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White, Ape-like creature spotted in Chile

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posted on Mar, 19 2007 @ 09:06 PM
Chile - Apelike Creature
Reported In Angol, 9th Region

From Scott Corrales

Inexplicata - The Institute Of Hispanic UFOlogy

Source: and

Apelike Creature Reported in Angol (9th Region, Chile)
By Raul Gajardo Lepold and Sigrid Grothe
According to information in our files, we can say that Mr. Luis B.T., a well-known jeweler and native artisan of the 9th Region, retold a strange experience that befell his son-in-law in the winter of 2006.
Luis's son-in-law, a truck driver with an erratic schedule, could not believe what he was seeing on the road in June 2006 near midnight between a stretch of road from Los Angeles to Muchén. On that day he wasn't carrying an assistant, so there are no other witnesses to his observation. But he does remember driving at an average speed without any further remarks. Suddenly, on a particular stretch of road on which no other cars were present, he noticed that there was a strange animal on his right, on the blacktop. It was very still and had the appearance of an ape, with short arms and long legs. He managed to hit the brakes about 10 meters from this animal, but the simian creature did not make a move and slowly turned its head toward the truck. That's when the driver noticed that its eyes were sparkling red, and that the configuration or fur on its body was very odd, covered by something similar to short whitish feathers.
The trucker felt a shudder of fear, faced with such an strange situation...

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