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Skeptics at Myspace forum Claim to have proof that UFOs don't exist.

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posted on Mar, 13 2007 @ 01:47 PM

Originally posted by WolfofWar
just a thought, dont go on myspace?

You care about what 14 year olds who are showing off nude pictures of themselves all day think about UFOs?

You dont go to a Mosque and start preaching Christianity.

Most of the people doing the bickering are the older people. Not all in my space are 14.

Really, if you see who is doing the cursing it is the adults.

And no, I don't want to post there anymore. I just did so because I seen another's post on UFOs. That's when I saw how those animals operated.

posted on Mar, 13 2007 @ 02:46 PM
My first post:

I don't see how they're any different than the people on here. All the skeptics here are continuously insulted and ridiculed, despite bringing intelligent points across and presenting evidence, they are called "ignorant".

It's impossible to be skeptic of UFO's here without being told we're brainwashed and closed-minded. Something a lot of you ATS posters need to realize is that it goes both ways. You can't expect skeptics to respect your opinions and then resort to childish namecalling and putdowns when they don't agree with your stance on extra-terrestrials.

My 2 cents regarding UFO's: There STILL isn't any evidence WHATSOEVER, except for hearsay and a handful of people who claimed to have seen them. That's not evidence people. The whole idea behind being a skeptic is to not take what is told to you at face value and do the research and come up with your own conclusion. Believing everything people tell you is without thinking on your own is how you buy into media and religions. Any UFO skeptic will tell you that is the whole case with UFO's: a bunch of people saying stuff, but no proof or evidence whatsoever. And please people, go to Google and do 10 minutes worth of research and you will find that your idol Steven Greer is full of # with everything he says, even the UFO community doesn't appreciate him, hell, he's in UFOlogy's Hall of Shame.

posted on Mar, 13 2007 @ 02:58 PM

I am actually thinking of doing another thread, just to piss them off.

Nah don't do that. You're not going to convince anyone using such means and it'll only make the ATS community look bad.

The Coward- I know it can be frustrating but I wouldn't worry about those myspacers too much. I have a MySpace myself and I've found the site is mostly for musicians and otherwise it's basically a popularity contest. I briefly read a few posts on the messageboard and wasn't impressed.

I read parts of a thread called "is the big bang really the start of everything?"

I clicked on a guy, (who came off as cocky IMO) who goes by "Comet Dust," and looked at his myspace page. He's a college graduate and a 33 yr old "lab tech." Big deal... I'm an engineering tech and college graduate myself. He didn't offer much insight in his posts or his myspace page.

Next I looked in the thread "Extraterrestrial UFOs are real. Must see info and videos."

I clicked on the guy called "CL" and went to his page. Another guy with some musical talent wanting to form band because he has big time aspirations. Aren't there millions of dudes like that? Right...

Next I looked at the profile by a guy called "Six Strings." Now I did understand his frustrations on a mainstream science and cosmology forum being overrun with UFO/ET stuff. Still, if you look at his myspace page he has his hero as Dr. Michio Kaku (prof in theoretical physics at the City Univ of New York).

I'm not sure if "Six Strings" has read any of Kaku's works but I have. And I can tell you that in the first chapter (of Hyperspace) Dr. Kaku likens humans to fish in a pond-- so sure that their little world is all that is and completely unaware of the land above the pond, or the sky above the land, or the space above the sky. Publicly Dr. Kaku could be described as a curious agnostic... he clearly does not come across as a strict non-believer.

NOW, in contrast to those myspacers, let's look at the credentials of some who believe there is something to the UFO phenom:

Dr. Bernard Haisch is a professional astronomer and can be found HERE. He even provides his CV, which can be found HERE. Just read his credentials. I think they speak just a bit louder than some starving artist or some lab tech who makes 40k/yr.

Next we have Paul R. Hill who was an aeronautical engineer for NACA and NASA. Read about him on Wikipedia. Scroll down and look at this career and some of the positions he held. If that's not impressive I don't know what is. Also, in the past I have encouraged people on ATS to read his book Unconventional Flying Objects. This book might be the best explanation for UFOs without having access to classified materials. It is simply that good. Especially for scientifically minded skeptics like those myspacers.

Don't pay attention to those myspacers. You can no more force them to be interested in the UFO topic than they can force you to take a special interest in thermal radiation or black holes. But if they try and argue, point them to the noteworthy scientists who have/had a great interest in UFOs.

Peace out

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