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It took 13 Days

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posted on Apr, 5 2007 @ 07:39 PM
Fear Is that all I have left?
I pray I had Hope, but, no fear is my only companion.
Could I just find Hope.
I see a most wonderful future, of passion, of mountains to climb, but without Hope:shk:

The Full Moon leading me on, is waning, I must look to the secrets written in the days of the New Moon, in darkness, in the calm shadows I will seek to find my Hope.

I have a companion though, a wonderful Warrior Horse came to me, He let me mount Him, ever so gently He carries me on his powerful stride.

I feel free as The Eagle riding Him, He leads me faithfully on my quest, the scent of His mane as I bend forward is exhilarating, with Him I could ride forever.

He is black as the darkness of far off oceans, I dive into the abyss with Him, not knowing, content that He will lead me on the Red Path.

I have no say anymore. Shall I live I must die.

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posted on Apr, 5 2007 @ 08:56 PM
A little Kestrel landed on my shoulder, faintly it whispered " Your child is growing weak, the Boy is in good health, but the Girl, she is withering away, shall I bring a message?"

My very being quivered, the Girl, my child, should I loose her on this quest?
I had no answer, the Kestrel remained patiently on my shoulder as I rode on.

posted on Apr, 7 2007 @ 04:29 PM
OH God, my horse lay struck by lightning, I am down, I feel the fall is fatal to me too.
My limbs are motionless. I have no hope, but that destiny will speak swiftly, darkness surrounds me.
I wish the pain would go away, just leave me alone.

The wind is so cold here, it is dark so dark. I will close my eyes.
Angel rests by me, close. She knows.

posted on Apr, 8 2007 @ 10:15 AM
My soul and body are crushed, surrounded by icy winds. With out Hope, I feel life flow out of me.
The sun rising slowly colors the Skye's in red, so beautiful, my eyes close, I don't wish to believe it is the last time I shall see the sun.
Faintly through my hazed mind I Hear hooves pondering the Earth in a quickening canter. They shake the Earth. A mighty wind blows upon me heralding the coming of the Horse.
I am too weak to care when I hear it stop near me, arms lift me from the ground, some one is holding me tightly, I am almost gone, can no longer open my eyes.
A big warm hand is placed on my Heart, Life begins to run through my body again.
"Open your eyes, Dear, I am Home"
My Heart leaped, I know that voice, is it, can it be???
I open my eyes and yes it is my Knight, my Knight willed me back to life.
Tears wet his cloak as I cry out the many many days of fear.

He finally came in the right minute, with the right intention."

Is it a Dream?

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posted on Apr, 8 2007 @ 08:43 PM

Originally posted by WalkInSilence

Is it a Dream?

It is a dream...a most wonderful dream that has become true my love. We manifested something great, something wonderful and true. No more doubt ok little one?

Our future is finally here and we are both scared. Not scared enough to move forward though. We are alive....

posted on Apr, 8 2007 @ 09:07 PM
With You By My Side I will face every adversity with courage, I will ride into my fear, with Love.

Will you revive my mount that we may charge the future as equals.
Side by Side???

I feel a new surge of Life pass through my veins, how great will the transformation be???

We must find our children, give thanks to those who have aided our path.

Ride With Me

posted on Apr, 9 2007 @ 07:32 PM

Originally posted by LoneGunMan

No more doubt ok little one?

Our future is finally here and we are both scared. Not scared enough to move forward though. We are alive....

But Dear Knight, we must both be with out doubt?

We must face our fear or the dragon will find us and take us as easy prey.

A Wren fluttering.

posted on Jun, 8 2007 @ 08:38 AM

Originally posted by WalkInSilence,
I have no say anymore. Shall I live I must die.

Yes, the seed must be planted in the Earth that it may grow, only by giving away freely, can we ever concur the "Dragon".
Fear, led"it" to our strong hold, by night and day "it" held us captive before "its" illusion of power.

The seed can never die, in darkness in the womb of sacred space it will grow and unfold. Hidden, guarded by the source of its origin, Love. Life.

I shall return to my sanctuary on the mountain side, with the seed, there it will be safe.

The children have had they're time together, they too must part, as the Dear Knight will be in grave need of the wisdom of his now healed and strong little boy.
He shines like the Full Moon, joyful, mischievous, always finding new pranks to amuse my little girl.
And the Heart, yes, wrapped, in black velvet woven with silver threads, it is ready too for the journey. He, the Knight, needs his Heart, it is time for him now to follow his Heart where ever it may lead him.
He must learn to trust it on his quest, it is a strong Heart.

Before me are shadows, I close my eyes, I wish not to "see", but in my dreams paths unfold, haunting me, or is it but my fear when the "Dragon" passes over my head.
A master of illusion. Be Gone. Allas this is not my quest, my hands are tied, I have no say.

The accent to the sanctuary is long but now I am prepared, my heart is valiant, clad in new garments, with infinite love as my companion the road will unfold.

Days as years have past.
Blessings shall follow us all of our days, in darkness, in light. Whispering in a gentle breeze our hearts speak to us, never to lead us astray.

What path shall be chosen? Silently I wait, very very still.

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posted on Jun, 11 2007 @ 11:23 AM
The cool morning breeze flowed through the tall windows heralding me for my vigil. Just past six in the morning, it is time.
I had slept in, no one had disturbed me, letting me rest after the long climb.
Blissful calm surrounds me in The Sanctuary, only memories of joy and love can reach me here.
Darkness and fear flee from the light of unceasing prayer.

As two Ravens pass the rising sun, I plant the Seed by the eastern wall, fresh dew sprinkle my fingers, a tiny spider, Mother of tales passes over my hand.
The Seed is safe, I pray it will grow.


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posted on Jun, 12 2007 @ 07:48 AM
Even here in the calm of these great walls, the wretched messengers can reach me.
Mocking the early morning grace, the Banshee swept through the court yard, bringing tidings of death and down fall, or was it yet an illusion created by the Dark Dragon.
Perhaps I should call upon my own friends of old times.

The Bells are ringing, a counsel is gathering, I must wait for our Mothers verdict before I summon the White Dragon.

Fear grips my heart, as my feet fly over the paths, who will aid, what has happened?
Has "she" the Dark Dragon devoured his soul, I must maintain Faith.

All are gathered in silence, weeping silently.
A man of small stature clad in a hooded black habbit stands by Mothers side, I recall his face, one eye, blind, milky white stares at me.
His hands are out stretched above us.
This is not a council gathering, it is a vigil!!!!

A tiny body creeps under my cloak, "Mommy, the Little Boy, is he safe??"
My Little Girls blue eyes search mine for reassurance.
I have none to give her.

Just pray.

posted on Jun, 12 2007 @ 09:16 PM
Was it all a dream, in a dream?

The evening air soothes my weary body, ever restless, pacing the paths and hallways of the Sanctuary.
To the Tower I wandered up the endless winding stairs, cold to my bare feet they are the steps, bringing my thoughts into the present.

Every step to the top, a prayer, " What shall be, Will be".

Even there, at the top of the five cornered Tower, with a view to distant lands, all was in a haze. Lighting illuminated the Eastern sky, far far off, no sound reached my ear, only the omenius glaze of sulfur gray clouds.
In the West the Sun painted the last few minutes of the day, deep violet and flaming red.

My room is dark, but for a single flame burning in prayer. Our Mother sits by my side, guarding my rest.
The crickets play a symphony of days of promise. What do they know?

Was it all but a dream, I would dream it again, I will sleep and perhaps dream my dream.

posted on Jun, 13 2007 @ 03:06 PM
The dream eludes me.

I believe I must leave, it seems to be time, the days are becoming dark, I can hardly see any more, just shadows, faint images.

The tree can grow on its own, in its shade others will find rest.

The summit is beconing me, I wish to hear the Angels sing.
From above I wish to see the sun rise and set, the Moon shine in all its gentle glory.
I can see the face of the Moon every day up there, watch over it as the Angels do.

The summit is above all on the mighty mountain.
I will ask Mother if she is ready to go, she and the child will come along.

Time, so vast so short so many ways to go, could I see the days ahead, but I have not the courage to "see".

posted on Jun, 14 2007 @ 07:31 AM
The Majestic Heralding of a New Day, by all Creation, the tiny Wren out side my chambers window calling "Wake Up, Come, All has Changed, All has Changed".

As if it knew, I in the viel of dark night had been awoken and now needed a wake up call.

A song of strength and pride, beckoned me out of my rest.
A song of crossing rivers of life,
climbing hills of challenge,
swimming oceans of deep emotions,
walking roads with hidden paths.
The song speaks of the fruitlessness of all this struggle, for there is only one Way one Destiny that is true.

On and on the Angles sang this song in my Heart, leaving me no rest, up and around I walked silently in my chamber, the song prevailed, into my sleep granting me peace.

As Wren woke me again, peace and tranquility surrounded me as a blessed viel, the song was still there in my soul.
I then knew my Heart had chosen the "Red Path" the path of Life.
I hadn't been wrong.
This is Our Time, My time.

Yes this is my path, though I can not "see" around the bends and twists in the road I will take one simple step at a time, one step towards Life in Life.
I can walk forever if I know I am on the right path.

I need not leave now, the summit can wait, I have Angels in my Heart.
On this night of the Dark Moon I will renounce all doubt, all fear, I will banish all foes on my road.
My Road, to where it leads I know not, but I will walk it with my head high, may my hands and words be kind, my eyes see clearly, may I hear the truth, may my Heart be humble on dark days though full of joy for Life's miracle.

The Bells are ringing summoning to prayer. As we walk the dew wet path, hand in hand my Little Girl and I, she sends me a brilliant smile.
"Can we play, Momma, please"
"Today", I answered, " there is much to tend too, and the days to come, but you play by my side and in the evening we can go swim with the Bluegills"

The last ring sounded as we entered the Sacristy, Our Mother and the Little Monk stood side by side, out stretched arms in blessing. We all kneeled
A New Time had Come, a new strength in our Hearts, to walk this road of shadows.

posted on Jun, 14 2007 @ 07:44 AM
By the Castle wall after mass I stood gazing at the beauty of wide horizons, two Ravens landed by my side.
"Your wish, you called, Lady"
"Go, Dearest, to where tidings of great magic, valiant courage and truth are most needed, fly"

Rushing wings graced my face, soon the two were little black stars on the rising Sun in the East.

Work to do, chores to tend.

posted on Jun, 14 2007 @ 10:24 PM
Surrounded by velvet Darkness under stars of distant promise I walk silently, shrouded, as those who walk in the Light ,choose a path of obscurity to reach their goal.
Unseen, unnoticed.

With crickets playing a tune of old Irish riels and firefly's guiding Elves, I will welcome the New Moon.

Bannished shall be old out worn way,
Freedom shall come and Freedom shall stay.

Good night Dear Stars, the Moon rests with in me, you need not worry.

I Walk In Silence.

posted on Jun, 16 2007 @ 07:27 AM
Silence, calm.

As in the womb of a loving Mother, the dream rests. in silence as I walk the path to an other days tasks.

In Silence, in Twilight darkness the dream rests, safe.
As the unborn child it grows and thrives, soothed by the deep calm drum roll of a heart beating with infinite love.

Where ever this dream shall go, we shall see, but for now, till it is full born, it is safe.

Days ahead are not for me to speak of or "see", one step at a time in a perfect now.

"Momma" my Little Girl, eagerly pulls my hand, "send the Little Boy a tiny hello, please"

Wren flew off East ward bound with a song of joy and courage.

posted on Jun, 16 2007 @ 09:39 PM
Thunder Heads gather above us as we stand in the soothing breeze of the sunset.
East ward the sky is black, invisible as if the very place where the Sun is to rise, is no longer there.

As one, we turn, and walk in silence towards the Sacristy, to pray, to summon.

Thunder surrounds us, lightning shines on our path, illuminates faces bowed in prayer.
As one we pray darkness will flee,
as one we banish darkness, that light will be.

A chill spreads, even here, we feel the battle.
Shall we not endlessly repeat the tale, a turn must be taken.

To summon, in Silence, the Ancient Ones, many ages has past since they have been called upon.
May they come.

Thunder rocks the walls, as if all creation is one with us.

[edit on 16-6-2007 by WalkInSilence]

posted on Jun, 19 2007 @ 11:20 AM
Has all failed?
Even from the tower we can not see very far, a haze, a darkness surrounds us in the Sanctuary as we go about our daily chores.

The two cherry trees, growing in the faint light that reaches us these days, seem to thrive as if they defy the gloom, ever blooming and ripe with fruit at the same time.

A ransom is demanded, for the happiness and sanity of my Dear Knight, a ransom with no exchange.
I will give my life my last breath for his happiness.
Can I do it from here, perhaps never to gaze upon his face again, I will give all and any thing.

But I have nothing, but my love. Should I offer my love?

Yes, if this will break the curse that keeps him from joy and happiness I will.
But how? How do I seperate this that is as air to me? How?

To you who hold and bind him,
take my love and free him.
Your chains on him are broken,
by my sacrifice and token.

The sky darkened, stars shone in the midst of day, the Earth trembled beneath our feet. Silence.

posted on Jun, 19 2007 @ 09:08 PM

Originally posted by WalkInSilence
I can't put others in jeopardy.
I will quench my fire, become invisible and rely on the stars and moon.
I must go down alone to gain my wings.
My dreams of awesome views will be my food, and I hope I find that little cave where I will dwell for some time

A Prophecy? Perhaps
Words spoken long ago in days that have past, flowing full, by mighty rivers of Life.
Rivers of Truth and great Courage, a road upon, which only the Brave can walk.
I should not have brought a companion into peril and jeopardy.

I have quenched my fire, that but a tiny flicker remains as a reminder of days of Glory.
Of what was, of what is to come in time, in the time scale of infinity.
Moon will show me the Road, Wind will dance on Ocean waves, Sun will shine on Hilltops, Stars will flicker above River.
I shall become invisible a shadow, always present never grasped.
The shadow grows as the tree raises it's branches to Heaven, roots firmly planted in Our Mother.

Wings, I could care less now. I raised beyond my wildest dreams.Wings, I flew with out wings, on the breath of Life.
Keep the wings, I can fly now!!!!!

I will dwell in the Cave, here I will create peace and rest, a path among tall guarding trees shall lead to my door, green shade on Summer Solstice, naked beauty in Winters white silence.
My threshold shall hold the names of those who may pass, should they come with sincerity in their heart.

I regret only one thing, that I have brought others pain, for that I will pay forever, but I gladly, walk that path, with the joy in my heart of, knowing!!!

posted on Jun, 21 2007 @ 07:37 PM

Originally posted by WalkInSilence

Wren flew off East ward bound with a song of joy and courage.

Hi, I just now read this...I sent you a note earlier today bout a little Wren jabbering at me every morning. It is ow 8:30 PM and I just read this about you sending a Wren my way. It got here a few days ago and talks to me daily.

Thinking of you every minute...every second apart is a second too much.


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