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Incest case in Germany

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posted on Mar, 8 2007 @ 08:21 AM
A german couple are in the news, they are brother and sister, didn't know each other as kids, they became lovers and have 4 kids now. As could probably be expected the kids haven't all turned out 100% healthy.

Now it seems very inappropriate behaviour between brother and sister to become lovers, but it also seems very harsh to me that the law get involved. Behind closed doors if the 2 of them are having sex then it isn't any of my business. It does seem harsh that the husband is deemed a criminal and has been in jail and is facing further jail time.

I would disapprove of incest and especially having kids, but it seems even more wrong that the police would be involved. They are both adults, and they guy makes a good point when he says "Why are disabled parents allowed to have children, or people with hereditary diseases or women over 40? No-one says that is a crime." The kids in those cases are likely to be unhealthy also.

Should the police be getting involved in what 2 consenting adults get up to in their own bedrooms? If they are horny for each other and it comes natural to them then it is hardly the place of anyone else to stop them. But at the same time the kids aren't 100% healthy.

However it should also be noted that incest was carried out be so-called nobility since the beginning of civilisation. There was pharoahs married to their sisters, many of the Rothschilds marriages were to first cousins, and the Royal families throughout europe have been intermarrying.

It also seems very harsh to take the kids away from this couple. I don't approve of incest, but I don't approve of the police telling people what they can or can't do in their own bedrooms in their own free time. Its nobodies business but theirs.

What is most peoples opinions of the subject. I thought the police were right at first, but after reading the story I have changed my mind and think they should be left alone to live as they choose.

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