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Help, again plz

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posted on Mar, 9 2007 @ 06:35 PM
Hi my name is jay and i beileve i have been gifted with somthing, this
started happening aprox, 8 months ago, And im asking for a little bit of
help from someone out there, To understand this more. Im not sure if
innerpeace is what i have been blessed with, But I cant stop wondering whats
happening to me. I see things all the time like the number 11 and 10 i see
things that i read on the net and see things on tv and everywhere else
imaginable, that desribe me and make me bust out in tears everything i see,
Is it just my mind playing tricks on me, i dont beileve that, Im asking for
help, Anyone? I Just started meditating and within 20 mins every second
night or when i feel comfortable doing it. my arms float, feel weightless, i
can do it with eyes open or closed, i believe lord michael prince of
arcangels have been sent to give me gods protection, I feel llike for the
past 8 months to a year ago i can read people know what there thinking and
when there lying And im correct 90 maybe even 100% of the time, I see weird
eyes when i meditate, and My body starts to move back and forth i ask
questions and i move faster, my heart is pounding really really hard as i
type this, I just lookied up at the clock right now and its 3:10 now 3:11
isnt that weird, street lights always go out when i drive by them maybe 2 to
5 a week, I always feel weird latly and a little scared im not to sure what
is happening to me, but would love to find out


d.o.b may 11 1978

Sorry about the confusion, My name is jason Hallam, Im on my girlfriends
email, My girlfriend is tammy,
Im 28 years of age born on may 11 1978, I never graduated high school, I
think i was done school in grade 11, My religion beliefs were always, Well i
guess you could say i never really participated in religion, I know now
there is more, what im not sure. I live in a 2 bedroom apartment with
girlfriend and her two kids.
I have never gone through hypnosis, But i do meditate ever since this has been
happening to me, I read now more than ever and its all about this topic i
am discussing with you. Latly i have been seeing this weird number 155 and cannot get it out of my head i see and wonder 155 is not the only number 10, 11, 11:11, 10:10, isee things on a daily basis that make me thik weird things, I alos had a phone call around my birthday in may of 2006 from somebody from england wanted to give me a present, I didnt get a name or nothing from the person, I told hime where i live and that was the last i heard of it, and since that moment weird things have been happening to me

posted on Mar, 9 2007 @ 06:52 PM
might want to edit out your real name... but it sounds like youre onto something, if you think you got something, keep going with it

posted on Mar, 9 2007 @ 07:05 PM

michael prince of arcangels

Muahahaha, that bit made me laugh aloud. I have this vision of a boozy chainsmokin John Travolta beamin' down to earth to be by your side. Or someone like Alan Rickman's character in Dogma!

Anyway, good luck with, er, whatever you're going thru. What does this 'story' have to do with Aliens and UFOs btw?


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