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Kennedy Assassination: Coup d' Etat

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posted on Dec, 26 2003 @ 07:57 PM
Who actually still believes that their wasn't a conspiracy to kill President Kennedy? If anyone does, could they please tell me how you can believe these things(without just throwing McAdams site at me). I got these from a conspiracy website. I put them all on here even though some are explainable.

1) The motorcade route through Dallas was accidentally set up to bring JFK, traveling at an extremely slow speed, within rifle range of LHO at the TSBD, the only time in recorded history that a major political figure was assassinated by someone who was unaided by others, not an insider and did not need to stalk his victim. Dallas SAIC Forrest Sorrels did this, accidentally, in direct violation of the strict Secret Service presidential motorcade security protocol.

2) LHO did not adequately plan for an escape prior to the attempt, since he left a considerable amount of money in Irving and his pistol at his Oak Cliff room. The money could have been used to leave Dallas immediately and the pistol may have been needed to escape the TSBD, had the security forces reacted properly. The failure to take the pistol is unfathomable since his only other weapon, the rifle, contained a maximum of 4 rounds of ammunition.

3) CE 139, the rifle, was transported by LHO to the TSBD, in a paper bag that showed no signs of any gun oil nor any evidence that the rifle had ever been inside it, despite bouncing around on the back seat of Buell Frazier's car all the way from Irving and while the bag was allegedly recovered on the 6th floor of the TSBD, it shows up in no police or media photographs or newsreel films where it was allegedly found.

4) Buell Frazier and Linnie Mae Randle, the only two people to see that package, were both wrong in their estimates about the length of the bag that they saw.

5) All of the eyewitnesses who claimed to see one or more armed men in the 6th floor window of the TSBD before 12:15PM are wrong, since Oswald was seen elsewhere at that time.

6) Since Bonnie Ray Williams testified that he was eating his fried chicken and soda lunch on the 6th floor until at least 12:15PM (WC III, 168-175), we must believe that between 12:15PM and 12:30PM, LHO went from the 1st floor, where he was observed, to the 6th floor, unseen by anyone, retrieved his rifle, lined up his targets, fired 3 shots, and, within a maximum of 90 seconds, wiped the gun clean of prints, sprinted across the floor, hid the rifle, ran down 4 flights of stairs past another employee who didn't see nor hear him, found some change, bought, opened and started to drink a Coke, and was confronted by Officer Marrion Baker, without appearing nervous nor winded. While escaping he managed to run past at least 2 people who did not see him.

7) The numerous witnesses (including 10 Dallas Sheriff's Deputies) who, through the use of one or more of their senses, believed that some shots came from places other than the 6th floor of the TSBD, are all incorrect.

8) The reaction of JFK's head immediately after the impact of the fatal bullet is caused by "neuromuscular spasm" rather than Newton's Laws of Motion and it is normal that the rest of his body did not react to this spasm. Yet, this spasm was so intense that it more than overcame the momentum from the bullet.

9) The debris from JFK's head, including the "Harper Fragment", went back and to the left for reasons that overruled Newton's Laws of Momentum. If we conclude that the HSCA findings are accurate, all this debris came from an exit wound in the right front of Kennedy's head, yet went to the left rear of his position. If the "jet effect" theory, used to explain Kennedy's rearward head movement is correct, the debris which shot out of the right front of his head, somehow splattered the DPD motorcycle cops to the left rear of the limousine instead of the Connallys and Secret Service agents in front of JFK.

10) Oswald achieved 2 hits in three shots, and the one shot that missed, missed by at least 30 feet high and 21 feet to the right of his target. He achieved this while using a rifle with a misaligned scope that needed two metal shims, was mounted for a left-handed shooter and judged inaccurate at 15 yards, and possessing a firing pin so rusted that experts were later afraid to dry fire it.

11) He fired these 3 shots in 5.6 seconds.

12) He obtained this accuracy despite no evidence of ever practicing with the rifle (or ANY bolt-action rifle), owning any of the equipment necessary to maintain it, nor leaving any record of ever buying any ammunition to have practiced with.

13) Those people who saw someone believed to be Oswald, under highly visible circumstances, when he was documented to be elsewhere, are incorrect about either when it occurred or what they saw, and that these sightings could not possibly be an attempt by anyone to impersonate, and incriminate, LHO.

14) The 3 law enforcement officers who identified the rifle they found as a "7.65mm Mauser" in sworn statements they made, were all mistaken and the 5 reports that had descriptions of the rifle originally found but were missing from the files turned over to the Commission, were of no importance.

15) Despite the fact that the FBI's hand-picked experts, the HSCA Firearms Panel's experts , and numerous other experts around the world could never duplicate the shooting accuracy needed, within the time frame needed, using CE 139 in its original condition, LHO did it, under incredible pressure, on his first and only possible attempt.

16) CE 399, the "magic bullet", did all that it was alleged to do and yet, it retained all but 1/180 of an ounce of its original weight, was virtually pristine and totally devoid of any fabric striations or human matter. In addition, despite the fact that the first 4 people to handle the bullet found on the stretcher could not later identify CE 399 as that bullet, it was.

17) Despite the fact that basic trigonometry does not support the possibility for CE 399 to have wounded both men, it still did.

18) The observations of the placement of the wounds as seen by the attending medical personnel at Parkland Hospital are wrong since they disagree with the autopsy photographs and X-rays. It is therefore necessary to believe that a number of qualified doctors and nurses attempted to treat JFK while NOT KNOWING where his most prominent wound was.

19) The autopsy face sheet, death certificate, bullet holes in JFK's jacket and shirt, and FBI report and later re-enactment photographs, while all in agreement with each other, are incorrect in regards to the placement of the non-fatal wound. So is the autopsy report itself, since it agrees with neither its supporting documents and physical evidence, nor the autopsy photographs and X-rays.

20) The fatal head wound entered and exited through the back of JFK's head (autopsy report CE 391) unless it exited to the right front of his head (HSCA Medical Panel; X-rays) where it shattered his forehead to the base of the eye socket and did so without showing sufficient visible damage to be seen in the autopsy photographs.

21) The FBI report statement that Dr. Humes initially noted that there had been, "surgery of the head area, namely in the top of the skull", is wrong.

22) All other information and conclusions derived from the original autopsy in regards to the direction of the shots is correct, despite the HSCA review of the autopsy photographs and X-rays which concluded that the non-fatal wound placement was off by 2" and the fatal bullet entrance wound being off by at least 4".

23) The HSCA testimony of Drs. Humes and Boswell shows them in agreement with the HSCA placement of the wounds and acknowledges their autopsy report mistakes in this regard.

24) HSCA exhibits F-53 and F-56, head X-rays of the President, are not in conflict with any of the autopsy photographs.

25) The fatal bullet caused damage to the scalp and brain remarkably similar to the surgery performed by pathologists while performing an autopsy, and used to recover fragments. Yet, only two of the fragments that caused them could be recovered and neither could be matched ballistically.

26) All of the witnesses who stated that they were told to remain quiet about what they knew or saw, or claimed that their actual testimony was misrepresented in the government studies, were lying or in error, and were not coerced or pressured by the conscious efforts of investigators intent on blaming Oswald.

27) Jack Ruby's actions after he murdered LHO, including his demeanor before and after being told that Oswald was dead, his statements to Earl Warren and others, and his multiple requests to be taken to Washington so that he could "tell the truth" meant nothing of importance.

28) The "Secret Service" impostors found near the picket fence on the knoll by the DPD, and earlier observed there by other witnesses, had nothing to do with the assassination or simply, never existed.

29) Despite the documented admissions of senior FBI and CIA officials that they would have suppressed any evidence uncovered that pointed to a conspiracy, they did not do so.

30) LHO also became the first major assassin in history to use public transportation to make his getaway from the scene of the crime.

31) Despite having the opportunity, means and ability to immediately leave Dallas unhindered by police, he elected to go back to his room and subsequently on to the Texas Theater, for no apparent reason.

32) In the end, it was more important for the Warren Commission to interview people who were acquainted with LHO when he was 12, than to interview all of the 200 people present in Dealey Plaza during the assassination.

33) The conclusions of the ARRB military documents expert, Douglas Horne, that 2 brain examinations were done on 2 different specimens, and the use of the examination of the wrong specimen for the record, are erroneous, despite the multitude of contradictions in recollections and FBI Special Agent Francis O'Neill's sworn statement that the brain photographs housed in the National Archives are not that of President Kennedy.

[Edited on 26-1-2004 by maynardsthirdeye]

posted on Dec, 27 2003 @ 01:06 AM
The Warren Comission's Findings were Complete and Total:


What happened was a government coup designed to get Kennedy out of office and Johnson waiting in the wings to become president. And Yes I do Believe Johnson was involved. Hell they were so afraid of the Kennedy's they even killed Bobby to prevent him from becoming president.

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posted on Dec, 27 2003 @ 03:11 AM
Everyone knows the Kennedy assassination was a conspiracy. Thats why it is still such a hot topic even today.

posted on Dec, 28 2003 @ 02:54 PM
But come on! You're telling me that you don't believe in magic bullets?

It's very, very obvious that there was more than one shooter. The only question is " how far did the conspiracy go?"

Oh wait, another question is why are the results of the investigation being held until (I don't remember the year that they will be opened)??
If it wasn't a conspiracy why hide the results??

posted on Dec, 28 2003 @ 07:23 PM
pictures will show that there was no security/police around his car at all, and the cars in font and rear of his car were surrounded by police..just another factor.

posted on Dec, 31 2003 @ 05:01 PM
The Magic Bullet is impossible since Connally was right in front of Kennedy despite what Gerald Posner might tell you. Look at what Connally (who better?) said.

"Unquestionably when the first shot was fired I recognized it as a shot, I thought of nothing else but that it was a rifle shot.

I turned to my right, I had time to think I had time to react and I turned to my right to look back over my right shoulder to see if I could see anything unusual and in particular to see if I could catch Him out of the corner of my eye."

Q: By Him you mean the.

"The President, Because I immediately thought of an assassination attempt the moment I heard the shot, I didn't see anything except just the general blur of waving, of people moving nothing really unusually.

I did not see the President out of the corner of my eye and I was in the process of turning back to look over my left shoulder and had about come to the point where I was looking straight forward again when I felt the impact of the bullet that hit me."

"I am convinced beyond any question of a doubt that the first shot that was fired did not hit me, Then I was hit."

If Connally turned to his right and was unable to see Kennedy, then the Governor must have been in front of the President.

posted on Dec, 31 2003 @ 05:12 PM
If oswald was a lone shooter and had been wanting to shoot the president for awhile..he was sure lucky he just happened to work at a building with not only a great place to shoot the president..but also very lucky that the presidents car just happened to drive right by his place of employment..i mean... how lucky can you get..
IMO..this is a very important fact that i have not heard many people talk about

[Edited on 31-12-2003 by McGotti]

posted on Dec, 31 2003 @ 07:31 PM
I believe it. I know it. He sure was lucky though that he did manage to get that job, by the way. He alone could have taken the three shots necessary. And thats all that matters. Even if there was a conspiracy in the assasination, Oswald was a lone gunman.

To expand on that, there have been about 50 million theories on who and why. Each one of them is just as likely as the next because there is no evidence of any of them. We know oswald tried to assasinate someone before on his own and failed. We know oswald was a marxist who was pro cuba and pro russia. We know he was an attention seeker. The man was a high profile anti american. He tried to defect to Russia and Cuba. He was rejected. He was angry.

He did it. He did it alone, and honestly (even though some people claim that LBJ was involved), if the assasination had ties to Russia or Cuba and the american public found out in the middle of the cold war, people would have cried out for (real) war. If there is a conspiracy involved, it was to prevent the third world war.

posted on Dec, 31 2003 @ 07:45 PM
He sure was lucky though that he did manage to get that job, by the way. He alone could have taken the three shots necessary.

Thats my point though..he wasnt that lucky.He had to have been placed there or...the people who blamed him for the shooting planed the whole thing around his place of employment to make it very believable that it was him just does not make sense to me.I feel that he was indeed blamed for this as part of a cover up..yes he was acused of another assassination..just more proof of how impossible the odds are that a few months after the first shooting the president just happened to roll right past a perfect sniper position at his place of employment....whether or not he did the shooting to me is some what irrelavent..the fact is that the whole thing was set up from the way that the motor cage just happened to roll past his place of employment just out of random luck..he had that job before the president was to arrive in dallas...and there has never been any speculation that the only reason he got the job was just to shoot IMO..set up from the begining. If some peoples logic is correct..then if he had worked in a denny's across would have never was a complete set up

[Edited on 31-12-2003 by McGotti]

posted on Jan, 1 2004 @ 12:17 AM

Originally posted by Seapeople
I believe it. I know it. He sure was lucky though that he did manage to get that job, by the way. He alone could have taken the three shots necessary. And thats all that matters. Even if there was a conspiracy in the assasination, Oswald was a lone gunman.

To expand on that, there have been about 50 million theories on who and why. Each one of them is just as likely as the next because there is no evidence of any of them. We know oswald tried to assasinate someone before on his own and failed. We know oswald was a marxist who was pro cuba and pro russia. We know he was an attention seeker. The man was a high profile anti american. He tried to defect to Russia and Cuba. He was rejected. He was angry.

He did it. He did it alone, and honestly (even though some people claim that LBJ was involved), if the assasination had ties to Russia or Cuba and the american public found out in the middle of the cold war, people would have cried out for (real) war. If there is a conspiracy involved, it was to prevent the third world war.

How can you really be so sure?

posted on Jan, 1 2004 @ 04:47 AM
Kennedy was likely shot by french intelligence with assistance from Mossad with acquiescence of CIA.

A top level hit for sure because the coverup was so complete.

Many reasons but two stand out in my mind:

threat to reveal presence of ufos and
efforts to revamp the federal reserve system.

the list of enemies that JFK had were unfortunately quite long.

I could accept a good deal of involvement from the mob also but they generally are not as professional as a secret service or intelligence agency would be.

Also accept that the best way to hide a crime in a country is to commit it with foreign nationals that can be 'spirited away' secretly and quickly.

posted on Jan, 1 2004 @ 05:43 AM
I watched the Frank Sinatra story the other day. Frank was friends with the Kennedys and the mob and appearantly the mob had helped get a lot of votes for Kennedy in one of the Eastern States on Franks behalf. Then sometime after the election Bobby told how they were going to put all the mob and all criminals behind bars where they belong. That burned the mob boss ( i can't remember his name) to a crisp. He bit the hand that helped feed him so to speak. It might be that the mob had a very good reason to be angry with Bobby especially. Atleast angry enough to pitch in and help possibly.

I imagine on something that serious they weren't relying on one gun to do the job. They had one chance to get him and they didn't mean to do it half way. They did not set out to fail that day. I believe there was three or four gunmen and one scape goat.

posted on Jan, 1 2004 @ 10:12 PM
Another problem is the lone nut theorists false logic. Just because shots may have come from behind doesn't mean Oswald was involved. You could prove shots came from behind the President but it doesn't mean Oswald fired them.

posted on Jan, 2 2004 @ 09:42 AM
I believe that there is enough physical and anectodal evidence from the scene of the crime to support the theory of multiple shooters. The fact that LHO was silenced before he could tell us what he knew only reinforces that position.

I also believe that the mob was the most likely source of the crime. There are some easily believable factors that I base this belief on:

1) Kennedy's had declared war on the mob.

2) Mob had the resources and money to pull it off.

3) Mob's Code of Silence could (and did) keep the operation quiet.

posted on Jan, 2 2004 @ 10:56 AM
did you guys watch that special that come on tv not to long ago. it explained somethings but left others totally unexplained. for one the magic bullet. govenor connely was sitting in a jump seat type deal so his seat was lower and to the left a little of the president. also the time 5.6 seconds is inaccurate. that time was spread around in the movie JFK. oswald was also a great shot apparently from his days in the marines. but there are multiple things that they did not address. the debris from jfk's head flying in the opposite direction that it should but also this interesting fact. right after the shooting around 30 people watching the kennedy motorcade, inculding a police officer, charged teh grassy knowl thinking they heard shots up there. also i thought of this the other day. if the shot came from oswald in teh school book dipository it would be going on a downward trajectory and from right to left. well i was wondering where did the slug end up? you dont ever here about the slug from the head shot. shouldnt it have ended up embedding itself somewhere in the car? that is the angle it was coming in at supposedly.

posted on Jan, 2 2004 @ 08:29 PM
It was impossible for Connally to be below and to the left of the President since when he turned to his right, he couldn't see the President.

posted on Jan, 2 2004 @ 08:46 PM

Originally posted by oconnection
Everyone knows the Kennedy assassination was a conspiracy. That?s why it is still such a hot topic even today.


After seeing that documentary i can now finaly see why it was CIA that killed JFK..

As JFK was taking the power back from the 'Shadow Gov.' and from CIA..

So, JFK had to go..

As these peoples wanted to continue their dirty wars..

posted on Jan, 2 2004 @ 09:55 PM
"The truth is ON THE ZAPRUDER FILM: Viewers see the driver of the limosine turn and fire! Today, the film is edited and the driver's kill-shot is not there. But the unedited, original, famous, Zapruder film actually shows William Greer shoot JFK! Greer was a CIA agent who drove the limo. The shot came from the front because the President's brains were blasted BACK. Jackie Kennedy ran for her life on the film. A natural reaction for her would have been to hold her dying husband. Instead, she was running for her life and was pushed back into her seat by the Secret Service agent behind the vehicle. Jackie knew this was a political hit by super-powerful thugs and carried out by the CIA."
basically anyone who doesnt conform to the illuminati plan gets taken out plain and simple kennedy was killed in dealey plaza dea = god or godess ley = line like a ley line this was a masonic area also if u look at the map of where kenedy was killed it looks like a pyramid with a capstone missing and what did they put on his grave? a lighted torch that there call sign we did it were telling u ur just too dum to see it

posted on Jan, 2 2004 @ 10:06 PM
another good point i read is that the illuminati want war and chaos they dont want peace and us getting along they make money off war and death jfk assasination was also a freemasonic ritual called the killing of the king it happned on november = 11 22 1963 these are important occult numbers just like 911 hiram abiff story also his brain is missing i believe lol

posted on Jan, 3 2004 @ 12:30 AM
I believe it, I also believe in Santa Clause, the tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny!

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