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Uganda's answer to the taliban : The LRA

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posted on Dec, 24 2003 @ 12:39 AM
Africa's answer to the violence of islamic fundamentalism is the violence of christian fundamentalism.
In Sudan and Uganda there exists a guerilla terrorist group known as the Lord's resistance army.

Which has tried for over ten years in the past to overthrow the government of Uganda, and replace it with a theocracy based on the ten commandments.
Over the years they have abducted thousands of children and have forced them to serve as soldiers,prostitutes and laborers.
Many of the children abducted have even been forced to kill other children for trying to escape.
It appears that the Sudanese government had given aid to this group and allowed it to establish bases within their borders.
In return for the hospitality the LRA as this group is known as,have collaborated with the Sudanese islamic fundamentalists
in fighting a local militia movement.

This group is the SPLA, the Sudanese people's liberation army composed mainly of southern sudanese some of whom happen to be christian as well.
So for political purposes this fanatical christian group(LRA) has actually sided with the muslims here in sudan.
However a recent agreement between Sudan and Uganda may have ended Sudanese support for this notorious evil group.

Needless to say it is extremely fortunate that the LRA has not managed to take over Uganda and rule it with the ten commandments as they see it.
Judging by the cruelties they have inflicted on children and civilians in general, one can only wonder what kind of horrible regime they would have
imposed on the country.
Perhaps it would have been something like the taliban government in Afghanistan,or maybe worse.

[Edited on 24-12-2003 by yogibear]

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