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Real Talk about Minority Privileges !!!

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posted on Mar, 15 2007 @ 03:31 PM
Truth be known people don't want out of the hood. If they did all they would have to do is move. DUH It cost more to live there rent is high insurance is high and you have to travel to go shopping because all the stores have been bulldozed. No one is forcing anybody to live anywhere. I live in the hood but in a secure area how just like they do if you don't have business here get out and don't mince words about it. I stand by my saying they have no respect for anything or anybody oh they talk it but dont live it.


posted on Mar, 15 2007 @ 03:37 PM
By "they" you mean black people right?

You must be very young. That's the only excuse for such a silly comment.

posted on Mar, 15 2007 @ 03:38 PM

Originally posted by Rasobasi420
Right, but the problem is that it is often the immediate assumption that a black person comes from the ghetto, and one has to do a lot to get past that assumption. White people on the other hand start off with a blank slate as it were. Save for having no teeth, and overalls with no shirt, a white person doesn't have to do much to prove that they're not "trash". It's just assumed that they aren't, until something else shows it.

I totally hear where you are coming from with that. I really do, but I also think it has a lot to do with how someone presents themselves. I can't speak for everyone...but I do know a close friend of mine who is a real estate agent and has openly admitted to me that agents place a lot of weight on how someone presents themselves and not so much on race.

If a black or white person with a steady job, a decent credit history and carries and presents themselves nicely is looking to buy a house then it'll go off without a hitch! It works the other way too though, if a black or white person is poorly mannered and has poor credit history than they will have a very difficult problem.

The bottom line with stuff like that is that everyone needs to provide certain documents. It is the documents that determine whether someone gets the house or not. All the bank sees is money. If you will make them're in.

on another unrelated note......
Ras, I added you as a friend!

posted on Mar, 18 2007 @ 11:14 PM
Thank you all for so much to think about....

I believe that we have to continue to talk about this. That this issue is incredibly important and we have got to stand the tide against members of the Victim Culture that only want to receive a hand out with no effort involved. So far there has been some great discussion and it has remained intelligent and thought provoking. This is great...

As long as some people refuse to move beyond the errors of the past and continue to explain away their future by allocating everything that happens to them as being a result of something that happened to their ancestor, we can never really achieve the enlightened culture of grand diversity we all hope will happen.

As long as we are being constantly dragged down by individuals that claim no responsibility for their actions, and insist on others being their scapegoats, we will be held in this quagmire and forever subject to a bifurcated society.

We have seen members of the Victim Culture condemn and ridicule their peers for daring to reach beyond and take personal responsibility. They dared to achieve stature in this society and make it their own. For their hard work and devotion, they are subject to name calling and even physical attacks.

We have all watched as the greatest members of the Black race are beleaguered and pulled down for daring to rise up and proclaim they are not going to be shackled by the Victim Culture and that they are products of their own making. We have observed them called "Sell Outs', "Oreo's" and "Uncle Tom's", why? Because they dared to succeed without expecting a handout, without allowing themselves to be a part of the Victim Culture. They triumphed in a competitive atmosphere and have achieved greatness and will forever be writen in the history books as great men and women.

This is a very important issue and one that must not be allowed to die. If the only voices that are heard are those from the Victim Culture, then we will have lost the battle and assigned ourselves to a bifurcated society forever....


posted on Mar, 18 2007 @ 11:36 PM
We must also be positive in our approach, for those opposed to the views expressed in the OP have used and most assuredly will use again, deception, out of context quotes and blatant ignoring of posts.

So we MUST remain eloquent and intellectual in our approach. Exactly as the afore mentioned successful people would in defense of their positions. The prime weapons of those in the Victim Culture are guilt and anger. We must always remain thoughtful and calm and assured that our position is one of equality and support for those that wish to succeed on their own merits and not the backs of others.

We are a multicultural society and always have been. That is a wonderful thing and the single most important factor in the United State's success. IMHO.... The attempt of the Victim Culture to seperate us and divide this nation on cultural lines is possibly the single most minacious factor in our society.

Tsun Su advocated the divide and conquer method of warfare and when one looks at the Victim Culture's methods, this is clearly the method preferred. As such, we are compelled to always stand on the higher ground and believe in our culture and the wonders of being multicultural. For to submit to the methods of the Victim Culture is to accept defeat and forever be divided...


posted on Mar, 19 2007 @ 04:45 AM
Straight Talk and Truth's for the ages...

Black racism
By Burt Prelutsky

Whenever I start thinking about all the damage that’s been done to America by the social engineering Socialists, I have to remind myself that some of my best friends are left-wingers. That doesn’t do much for my blood pressure, but at least it serves to remind me that they’re not all as self-righteous as George Soros, as fatuous as Michael Moore, as smarmy as Jimmy Carter, as shrill as Nancy Pelosi, as hypocritical as John Murtha, Ted Kennedy and Robert C. Byrd, or as deceptive as Barack Obama, the fellow with the most liberal voting record in the U.S. Senate who has managed to convince millions of people who should know better that he’s a card-carrying centrist.
The whole question of race is a dicey one. Pity the poor fool who wades into those troubled waters. Well, here goes. If a black person tells the truth -- namely, that in 2007, 99% of black problems are self-inflicted -- he is, like Bill Cosby and Thomas Sowell, dismissed as an Uncle Tom. If a white person tells the truth -- namely, that with a 70% illegitimacy rate, no amount of government hand-outs will do anything but provide the cancer victim with a very expensive band-aid -- he’s condemned as a racist.
When blacks say they wish to have a dialogue with whites, it only means that they want a forum at which to bash whites, while their victims provide a Greek chorus of mea culpas, provide the coffee and Danish, and drop a little something in the collection plate on their way out.
There is such a thing as white prejudice. No doubt about it. But it has nothing to do with race, and everything to do with character, culture and values. What blacks refuse to acknowledge is that whites are intolerant of crime and the creeps who commit it, be they black thugs or white trash. The latter are those lowlifes who form Aryan gangs; tattoo themselves with skulls and swastikas; and produce, distribute and use methamphetamines. I don’t know a single white person who isn’t ashamed to be of the same race as these vicious cretins.
But if a person such as Bill Cosby says he’s ashamed of the promiscuity, drug use and illiteracy, that plague the black underclass, he’s called names. The real shame should be that millions of black kids are fatherless; that their taste in music is for anything that’s crude, lewd and loud; that their role models are too often basketball players who make more babies than baskets; whose language skills are embarrassingly abysmal; and that, although most of the street punks are peddling drugs for roughly the minimum wage, they regard it as a worthier, more manly pursuit than working at a 7/11 or, God forbid, going to church, school or a library.

When we finally stop patronizing loafers, louts and criminals, stop encouraging people who were born 120 years after the Emancipation Proclamation, 20 years after the passage of the Civil Rights Act, to pretend that their sloth and ignorance are the fault of whites, only then will blacks come one step closer to having that colorblind society they claim they want.


He exposes the divide and conquer aspect very well...


posted on Mar, 19 2007 @ 12:27 PM

You put forth some valid points, as does the article you linked to. And, all true, for the most part.

My qualms mainly come in when governments purposely introduce factors into the black population meant to destroy it. The best example is crack coc aine. When government officials introduced crack to the ghetto it destroyed what was an organized movement. Then, when the war on drugs started soon after, the streets became a warzone where people were more interested in surviving than progressing.

Soon, the only life that many people knew was one of either selling or smoking crack coc aine. It became a multi million dollar industry, at which our own government was at the center.

Combine that with the 1:100 ration in regards to sentencing for possession of crack-coc aine over powder coc aine, and you have yourself an uneven playing field on which few can win, or even leave the game.

posted on Mar, 19 2007 @ 03:35 PM

Originally posted by Rasobasi420
My qualms mainly come in when governments purposely introduce factors into the black population meant to destroy it. The best example is crack coc aine.

Ugh! What was their motive? What did the government hope to accomplish by doing this?

I mean, what interest does the government have in getting rid of black people? Sorry if I sound naive, but I don't get this.

posted on Mar, 19 2007 @ 03:36 PM
Other than the Government introducing Crack Cocaine I have no argument with your assessment either...

(The very first Crack Cocaine arrest was in 1984 or 85, not sure, two illegals from Haiti were arrested off of a bus in lower Delaware)

If you know some history I am unaware of, I would LOVE to hear it... The drug war has been lost for YEARS and we continue to pour billions into it. I worked narcotics for years and I can tell you this, if it is not legalized soon, we will lose any chance we possibly have of controlling it....
I am not real up to date on the history of Crack...

Yet, it just goes to the point... The easiest way to control a populace is what? Religion of course, what would be the next? Divide them...

Now we have a Government that desires control and we go and give it to them in the form of the divergence being created by those that support the Victim Culture....

One people
One Nation

Why is that so hard...


posted on Mar, 19 2007 @ 03:38 PM

What Raso may be alluding to is the often suspected Government collusion in the drug trade.....

There are billions of dollars being funneled somewhere and more than one time traced back to a politicians pocket...

I'm not sure though, perhaps Raso has a different outlook and information...??


posted on Mar, 19 2007 @ 03:40 PM
I found this:

Focus upon the crucial question: What motive prompted the Contras to undersell the preexisting coc aine distribution inside the United States, by dumping "crack coc aine" into those urban ghetto areas where relatively little, or no coc aine trafficking existed earlier? When the Boland Amendment cut the Contras off from a continued U. S. government subsidy, Bush, his national security adviser Don Gregg, and their lackey Ollie North, turned to certain foreign governments, and to private contributions, to replace U. S. government dollars. Criminal sources of contributions were not excluded. Key to the Contras ' role as a crack force, were certain business-like arrangements with representatives ofthe Colombia coc aine cartels. The Contras received an inventory of coc aine. Therefore, that coc aine must be dumped outside those U. S. domestic markets already supplied by the Colombia cartels' established distribution networks. A new, previously undeveloped market for coc aine must be opened up, a new market into which the Contra coc aine inventory could be dumped at quick-sale prices. Hence, the evidence exhumed by the San Jose Mercury News. Hence, in those ghettoes, many are dead, and many African-American and Hispanic-American convicts are still doing kingpin George Bush's time in Federal and state prisons today.


I have no doubt whatsoever that it's 100% true... I'm not sure it belongs in this thread, but there it is.

I hate things...

posted on Mar, 19 2007 @ 06:11 PM

That' basically the key investigation into the subject with regards to the American publics knowledge of the CIA's involvement. If you go south however, you can find out for yourself.

Sure, you can call this hearsay, but I'll tell you what a good friend of mine told me.

Julius, good buddy o' mine, lives in Costa Rica half of the year. He's told me that it's well known in the surrounding towns that CIA agents, vehicles, and planes make regular trips from coca plantations outbound. It came to the point where agents didn't care if local people knew, or anyone for that matter. Cocaine was commonly known as a major export of the village in which Julius lived, unofficially of course.

That, in conjunction with direct efforts from the FBI to destroy the Black Panther party, one of the most effective movements in black history, leads me to believe there is something fishy going on.

Edit to add:'s_coc aine_trafficking_in_the_US

[edit on 19-3-2007 by Rasobasi420]

posted on Mar, 19 2007 @ 10:15 PM
Good information on the Link Raso....

Very eye opening...

As for the Black Panther's, they are an exact example though of the cure killing the patient... Their violence and crude and abuse mannerism's caused the public to turn against them at a time when a more politically active group may have made some real progress.....

Or perhaps that is what America needed at the time.. I am open to that if it is the case....

However now, the Victim Culture continues to divide us along lines that are more and more becoming ugly stains on this Nation....


posted on Mar, 20 2007 @ 08:35 AM
I do think that the BP party was exactly what this country needed. We had already gained about all we could from the peaceful civil rights movement of the 60s. We got just enough for the simple side of things to be changed. You know, the back of the bus thing, the water fountain thing, the integrated schools thing. Those were the easy part for our society. At the end of the day blacks were still an unequal, subjugated by the white powers.

The BP party showed that if a peaceful solution was impossible, then a more proactive, and if necessary militant solution would be necessary. And yes, it was viewed as a threat by our government. After all, you don't want the oppressed to rise up, look what happened the last few times they did. So what was the reaction by the gvt? Defame and murder it's leaders, destroy the group, and introduce a new element to replace the desire for freedom and equality with an addiction supplied by the enemy.

There is a lot of mention of the victim culture. Well, that may be partly true, but it is being replaced with the desire to close the gap. We just need to be careful in doing so, after all, look what happened the last time. It was only about 25 years ago. Addictions like crack don't go away like bell bottoms or other fads.

posted on Mar, 20 2007 @ 04:04 PM
And Raso,

If everyone thought and felt like you, threads like this would be 100% unnecessary...


Like you, I also believe that "Those who make peaceful change impossible, make violent change inevitable."

The point I have been trying to make, admittedly very clumsily, is that there are HUGE sections of our society that do not want change. They want a hand out. They desire this so much that they resent those that rise up and are perfect shining examples of what this country is....

They want to be victim's; hence the Victim Culture....

They complain when they don't get their "fair share" from the government. Whatever that is? As if the governments responsibility is to take care of us!!! Sadly MANY believe this to be true when that was never and should never be the job of government, not in our society anyway.... Socilism has been proven time and again to be a failure...

We are a self reliant people, founded on this self reliance....

The Victim Culture has made an entire business out of attempting to make everyone that believes in self reliance feel guilty... The "Poor Poor People" syndrome is getting real old real fast... What ever happened to getting off one's duff and fixing your own life?


posted on Mar, 20 2007 @ 04:04 PM
Mod Edit: Removed Double Post.

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posted on Mar, 20 2007 @ 04:06 PM
I'm getting these double posts all the time anymore...

Sorry about that...


posted on Mar, 20 2007 @ 04:07 PM

Originally posted by semperfortis
What ever happened to getting off one's duff and fixing your own life?

It's alive and well in my house, I'll tell you what!

Great post, Raso! I have so much to learn. When the student is ready, the teachers will appear.

posted on Mar, 20 2007 @ 10:09 PM
This could all be an excellent case study for some aspiring young masters student.... I'll ask around.....

There is a another possible explanation for the emergence of the Victim Culture and it's recent growth......

Historically our parents have taught us the difference between right and wrong, also the acceptance of responsibility was HUGE in my house... Granny was VERY big on a Man standing and "Taking his medicine" as she so often put it...

With more and more children growing up parent less, there are more members of society that have never had the privilege of learning these lessons at home. So they have grown into adults now that have no idea what it is to take responsibility for their actions as long as they see a way to blame their ills on someone else.
This would prove to be prevalent among the segments of the population that are experiencing the highest rates of parent less children.... This would also include the "Turn Key" child and the "TV" child.
Gather enough like thinking individuals into the same general area and what do you have? A Victim Culture.

It really makes a lot of common sense when you think of it. Place a child in a cave and never teach them anything, what do they learn? Nothing.

They only learn what we teach them and if we are not their to teach them responsibility, they will never learn it.

So becoming a part of the Victim Culture would on the surface appear to partially be a result of the break down in the family unit...


posted on Mar, 21 2007 @ 09:08 AM
Excellent points Semper. Personally, I realized the extent of personal responsibility early on in life. Growing up broke-@$$, I had to find a way to make money, or I wouldn't have any. While my friends were getting allowances, I had to go out and get a paper route, and clean offices and other businesses on the weekend to have enough money to do the things others took for granted, like buying candy after school.

Here's an article from the BBC that relates to this discussion.

It talks mostly about blacks in the UK, but touches on some key points that are true in all countries influenced by the slave trade.

One of the interesting points in this article is portion identified as 18th Century Biology

European: eyes blue; gentle, acute, inventive. Covered with close vestments. Governed by laws

Asiatic: eyes dark; severe, haughty, covetous. Covered with loose garments. Governed by opinions

Black: phlegmatic, relaxed. African. Crafty, indolent, negligent. Anoints himself with grease. Governed by caprice

The System of Nature, Linnaeus, 1735

The article goes on to speak of this influence in today's society.

Ken Barnes says the effect of these generations-old stereotypes can be seen most starkly in the disproportionately poor educational results of black boys when compared with other groups.

"There is an expectation of failure for black children in schools," he says. "And it comes down to how they are historically perceived by the school system.

"Society's continuing image of black men affects the way teachers address the children. But this is a vicious circle. If you continually tell a child that it is naughty then it will act that way."

I believe this to be true, at least from my personal experience.

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