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Spider-Man 3: The Official Game

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posted on Mar, 9 2007 @ 04:48 AM
Is anyone else hyped about the newest SM game? The graphics are AMAZING, the game has 10 storylines (one of which is the movie's), and you get to don the Black Suit and bring angry justice to 10 villains!

The game heavily emphasises the use of the Black Suit. After gaining the symbiote, you can choose to go out in black or red. Red Suited Spidey is pretty much as he was in the other games (but thanks to NG technology, a whole lot sexier!).
But Black Suited Spidey... let's just say he won't be helping old ladies over the road His attacks are more violent and he throw enemies around you back like dolls. He moves faster, jumps higher and he can also enter a rage mode. Rage mode is activated three ways: you get angrier as you take damage, angrier as you deal damage, or you can psych yourself up and enter it manually. Once in Rage.... you are pretty damned strong.

To find out more check the Official Site, or you can try and join up to Spidey's Web, an exclusive message board that is invitation only, and gives you the chance to get information before most other sites (so it claims).

If you want to join Spidey's Web U2U me your email address and I'll send you an invite (I've got about 60 so there'll be enough).

And now I give you the awesome trailer...

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