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The Defector

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posted on Mar, 14 2007 @ 11:27 PM
July 20, 1944, while the battle in Europe is still enraging after the June 6 D-day, meanwhile in the other part of the globe, somewhere in the pacific, Saipan, another war is raging.

Captain Edison is briefing his Company that about to spearhead a frontal attack in hills near the major invasion site.

United Stated Marine Corp Captain Edison was once a proud member of the defunct U.S. Marines Raider Battalion.

Sir! General wants to meet you in the battalion HQ sir! Captain Edison looked at the young Marine private who saluted smartly. The private is aware that he is talking to a highly decorated war hero and he is very careful on his actuations and manner of speaking.

General Edison looked at the jeep with a driver waiting. He noticed an Army Colonel sitting in the jeep as well.

Captain Jones will take over your Company. Captain Edison was surprised with an unusual procedure. He walked towards the jeep and looked at the Army Colonel. He noticed that the Colonel’s outfit belongs to a division that is assigned Western Europe and not Pacific. Captain Edison felt that something seems to be not right.

posted on Mar, 14 2007 @ 11:59 PM
Another part of Pacific, Fergusson Island, New Guinea, US sixth Army, office of the famed U.S special forces Alamo Scouts. Master Sergeant Ed Shullaw just got back from training new batch of recruits for Alamo scouts when he was approached by an army Colonel together with his commanding officer.

Ed Shullaw, looked curiously to the Colonel wearing a European Theater outfit.
Ed’s commanding officer 1Lt. Ramos told Ed; you will go to a special mission.
Ed asked, which team am I going with? And where

Lt. Ramos answered; not in any Alamo scouts teams, and destination? Sorry I don’t know, it is highly classified and everything is a need to know basis.

What? When the Colonel stepped out of the HQ, 1st Lt Ramos whispered to Ed Shullaw, my guess is you’re going Europe. Europe? That’s in another side of the globe sir??

What’s happening? Don’t know, it seems that General George C. Marshall has the hand on this one.

Ed Shullaw can’t believe what he was hearing.

posted on Mar, 16 2007 @ 03:52 AM
England, Naval hospital, U.S. Navy Ens. Jenkins is recuperating from the wounds he got in the invasion of Omaha beach. A member of the NCDU (Naval Combat Demolition Unit), his team was part of the force that cleared the Omaha beach during D-Day. 52% if his team was casualty. He got hit by German machine bullets and lucky enough to survive in one piece.

He is cleared to go back in action in 3 days time. Got news for you Ensign, you are chosen to go on a very special mission. Ensign. Jenkins answered, Sir, you know what happened to my team, I don’t think… Ltsg Kadowski immediately waived his hands to cut down Ensign. Jenkin words. You won’t be going with an NCDU team. And I don’t know what the mission is. It’s top secret. All I know that the mission is somewhere Europe.

Ensign Jenkins looked outside and he noticed an Army officer waiting in the hallway.

Who is he? He’s a Lt. Colonel from the Rangers; actually, he used to be in First Special Service Force. He is a highly decorated war hero. Ensign Jenkins felt something strange is going on. U.S. Army Ranger Lt. Colonel Freeman. He will command a special team from various branches of the armed forces. The team that you will be joining soon Ensign.

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