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New Zealand extends it deployment of a provincial reconstruction team to Afghanistan

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posted on Mar, 12 2007 @ 06:44 AM

As Prime Minister Helen Clark prepares to visit the White House, she has announced major cabinet decisions on the role New Zealand's defence force will play in Afghanistan.

The Afghan province of Bamiyan is where New Zealand plays its biggest part on what the US calls the war on terror.

A provincial reconstruction team of about 120 troops has both a security and a rebuilding role.

"We have been in Bamiyan for about three and a half years. It's been a very successful effort by the New Zealand defence force," says Defence Minister Phil Goff.


My only disappointment is that the NZ SAS isn't returning to Afghanistan in a combat role. Its not like the NZ SAS dosnt have a proven track record in Afghanistan. Other wise the deployment has my full support.

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