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9/11 murder mystery of the 21st century

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posted on Mar, 13 2007 @ 03:01 AM
9/11 is quite the who done it murder mystery isn't it?

I figure that we have three suspects in the crime.

1) 9/11 was perpetrated by muslim extremists.

2) 9/11 was perpetrated by American traitors.

3) 9/11 was perpetrated by American patriots.


We have a multitude of motives:

1) Destroy the American financial banking system. (A direct attack on our economy)

2) Convince America to retract it's jeudeo-christain worldwide expansionist policies.

3) Punish America for it's support of Israel and Israels' expansionist middle-east policies.

4) Provide a convienient excuse to involve America in a war for dwindling oil supplies and to surround Iran with the intent of protecting the American dollar from collapsing if Iran stops trading oil for dollars.

5) Provide a convienient excuse to involve America in a war, with the specific intent of stirring up a hornets nest and creating more terrorists who oppose jeudeo-christain expansionist policies, thereby enabling American disidents to attack it's jeudeo-christian masters from within.

6) Provide a convienient excuse to involve America in a war with the specific intent of destroying the federal government by it's own weight and inefficency.

7) Provide the catalyst needed to move the American vision forward, by streching the military and the economy to the limits, with the intent of causing a forced internal change in the policies and thinking of Americans and the American military industrial complex.

8) Attack the American aristocracy (the richest 1%) for thier increadible greed and lack of vision in thier pursuit of wealth, while waking up average Americans to forgotten democratic ideals.

9) Wake Americans up from thier slumber of complaciency, open the borders, attack the constitution, move jobs overseas, lay off American workers in record numbers, feed people lies through a controlled media, and force people to do what they don't want to do; fight for thier own freedom. (Basically - cause a revolution, by design)

10) Prevent the New World Order from fullfilling it's plans.

11) Enable the New World Order to fullfill it's plans

12) It's all just uncontrolled greed, without a vision, comming home to roost.

Please mix and match your answers as you feel fit.

The how can not be agreed upon, so in this post let's concern ourselves with the why and the who. I have my own theory, but I want to hear what others have to say about the why and the who.

Ask yourself this; why are there so many people asking questions about the official story and so many people defending the official story?

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