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"Why I fled George Bush's war" story of American soldier in Iraq

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posted on Mar, 20 2007 @ 12:03 AM
Lets say you walked down the isle with your very soon to be wife, and "promised" to be married to her "till death do us part," and you got married that day.

Let's say she starts cheating on you relentlessly. She doesn't care, she loves cheating on you. No matter what you try, she just isn't faithfull, and she's now started to beat the kids at every chance. So, you still try and try, but she refuses to change.

Now, does it really matter that you promised to be married to this person? It's time to break the ties and move on. She obviously is intent on being a destructive person. She's obviously not someone worthy of your trust.

Here's what has happened. 911 happens and we are fed a nice lie how 2 airplanes took down 3 steel towers. Heck, we hardly even hear about WTC7. Nice symmetrical collapses I might add. What a crock of doo doo. Am I supposed to trust the government that has allowed us to believe this lie? Why would they let us believe this?


posted on Mar, 21 2007 @ 11:17 AM

Originally posted by resistancia
Senseless stupid bogus WOT....

Abu Ghraib torture & murders

Raping of young girls and then murdering them & their families

Busting people's homes apart & leaving them destitute

Killing coalition troops through so called "friendly fire"

Occupying a foreign land under the guise of coming to liberate them and rebuild the infrastructure

and now I see throwing incendiary devices from vehicles at sheep and having a good laugh about it...that is sooooooooo funny......NOT

One certainly questions the psychological state US military personnel when we see and hear of these things (whether they are true or not...we aren't there we just know what we are told). What sort of freaks are these people?

I am not surprised that more military personnel aren't speaking out about all this abyssmal inhumanity against one's fellow man (and the sheep). T

This type of stuff just fuels my opinion that the US military and government thinks they can bully and muscle in anywhere on this planet and god help you if you get in their way.

I urge all US military personnel to desert their posts and refuse to be a part of the lie.

Nice one America

[edit on 12-3-2007 by resistancia]

There are crimes everywhere, and I demand that you show your PROOF that these actions were endorsed by ANY upper echelon of U.S. command. The people of the United States, and many others of this world, are alive today because of the sacrifice the soldiers of the Armed Forces.

Would you have liked it if people listened to your moronic urge during World War II?

No offense, but I don't think someone like you would fare very well under Hitler's regime.

[edit on 21-3-2007 by Johnmike]

posted on Mar, 21 2007 @ 11:46 AM
You people should review Rdangs thread, 'Weak-Minded Americans'

Sounds like the OP may have been up to this.........

posted on Mar, 21 2007 @ 03:26 PM

I have a son in the Australian Army, he is a specialist in hs field and he will be replacing personnel in Baghdad soon.

Therefore YOU MAY NOT demand anything from first born son will fight in your country's bogus WOT. He did not pledge allegiance to your bloody stars and stripes

I am not living Hitler's regime but I am living under George W Bush's regime with Johnny Bumsuck (Australian PM) as his sycophantic toady.

I do not to expect any of us will do well

[edit on 21-3-2007 by resistancia]

posted on Mar, 22 2007 @ 09:40 AM
Then why did he enlist? Whether or not your country decides to aid my country is not Bush's decision, it's up to your leaders. Bush has no regime, there is no oppression, and we are still very much a republic. Very different from Hitler, who would have conquered half the world already.

You have to understand, you cannot judge an entire country by a few renegade actions. There is always crime, since soldiers are real people, not mind controlled or something. There is disciplinary action taken when things like this are brought to light.

I pray for your son's safety.

[edit on 22-3-2007 by Johnmike]

posted on Mar, 22 2007 @ 03:36 PM
I believe it was Aristotle who said, "We make war, that we may live in peace."
Maybe applicable in this case, maybe not, depends on your perspective. But I do take those words to heart as there may come a time when none of us have a choice but to go to war. I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees. I dont support the war in Iraq, but the reality is were there, and I cant say I believe it would be right to just pull out and leave those people to fend for themselves becuase it can only get worse if we do. I'll admit, my country has made a mess, but is it not our duty now to try and clean it up? If the government has any self-accountablity whatsoever, then they will, and as it stands, are doing so.

posted on Mar, 24 2007 @ 10:30 PM
My son enlisted before 9/11 like a lot of young Aussies who could not get jobs at the time due to the lack of employment. The Australian Army provided stable employment, a way to learn excellent skills that would pave the way to make a good career in civilian life. This has been the case for many Aussies for many years, they learn great trades and learn to work as part of a team, enjoy a great social life and do not have to struggle like the rest of us to make a living.

I was once proud that he enlisted to defend HIS country if the need arose but Australia WAS NOT under threat. Australia was not throwing her weight around and trying to be the boss of the world, bullying others into submission. We were doing just fine thanks but due to our involvement in this huge lie of a war and not of our making, my son's life has been put at risk like never before. He is happy to go to ? Peed off like you can not imagine to the point of constant great anger.

I do not believe that the US was under threat on her own soil by foreign terrorists (I actually detest this word as it is over used and had become the bogeyman), I prefer to believe that the USA has a very dangerous home grown all American cell with a malevolent agenda to control the whole world under a global government. It has been happening before our eyes for years...

I have stated this before and evidently must state it again....I do not hate Americans but I hate your President and my PM.

I am not happy about Australian or American military men and women being put in this position because of lies. I refuse to and will never accept that this war had to happen.

johnmike, I do however appreciate your expression of goodwill towards my son...thankyou.

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