that they do land and succeed in invading our homeworld. if we can't have it than neither will they. bring it on ashtar dweebs and get a load of humanity. were real, were out there and we are coming to your planet next. Gunna teach you about whos the better species and give you a lesson in survival of the fitest and human manifest destiny. your alien existence is but speed bump in our destiny to rule the galaxy. maybe that is the destiny the aliens are so afraid we will manifest. well too bad, were coming for that ass you pelaidians and reticulans.

posted on Aug, 16 2008 @ 12:22 PM
Well, I'm 42 and when I was a child before this was even posted, and before internet even existed I remember my mother talking about this transmission. She was never a believer in aliens. I believe that the freak transmission existed, however, what is posted in youtube is a fictional elaboration in my opinion. I remember my mother saying that the transmission was not a long one at all, but merely, a desparate-like request for the people of this planet to stop using nuclear technology and making bombs. Then it was over. It seemed like it was coming from an extraterrestrial source. She was talking about how it panicked the population watching tv at the time. That was how she started the story. My mother did not believe in nuclear weapons as a standard for war. So that's how she caught notice of the news on this transmission. Her greatgrandfather and great uncles ran an underground railroad in Norway during WWII.

posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 11:23 PM
To me, the circumstantial evidence surrounding UFOs, for example, disclosure project, Larry King interview, Betty Hills case, videos about sightings uploaded almost daily on youtube, are getting overwhelming, so to me, anything that has to do with aliens, I have to look it on the positive side, as opposed to the skeptical side, first.

Anyway, let's analyze this message "objectively." First, I have a problem with people just simply brushing off what he said could be easily applied today that quickly, without even realizing that someone with this kind of "insight" 30 years ago is just a tad surprising(if he's a hoaxer, then he must be quite the economist or philosopher.) Second, let's take a look at the risks and motives, why the hell would anyone attempt such a stunt and a felony, unless the reward is great? Third, take a look at the names that he used, "Age of Aquarious" and "Vrillion," those are, shall I say, a bit original(one common theme about hoax stuff is that they can be a little cliched). In fact, if I'm the hoaxer, I wouldn't have thought about using the first one at all. Finally, an article said that breaking 5 transmitters is an extremely ordinary feat. To say that some ordinary joes from Britain were able to hijack them all is like saying that a group of terrorists with box cutters hijacked the planes that crashed into the towers, without anyone in the military able to intercept them. In this case, however, I don't see why the British government would want to pull off such a hoax. The conclusion then, is that it more than likely came from an extraterrestial source.

posted on Feb, 1 2009 @ 11:00 AM
maybe the new digital signal being enforced upon us all is an attempt to avert anything like this from happening ?

posted on Feb, 1 2009 @ 11:25 AM
It's certainly interesting.

For all those suggesting that British accent must mean it is a hoax...

This was in ENGLAND!

If one were to assume that it was genuine, what language do you think they would have spoken? What accent do you think they should have chosen?
What familiar terminology would they use?
Perhaps they'd use a language that the audience would understand, an accent the audience would understand, modern terminology the audience would understand...?

Would it be more credible to you if they spoke with an American accent?

The only thing that tells me without a doubt that this is a hoax, is that there is no evidence of it happening anywhere else at the same time. If they had the ability to interrupt regional transmissions, they would have done so across the globe and informed everyone, not just a small section of a small country.

posted on Feb, 1 2009 @ 11:54 AM
When I was a kid of about 9, we got a pair of walkie-talkies that had a very large range on them for some reason.

We could get cop channels, etc.

So of course we decided to mess around.
The best was person who became very concerned about our nazi invasion.

"Ve are de germ'ns....."

[edit on 2009/2/1 by Aeons]

posted on Nov, 7 2010 @ 09:28 PM
Hello ,

I find this very interesting and agree that the accent would represent the area and the language people speak.

I would bet if this was Japan the Space People would speak there language.

Another thing if you research the story and listen to a complete audio of this the owners of ITN said they could not find anyone who hoaxed this .

Till this day nothing.

No one could ever prove it was a hoax.

So its an unsolved mystery .

posted on Nov, 7 2010 @ 09:44 PM

I was there for this one and in this thread try to give some background to it all. One point i will reiterate here is this. What had many totally baffled was how the message managed to blank out not one but two transmitters but only in a very specific area. We were watching LWT not Southern TV and we *saw* it. I'd further make the observation the area of the broadcast covered roughly 18-20% of England's total population.

posted on Nov, 7 2010 @ 09:53 PM
reply to post by FireMoon

Also according to something I was told the transmission was also heard in the Alton Barnes area of the England .

Where the first Crop Circles appeared .

posted on Nov, 7 2010 @ 10:10 PM
Alton Barnes is a definite possibility, It's situated in one of those areas where differing transmissions overlapped. I truly wish i could lay my hands on a copy of the Brain Hayes LBC radio tape. They simply went to ads on that one. the public only heard the first part. In that case virtually the same thing happened, save this time it was chat show on the radio and all the phone lines were blocked, no matter which phone Hayes went to, it was the same guy, same voice , same message.

As far as crop circles go, they go back to about 1970 some several years before this happened. I saw my first in a filed near Meon Hill Warwickshire. Nothing fancy, just a perfect circle laid down in the crop. To the best of my knowledge, the original connection to UFOs came from a case in Australia *The Tully Saucer nest* from 1966

posted on Nov, 7 2010 @ 10:14 PM
reply to post by Acharya

well the kings english is 'purest' in one sense but as far as accents go, i'd assume a flat, no accent voice closer to how people in california talk. more flat and pure sound wise and more generic.

posted on Jan, 6 2012 @ 12:00 PM
Before I begin expound on my theories and support for the Vrillon message, I will admit that it is highly difficult to discern the validity of the audio, regardless of the source.

With that said, let us have a look at the factors involved in the reception of the transmission. First, we have a British transmission system, through which the message was received. I have seen it pointed out multiple times that it's rather coincidental that Vrillon spoke English, and British English at that. I would like to point out, in my turn, that we have an exceptionally narrow grasp of communicating with extraterrestrial species, and thus no precedent cases by which to judge either language or dialect. It's perfectly reasonable to say that perhaps Vrillon tapped into the first broadcasting station available, mimicked the language and accent he/she/it observed in the ongoing transmissions for clarity's sake, and moved on with the message.

Also, there is the fact that every single channel being interrupted by the transmission seems completely oblivious to it. That implies that there was no indication of any transmitter of the United Kingdom area being unlawfully accessed or utilized. Furthermore, it implies that the source was OUTSIDE of the network, similar to a computer hacker using a device from outside of a country in order to access networks within that country.

Additionally, no one has stepped forward to claim responsibility for this act, nor are there any markers by which to identify assumed perpetrators of the act. This is markedly strange, as such a deliberate transmission would likely have a very 'important' purpose behind it. There is no point in committing an act for such a deep-seated cause if you won't claim credit for it. Doubtless the government will manage to 'procure' a culprit, or obtain supposed evidence of it being a particular person or organization's doing, should too many questions be asked (which is unlikely). However, the simple fact that no one has VOLUNTARILY stepped forward says right away that perhaps it didn't have Earthly origins. Keep in mind, this was during a peace-promoting era, when it was a shame to NOT slap your name on a demonstration. Therefore, it is very indicative of a non-human influence...not to mention the various references to ideas that weren't entirely widespread at that point, as well as a demonstrative technique that wasn't in great use.

Finally, we must look at technology. According to other threads, no less than five transmitters were hacked in order to deliver this message. At that day and age (the 70's) who would have the equipment and positioning to access and utilize five separate transmitters? One would be reasonable, two would be possible but unlikely, three would be stretching it...but FIVE?

All of this comes together to create an increasingly unlikely scenario of human interference with the British broadcasting system. More and more points to something other than human...but if it wasn't human, what was it?

This is simply my argument for the whole case. If anyone can sufficiently refute this argument, please feel free to do so.

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