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Tyrant's Trail pt.1

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posted on Mar, 9 2007 @ 11:34 AM
Tyrant's Path

Throughout time, many tyrannical governments have passed along, some more prominent than others. Common among such governments is the drive for global conquest, domination of its population, and bending its people to the will of corrupt leaders. Masters need slaves, crusading churches need zealots, and countries aspiring to world domination need patriots. Adolf Hiter, perhaps, created the modern blueprint for appealing to the best of men for the worst of purposes. Taking a look back at his methods for rallying his men to commit atrocious deeds, reminds one of what is happening today in America. 9/11 is a shadow of the Reichstag Fire, as is the blaming of the alternative source of the destruction, and the ensuing war.
Let it also not be forgotten how the Roman Catholic Church eliminated its threats. Paganism and witchcraft were feared throughout the continent of Europe, as they were blamed for nearly all mishaps, including the Bubonic Plague. Thousands of citizens were hanged and burnt at the stake over hundreds of years in a vain effort to annihilate the inquiring population who posed a threat to the presiding catholic church and presiding monarchy. Manipulating the population to carry out the misdeeds of an elite few is not a new concept, and a tactic that everyone today should be well aware of by the lessons of yesterday.
America is trodding a well worn path to oblivion. Freedom now means fighting in endless wars and surrendering your rights for protection from an invisible foe. War with no end provides the puppeteers power with no bounds, they play tricks of illusion and deception that insure the gears of war don't stop turning, and that as few people as possible see the truth behind the curtain. Let's take a look behind that curtain, and the methods employed to enslave a population.

Excessive Laws

Laws are passing in every state to ban and restrict what people have, in the past, always considered simple, rudimentary rights to lifestyle decisions. Smoking, food, and clothing are among the choices that are no longer only yours to make. I know many of you hate cigarettes, and those Truth commercials did say that they killed everyone, but let's focus on the bigger picture. New York has banned restaurants from using trans fats, many states have told us what's too harmful or offensive for us to do on our own free will. Everyone will lose freedom to make many personal choices because some find them distasteful. Casting a net of criminality over a population insures that most citizens can be discredited or imprisoned whenever one becomes a threat to the system. Punishment and labeling of "sexual predator" has become a greatly exploited method to criminalize a large portion of the population. Definitions of crimes will broaden, and anyone conducting themselves outside a slim margin of error will find that they're subject to various criminal labels. Dangerous is the broadening of definitions, and the word "terrorist" has been broadened to epic proportions. There are over 400,000 people in the terrorist database. Al-Qaeda's getting big.


Mainstream media pounds a few terrible stories into our heads until we submit to excessive laws and regulations which are necessary to end the horrible threat. Selling the story of terrorism and foreign invaders grants the excuse for use of military force worldwide. Television swarms with programs which seek to inform us on how terrible and dangerous the internet is to the safety of us and our children, and congress can't wait to pass Net Neutrality. Punishments for existing infractions become more strict, and more infractions are being created to incur said punishment. Full prisons can hold no more, so the walls build around.

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