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Kurdistan: Progress in the Making: Part 2

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posted on Mar, 21 2007 @ 06:16 PM
Kurdistan, often known as Northern Iraq

While my last thread covering the emergence of Kurdistan from the rubbles of the war was not a big hit, I am determined to keep the issue of Kurdistan in the peoples minds here on ATS. Whether or not you agree with the war, turn your politics aside and join in congratulating the newest Westernized democracy in the Middle East!

Kurdistan is continuing progress in their nation building.. since my last post on Kurdistan 0 soldiers have died in Kurdistan, 0 Kurds have been killed by terrorist attacks, 0 Sunnis died in Kurdish territory, 0 Shia have died in Kurdish territory.. The nation within a nation encompasses over 5 million people plus hundreds of thousands of vacationing Sunni and Shia from all over Iraq at any given moment. While the war rages to the south.... the North continues progress!

Update on Developments in the Kurdistan Region in Iraq

The Kurdistan Region in Iraq is developing at great speed. We are pleased to provide an update on main developments further to the information included in the Other Iraq adverts and documentary.

The new Iraqi Constitution for a federal Iraq means that Kurdistan is now in a position to validate its own regional constitution, one that will provide the framework for a society in which human rights, including women’s rights, are upheld, the business environment is regulated and the rule of law is supreme.

The newly unified Kurdistan Regional Government was announced in April 2006 with Nechirvan Barzani as Prime Minister and Omer Fattah as Deputy Prime Minister.

Not a single coalition soldier has lost his/her life or a single foreigner kidnapped in the Region administered by the Kurdistan Regional Government

A new investment law has been passed by the by the Kurdistan National Assembly and is awaiting ratification by the President of the Kurdistan Region. Investors will have a legal, secure and business friendly constitutional environment that is designed to encourage inward investment.

An innovative 2 million sq meter industrial city (Arat) is planned 25 kilometres outside Erbil and will be open to foreign investment.

Erbil International and Suleimani Airports are now fully operational and receive regular direct flights from neighbouring countries and Europe and the Erbil International Hotel enjoys maximum occupancy with visiting foreign press and business delegations.

2,800 Korean troops and fewer than 1,000 US troops are stationed in the Kurdistan region to assist in rehabilitating infrastructure such as water supply/sewerage, roads, school renovations and constructing town halls.

A new, modern conference centre is set to open in Erbil which will attract more and more industry conferences, exhibitions and high-level trade and political delegations. Foreign governments have been in the process of opening representation and commercial offices in Erbil including Austria, the Czech Republic, Russia and the UK.

also, not mentioned here, a British Iraqi immigrant is announced the funding with millions of dollars to teach all Kurds English, making English the unofficial second language of Kurdistan.

Halabja: 'They've suffered so much'
This week marks the anniversary of Saddam Hussein's chemical attacks on the Kurdish town of Halabja. Five thousand people died in the atrocity.

As part of Sky's Inside Iraq series, correspondent Andrew Wilson went back to this remote Kurdish town and found a people still suffering from trauma.

Where will Iraq go next?

Exactly 19 years ago Saddam Hussein bombed the Kurdish town of Halabja, not with high explosive but chemical weapons. Cyanide gas, mustard gas, nerve agents and chemicals tipped out of the sky onto the terrified people below as wave after wave of bombers passed overhead.

Some were drenched in the liquids and others breathed in the gases. Some ran to wash themselves down with towels and water; others just picked up their children and hid.

From March 17th 2007. Kurdistan

Still there is no mention in the news.. not by the Bush administration ... I believe that is because he doesn't want to inspire the Kurdish people to separate from Iraq.. so no attention means less support, apparent even on this board.

But the liberal left has said nothing either, odd indeed when they are supposed to stand for liberty, equality and everything else that is being made apparent in Kurdistan.

No one cares, no one wants to hear about it, no news comes out of Kurdistan, it continues progressing even with out any attention at all.

I am not asking you to support the war, I think its a joke really, I am not asking you to be against the war, nor against nor for the Kurds. Let your politics be politics, and at least recognize that through this folly of a war 5 million people benefited.

posted on Mar, 28 2007 @ 11:16 PM
I'm very sympathetic to the Kurds in their desire to form an independent Kurdistan.

I don't think, however, that the Turks would stand for it.


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