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Congress authorises ashcroft to track gold.

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posted on Dec, 23 2003 @ 10:28 PM

According to HR 2417 (Section 374), which became Public Law 108-177 on Dec. 13, 2003:

(a) MODIFICATION OF DEFINITION- Section 1114 of the Right to Financial Privacy Act of 1978 (12 U.S.C. 3414) is amended by adding at the end the following:

'(d) For purposes of this section, and sections 1115 and 1117 insofar as they relate to the operation of this section, the term 'financial institution' has the same meaning as in subsections (a)(2) and (c)(1) of section 5312 of title 31, United States Code [...]'

where the Financial Privacy Act was one of the victims of the USA PATRIOT Act (Section 358). Now HR 2417 redefines "financial institution" to match U.S. Code Title 31 Section 5312:

(2) ''financial institution'' means -


(N) a dealer in precious metals, stones, or jewels;

Credit to william for the link.

So, now ashcroft can track gold, maybe he can stop all those nuts buying gold standard coins.

posted on Dec, 23 2003 @ 10:38 PM
Michael Rivero had this to say about it earlier today.

Here is what is happening. The US (and UK) governments have been dumping gold to artificially depress the price of gold in order to keep investors in the equity markets. But the equity markets are dropping, and the central depositories are running short on gold. If gold prices continue to climb, people will sell their stocks and buy gold, crashing the stock market. Unless, of course, Bush simply declares private gold ownership illegal and orders Americans to trade in their gold for some more fiat paper money, which would requires enforcement officers to have a clear idea of just who and who does not own gold. (Attention jack-booted thugs, does this include the gold in my teeth? Just wondering.)

posted on Dec, 23 2003 @ 10:42 PM
There's always diamonds?????

posted on Dec, 24 2003 @ 12:22 AM

Originally posted by Colonel
There's always diamonds?????

i guess you didnt read the original post.

"(N) a dealer in precious metals, STONES, or jewels;"

[Edited on 24-12-2003 by inquisitor]

posted on Dec, 24 2003 @ 12:51 AM
As a prospector and gold miner it really galls me that rich companies and individuals manipulate the gold market. It is bad enough that the government closes the roads into the forests so you cannot truck equipment in. It is also not bad enough that wilderness areas and government installations cover most of the good treasure locations in the US.( No coincidence there.) I located a kimberlite pipe in Northern Colorado once, did not have the resources to claim it and try to develop it though.

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