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Florida Law: Report Underage Pregnancies

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posted on Mar, 11 2007 @ 10:07 AM
This is scary. No suprise that this comes from Florida.

TALLAHASSEE — Pediatricians, school nurses or any other health providers who find out that a girl under 16 is pregnant would have to tell the police, under a bill anti-abortion lawmakers are pushing in the Florida Legislature.

The article state DNA samples would be required from the young mothers and any aborted fetus.

Hopefully this gets shot down quickly as it hasen't made it to committee yet.

The DNA provision would require samples be collected from any girl under 16 who has an abortion and from the fetus. The DNA would have to be turned over to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement “for testing in an effort to identify or confirm the identity of the person responsible for impregnating the child.”

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