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sleep paralysis... buzzing?

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posted on Mar, 26 2007 @ 11:23 PM
Buzzing is a blood thing; it has nothing to do with OOBE or anything paranormal. I have experienced this when I have been knocked unconscious before, once from a blow to the head, and another time when I was being put under for surgery. I am not sure if its blood pressure, or lack of blood to the brain (restriction of blood flow) causing low oxygen levels to your brain. Why this would be happening to you is a good thing to discuss with your doctor.


posted on Mar, 26 2007 @ 11:23 PM
Right on Morphonius, I just created a thread a couple weeks ago asking if this was a curse or a gift, but I gotta say, it seems like you've never experienced this. I'm just going on the 'tone' of your response. I could very well be wrong but -

Originally posted by morphonius821
So chill and enjoy those dark experiences.....

When you wake up, cant move, feel an evil presence, and hear tons of voices while there is a big dark thing standing over you speaking in the lowest undecipherable tone you've ever heard, it is EXTREMELY hard to enjoy that lol.

There are plenty reports of this black figure being abusive aswell. Its a scary thing, and will take lots and lots of times to try and calm yourself before you venture into the unknown. I'm planning on getting there though, someday.

posted on Mar, 26 2007 @ 11:27 PM

Originally posted by xhorrorgasmx

I would PM you, but I haven't made 20 posts yet so I can't...

I read that with sleep paralysis people often have hallucinations, which could explain the dark figure... but I find it kind of odd how so many people have the same hallucination of the dark figure standing over them.

That's all I know.

To tell you the truth.. I've seen the dark figure as well. It was one of the times before I ever had an OOBE or knew how to do it. I saw a black figure sitting above me with two red eyes. But I also think is that it was a hallucination because when the sleep paralysis ended, it was gone.

posted on Mar, 26 2007 @ 11:29 PM

Originally posted by skyblueff0 (Bandit you're a mod, you know what I mean, don't you?)

I'm glad there are still honest people like you guys!!

Yep I know exactly what you mean.


posted on Mar, 26 2007 @ 11:36 PM
Amen to that brothers

posted on Mar, 27 2007 @ 12:00 AM

Originally posted by 8th

I knew I was awake, I was trying to break out of it, and the big dark figure was standing to the side of me, looking over me. I heard lots of voices, like a TV was on, then I heard a really deep voice that I couldn't understand. I believe that was the big black thing speaking... And the usual backround noise was there, that sounds like I dunked my head under water.

Crazy stuff... Some people say if you relax and let the feeling take over, you can step toward an OBE, but that feeling always feels evil. Maybe it isn't but I havn't been able to relax yet and I've had over 20 SP experiences in about the last 2 months.

I'm glad there are others out there like you guys, to share this information with. Its very comforting and interesting to hear the similarities in the experiences.

I had almost the same exact experience. I had just woken up. In front of my bed was a tall, dark figure that looked like it was wearing something like an Egyptian headdress. Right next to me, was also a tall dark figure that looked like it was wearing a hood. It felt very negative and like you, I tried to break out of it. Eventually I did and they were gone.

I know what you mean by the voices. I have had other similar experiences were I would hear multiple voices or just one voice that I could not discern.


posted on Mar, 27 2007 @ 12:04 AM
Thanks for sharing. Jeez this just eats away at me! I wonder why some people are able to experiance this and some arn't... I wonder what its for?

posted on Mar, 27 2007 @ 12:55 AM
I have experienced sleep paralysis many times and none of them were pleasant but dark and scary experiences. I will talk about 4 I vividly remember.

1. 1995 or around then. I was living with my ex boyfriend and his father. I awoke paralized to two dark shadow figures. One at the head of my my bed and another at the head of my ex's bed. The room had two twin beds and we had them in a corner to where our feet met in the corner. I couldnt move but the dark figure knew I was regaining movement and jolted across the room to meet the other figure over my ex's head. When I was able to scream he awoke and saw the two figures rise up to the ceiling and disappear.

2. 2006 September in Las Vegas for the Frozen Fury Hockey game. We were staying at Hooters that weekend. I awoke paralized again with a enormous white anaconda on the side table and lamp next to my bed. I couldn't move or scream as it writhed in my face. Finally when I awoke screaming I jumped up and out of the bed stepping all over my husband who then awoke to an insane woman tearing up a bedroom looking for a snake! Just to note: I have no fear of snakes. I've handled them, fed them, been bit a few times too. I even had a pet snake. I continued to look for the snake the entire weekend and got no sleep.

3. 2006 September after returning home from our Vegas trip. I was paralized at an a very large spider hung from the ceiling over my head and made his way down to me. When I was able to move I jumped up and slammed myself up against the wall so hard I hurt my shoulder. Then I could still see it. My husband said I was fully awake and speaking violently to get the spider. I tore apart the whole bed looking for it. Just to note: I am extremely arachniphobic.

4. 2007 January. I was paralized while two men took turns raping me. All I could hear was my baby boy crying in the crib. I could feel everything but was completely limp and helpless. When I was finally able to move I ran to my baby's crib and he was awake, crying. This was while I was taking a nap durning the day while my baby napped.

So I don't think my experiences were out of body but definitely evil and dark.

Edited to say: I do constantly awake to repetitive noises such as buzzing and clacking and clanging. When I awake I discover I was the only one who could hear the noises. As a matter of fact it happened last night. Both buzzing and clacking that only I could hear.

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posted on Mar, 27 2007 @ 01:11 AM
I have had quite a few SPE and I remember when i had my first one i totally freaked out until I had completely regained control of my body. After the first few I had, there was one that I will always remember...
I woke up after a nights rest, and I was paralyzed, but I felt like I wasn't alone in my body. As I was laying there, I had an extremely strong sense of fear and evil, and as I was trying to bring myself out of the paralysis, since it had happened before, I felt like I was trying to get away from some presence of evil inside my body. I also did here talking while this was going on, I don't know what the voices were saying, but then again it was hard to focus on them when I felt such intense fear and evil.
I have also noticed that when I have SP, it happens randomly when I wake up, but it happens more often days that I am extremely tired. When I lay down to go to sleep when I'm really tired, it will happen maybe 2 or 3 times before I actually fall asleep. I make myself break out of it every time because it scares me so much. And the only way I can do this is by breathing heavily, I realized that the only thing I can partially control during SP is my breathing.
So thats my 2 cents on what I've went through with SP. Does anyone else notice if they can partially control their breathing, or does it seem to happen to anyone else when they are extremely tired?

posted on Mar, 27 2007 @ 02:47 AM
Wow! You guys have really nailed this topic.

If it's ok, I'd like to recommend an additional book, by Robert Monroe, his first one: Journeys out of the body 1972.

And a website:

Monroe was just an average, straight laced middle aged businessman when he experienced his first OBE, and his story is really quite fascinating...thought he was losing it for sure. He initially broached the topic from an oblique angle with a Dr. friend, then subsequently went on to become quite the go-to-guy...a twentieth century pioneer on the subject.

I never understood what was happening to me until I stumbled across this book sometime in the middle 70's. Since then, I've learned to work with this experience a bit.

Mine began in my mother also has them, and now at the age of 60, my young son (10) is relating his OBE's.

They change...sometimes I become conscious of the vibrational state when it's course, almost teeth rattling, other times (the more pleasant) it's smooth, fast, and I'm essentially pulled out. Once out, the experience is also varied. Sometimes I have company (guide), and I'm ushered to an unfamiliar location...interact with unfamiliar individuals etc. Other times I might find myself on board a craft.

It's not uncommon to encounter strange, nightmarish life forms & entities immediately upon exit. Monroe & others refer to these creepy crawlers as 'thought forms' belonging to the astral plane...the audio effects...buzzing, humming etc...are also part & parcel of the vibrational period, but diminish to zero, once exit is complete.

Many times it's difficult, or even impossible to achieve full separation. I believe relaxation is hard as it can be to pull off. I also believe that sometimes what we perceive as an attempt to leave the body...the vibrational state, paralysis, and actually a conscious re-entry...we've already been out there. We're not always gifted with memory of our travels.

I'm certainly no expert on this subject, and I am often left with more questions, than answers, but I would recommend keeping a bedside journal. Also, in my opinion, the more we focus on this experience...foster it so to speak...the more we'll have to work with.

I believe that it takes a certain amount courage to come forward on this subject, even here on ATS. Thanks for doing a great job & best of luck....

Peace &
Good Fortune

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posted on Mar, 27 2007 @ 05:57 AM
Ive had a similar experience with regards to the Buzzing sounds when I was about to wake up. I posted a thread a while ago about my crystal skull... and the experience I had whether it be the crystal skull taking to me me astral traveling or sleep paralaysis or a brain tumour i still dont know.

My experience was that I went to sleep holding my crystal skull.. and during my dream time I dreampt that i was in bed holding my crystal skull.. only to then realise that it was buzzing in my hands close to my neck.. all of a sudden the crystal skull kept vibrating causing a loud buzzing sound to resonate in my ears.. i began to get scared in my dream.. (i thought i was a wake all this time) i felt like i was being sucked in or out of something (maybe my body? my dream sleep paralysis) so in my dream i tried to pull the skull off me in my mini panic.. to only find myself doing the same action in real life as i opened my eyes and woke up still feeling the vibration of the skull and hearing the dimming of the buzzing sound!

wonder what that was???

posted on Mar, 27 2007 @ 07:03 AM

Right on Morphonius, I just created a thread a couple weeks ago asking if this was a curse or a gift, but I gotta say, it seems like you've never experienced this. I'm just going on the 'tone' of your response. I could very well be wrong but -

I guess i walked right into that one.....
your right of course.....
Its easy for me to preach i guess when darth vader's not breathing down my throat at night......

The worst thing you could do however (from my lay opinion..for what its worth) is be afraid.....
He is obviously trying to intimidate you and the only sensible approach may be to send him love.... sounds corney and cliched... but in an occult "fire fight" darth is going to smoke you.......and so easily.....
So your best option is not to play his game.....
And the scenery this entity is creating seems designed to instill fear.....
My guess is that he has some kind of vested interest in keeping your vibrational level down(i.e by employing fear)...... probably so that he can cut you off from assistance from your guides who can not contact you if your vibration is dragged down into the mud........
Hes probably got his "tenticles" in your aura......
Like a dirty big mosquito......

posted on Mar, 27 2007 @ 07:03 AM
OMG , i knew other people suffered from sleep paralysis but i never knew they experienced the dark figure to.

i used to get sleep paralysis all the time , I'm a very light sleeper and have the most vivid dreams that i can remember 99% of the time.

Anyway i used to do an obscene amount of exercise and work 2 jobs at the same time. what i put it down to was the fact that i had woken up but my body was that tired i couldn't move.

I would try and scream for help but i was just frozen. the most terrifying aspect of these experience's were my eye's would be open and i would be looking around the room , but in the corner there was a dark figure moving towards me. As the figure moved closer my eye's would begin to close , desperately fighting to stay awake but unable to move.

When i spoke to people about this they would say don't be stupid you were just dreaming. But its not a dream when your eye's are open and you are 100% aware of your surroundings ( is it ? )

I haven't had an episode for quite some time now , maybe because i don't exorcise and i work an office job lol .

But i still have vivid dreams . The main reason i got into seeking the truth was 70% of the dreams i have are about alien ships coming to earth. i see them flying in the sky. I never see the aliens just the ships. Its the most amazing experience , to replicate the detail and atmosphere i experiance would be imposable from a special affects stand point.

And yes i did have these dreams before i became addicted to ATS , I've been having them all my adult life.

Great Post BTW

posted on Mar, 27 2007 @ 07:40 AM
Just to offer another view point besides 'you were a blink of the eye away from an OOBE'. I am not saying that it could not be an OOBE.

Rather, I am saying that one should not simply fall into the more 'romantic' explination without attempting to rule out all other logical, and more common, occurance of waking sleep paralysis.

Originally posted by xhorrorgasmx
I was lying in bed, had just woken up and was scared and didn't want to open my eyes. I couldn't move my body (which is why I think it was sleep paralysis). The paralysis wasn't solid though, it came in waves, so one moment I felt tense and unable to move, the next I was fine, and then I would tense up again, unable to move.

Although I am far from an expert on the situation, I would suggest that this is simply an episode of sleep paralysis.

The feeling of 'waving in and out' is sometimes present in sleep paralysis --although admitantly less common of a sensation then simply being short of breath and experiencing the actual paralysis.

Originally posted by xhorrorgasmx
This particular time was strange though because any other time I've experienced what seemed to be sleep paralysis, it was a constant paralysis. It didn't come in waves.

The feeling of 'coming in waves' may be one of a couple things.

*If you have low blood preasure or other blood flow related problems it could be a state of almost passing out and not sleep paralysis at all. I have low blood preasure and when I pass out (especially standing up out of bed in the morning...) I 'come to' in waves. It is like you described and a horrible buzzing is present for the majority of the experience.

*It could be another hallucination within your episode of sleep paralysis. I am not sure about this one and it seems to be the less likely, although auditory hallucination is common I can not verify that 'waving in and out' is a hallucination associated with episodes of sleep paralysis.

*You could actually be 'waving' in and out of unconscious sleep and a conscious state of mind as your body continues to fire off the hormones required to accomplish a state of postsynaptic inhibition of motorneurons. If this would the case it would be very interesting as I have never read about someone slipping between a resting mind and an aware mind more then once during an episode of waking sleep paralysis (although it does not sound too out of line and may be the case).

I am not saying that those three are the exact reasons that you are experiencing what you are...I am simply offering a counter balance to the OOBE explination.

After all, it never hurts to be logical at times.

Originally posted by xhorrorgasmx
The other things that was different about this time was that with every wave of paralysis, I heard a loud buzzing in my head.


In the later waves, before it all stopped, I could hear words through the buzzing (and no, there was no one talking when the buzzing stopped).

This is what leads me to believe that it was an episode of waking sleep paralysis. It is thought by many that the hallucinations experienced during these episodes (such as the buzzing and voices you describe) are a result of the mind being aware of its conscious state of being but also experiencing the 'tail end' of the dream as well which causes hallucination.

An individual who experiences an episode of waking sleep paralysis usually feels terror or extreme panic. And, because of this state of terror combined with the increased activity of the temporal lobe, the brain generates and releases internal visual or auditory stimuli which produces hallucinations.

I've looked into sleep paralysis a bit and I know that with it you can have hallucinations, so I'm not suggesting that this is anything more than sleep paralysis.

Your 'buzzing and voices' are very common in episodes of waking sleep paralysis.

I hope that I have at least offered an understandable and coherent alternative to the supernatural explinations which have been presented. I am not saying that I am more right or wrong then the other posters, but I do believe it to be a neurological phenomenon rather then and OOBE.

Whatever you believe, I thank you for relating your experience.

posted on Mar, 27 2007 @ 07:46 AM

Originally posted by DisappearCompletely
Wrong. Everyone experiences paralysis during REM sleep.

True, during REM sleep the brain releases hormones which causes one to experience postsynaptic inhibition of the motorneurons (paralysis of ones body). This is also known as 'sleep atones'.

However, when sleep paralysis is discussed in the manner that the OP and the person to whom you are replying are discussing is in reference to a waking sleep paralysis (hypnopompic paralysis) or, less commonly, shortly before sleep (hypnagogic paralysis).

Just for your information.

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posted on Mar, 27 2007 @ 08:35 AM
I am currently studying OOBE and Astral Projection and have recently successfully put myself in some sort of paralysis. The buzzing, from what I understand, is your chakras opening or the energy flowing through(?) the chakras. I have never experienced any sort of paralysis until I consciously induced it myself.

This could be something completely different but I don't know. The "trance" is simply when your body is asleep but your mind is awake. When doing this you get surface thoughts and often are issues that need to be dealt with by a person. I have few of these and find it interesting when I have visions of dark or "scary" entities because I simply ignore them, they don't actually DO anything, some are so scary looking they are funny, almost like someone's trying too hard to scare me, most are easy to ignore. What's interesting is that I have NEVER had a nightmare. I think I must be weird in this way because everyone else seems to get them in abundance. Maybe I'm missing something.

my 0.02

posted on Mar, 27 2007 @ 08:55 AM
Greetings everyone

A bit of background - I have had many Astral Projections...none intended, they have been sporadically happening to me for the last 15 years. I have posted some of my experiences on other threads on this site before.

I have experienced buzzing in my head for years. It increases in pitch significantly when I hold a natural crystal specimen or use a pure essential oil - as they both have high vibrational frequencies. I interpret the buzzing that I experience as tuning into higher frequencies.

The spirit, astral and angelic realms are all on a higher vibrational frequency than most people can tune into. Psychic mediums and energy sensitive individuals can tune into these frequencies. A lot of the time it happens at night when the mind and body is still enough for it to happen. In that window between wakefulness and sleep, a lot can be seen and heard.

Out of all my experiences, I have only experienced paralysis just once - and it was in the presence of a dark entity which began to speak to me in a very clear and understandable, yet sinister voice. It was the most fearful experience in all my years. I felt completely powerless. I believe my angelic guides removed this entity very quickly, just seconds after my fear manifested.

The darker entities are of a lower frequency. We are more accessible to them when our own frequency is low. See article below on vibrational frequencies:-

I have never felt paralysed with any of my astral projections. I am always aware that if I should move my physical body, I instantaneously and consciously return back to my body.

I have developed a strong faith in the angelic realm and I have always asked for their loving protection against the darker entities.

it is also important that anytime you experience a dark entity, that you clear the energies of your home or space as the fear and negativity from the entity can remain and continue stay with you. See article below for tips on clearing:-

Anyway, I hope that I have offered information that can be of use. There is nothing worst than feeling fear, it is the lowest vibrational emotion. We all are given helpers in spirit/angelic form to guide us through this journey through life...they are more than willing to assist and protect you if you would only ask!

Kind regards to all


posted on Mar, 27 2007 @ 09:04 AM
That happens to me, almost on a nightly basis. I am lying there in bed, and as soon as I get to a certain point, I hear a very loud WHOOSHING sound, very hard to explain how it sounds but its a definite WHOOSHING and loud enough to actually startle me. There's nights where it keeps me up for HOURS because everytime it does that, I awaken. I guess I just give in though, or get too tired to care, and fall asleep. You all ever hear of THAT before?

posted on Mar, 27 2007 @ 09:12 AM

Originally posted by TheBandit795
You were sooo close to having a out of body experience. Believe me.

*Holds finger and thumb a few millimeters a away from each other.

That's the exact state of being that many members are looking for here on ATS.

I agree, I have had several OBE's and they all have buzzing and a very slight paralysis...but the paralysis is not a worry. Well, it wasn't to me. It is almost like your body is nearly asleep...meditative state.

The buzzing for me, went through my whole body, starting in my diaphram and when I came out of it, my hands were still buzzing for a time after. Very profound. Some suggest its the kundalini awakening, I am not sure, but perhaps you may find it worthwhile reading up on it.

Just after the buzzing thats when you are out of your body. Mine happened naturally, I didnt work on it, they just happened. I am careful now not to go that deep in a meditative state.

posted on Mar, 27 2007 @ 11:45 AM
Thank you Spines. All the things you're saying make sense. And it's awesome to be logical sometimes haha. What I was thinking some of the things were is the same that you're writing... of course, I don't know much about the subject. Pretty much all the information I know came from... wikipedia. haha.

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