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Radiation - Magnetic Flux - Similar Properties

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posted on Dec, 26 2003 @ 10:54 PM
Radiation and Magnetic Flux seem to share similar properties?

Both have an effect over an exposed accomidating substrate.(certain metals in particular...radiation can be exposed and retained by certain metal, as well as magnetic flux can align certain metals core components, retaining magnetism)

Both can 'seem' to pass thru solid matter, via their properties.

Both are an energy form.

Not much to go on I know.

But where I am going is here...

(A spin off from a thread in the UFO section that is still floating thru my mind)

Could it be that given the right medium, could radioactive energy be related/converted directly to, Magnetic Flux energy.

No I do not have a clue over what type of medium this would be, to cause this energy conversion, but I wonder if there could be hypothisis on if a more direct conversion of these two different energies, on a very effeceint scale (minimal loss).

Have there been discussion or thoughts on special element combinations in a metal form, that would accomidate both energies, and thereby provide a 'conversion conduit' of sorts?



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