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Proofed conspiracies/theories?

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posted on Dec, 27 2003 @ 06:14 PM
Since the first day I got here I was wondering what in the end is somehow proofed.

Moon landing, okay old topic. Mostly proofed. 9/11 is proofed to be true in what happened(for nearly all) but for sure a mystery is the background.

What I am talking about is that a list would make very much sense. Meanwhile we have so many discussions going on that people might loose overview. A few weeks before I saw a topic which was proofed fake during the discussion(some student was posting fake stuff or so, cant remember that good) but then later the same was questioned again. Of course people should have used the search engine but sometimes the proof for or against something is just one line from one member like "It is fake, look here:" - so most people dont read it(shame on them

So how about a list about all the stuff discussed here with options like "True, Lie, n/s(not solved)". For sure we all agree that topics like UFOs are endless but smaller topics often turn out to be true or fake so it would be handy to have an updated list of it.

PS: If anybody already has a list of those stuff discussed here and which turned out to be true, go ahead and post it I would be very interested in it. For people who are new to the board it does look like all posts have been about totally unproofed stuff.

posted on Dec, 27 2003 @ 06:28 PM
For what its worth, I haven’t seen any thing close to what I would consider valid proof for the vast majority of claims made here. Obviously a lot of the current event/ terrorism stuff is unprovable speculation. But things like the the moon landing is a hoax, chemtrails, and planet X have been pretty thoroughly debunked AFAIAC.

Even with these you will get some people arguing the point

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posted on Dec, 28 2003 @ 07:11 AM
Just becuase there is no existing proof / evidence against something doesn't make it automatically untrue.

posted on Dec, 28 2003 @ 08:24 AM
It woul dbe good if we can get some conspiracies prooved out by research groups.
Showing all the facts. The iffy components of the conspiracy (the things that draw attention and are a little wierd... Such as the supposed Boeing crashing into the Pentagon, etc).
And finally in the end make a sumary of it all, Then looka t all the facts, the iffy components, find out who's behind the conspiracy, who played a part in it,etc.
And finally solve the conspiracy...

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