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Trailer - New 911 "Documentary"

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posted on Mar, 13 2007 @ 04:14 AM
Hi all ,

A new 911 documentary that's called "Undebunkable" is available at
of corse , you have to join . It's mostly the same old ,same old news
footage of people and newscasters saying " A secondary Device " or
" Secondary Explosion " and a ton of the word " Bomb " repeated over
and over and over .
But , this is the type of thing some of you will drool over .
Btw , it's called " The Ultimate Con ". Enjoy !

edit ; Normally , i don't sperad this kind of thing but i know how we love
this stuff , or in my case , love to hate it .

Mod - you may delete this thread , didn't see another thread about it .
i even looked . sorry .
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